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Phone 47%
Internet 33%
TV 13%
Blackout 7%

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About Verizon

Verizon, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, is one of the most reliable wireless telecommunications providers in the United States. It has its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and ranks 2nd after AT&T.

The wireless company offers mobile phone services and also Verizon Fios- a fiber optic service that bundles digital phone, television and Internet services in one. The company’s wireless products and services are used by over 5 million customers across 9 states in the country. Verizon offers Home Fiber and DSL to residential customers and also Business Fiber and DSL to businesses.

Verizon’s Fios TV One overcomes the need for additional coaxial cable wiring while broadcasting TV to the whole home. Verizon has the distinction of being the “largest residential fiber provider” in the U.S and caters to about 34.4 million people. Its 4G LTE network covers almost the entire population while its LTE Rural Program is available in 169 rural counties. 5G Internet service is offered in certain select areas.

Regional Availability

Verizon’s fiber-optic network is preferred by customers as it offers gigabit upload and download speeds. Though it can be accessed in nine states across the country, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York have the greatest coverage.

Fios is primarily available in the urban and suburban areas in the Northeast and metro areas in the Southeast. Fiber service, which offers gigabit download and upload speeds is slowly replacing legacy technologies in areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Error codes / network problems

Web applications and automatic backup features can run into problems if the servers fail and the network is down. Error messages then appear. Even with unlimited data plans, users sometimes don’t have access to the Internet and phones cannot connect to the server. This is because of Network errors.

Verizon is a very large network and if there is an outage, many subscribers are affected. LTE stops working, phone calls don’t go through, text messages fail and there’s chaos all around. Users need to sign into their Verizon account and find out more about the nature of the outage and how long it’s likely to last. In case, the outage continues, users would need to call 1-800-922-0204.

Most of the error codes and network problems can be resolved by doing simple resets. However, if doing that doesn’t solve the issue, then users would need to access tech support.

Troubleshooting yourself

First, check for power outages that could be affecting Verizon services. Also, check the status of the outage.

If you need to get your phone, internet, and TV working again after an outage - Reboot the router by switching it off, waiting for a while and then switching it on. Ensure that the router is connected to the Internet

If rebooting the router fails, try resetting your battery. The battery may either have to be replaced or rebooted. With the help of the Verizon Troubleshooter, users can get their devices working again.

If nothing works, then get help from a tech support agent. You can either live chat with them or reach out to them on Facebook Messenger.

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@nutmeg3000 @Verizon heard recently that you utilize prison labor; please confirm or deny with source material

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@holder_todd @verizon and also just learned we were lied to about what came with the plans we signed up for. #ripoff #misled #pathetic

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@WiseSSB @Lucky38ssb @Verizon fr! my verizon connection's been getting so bad as of recent

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@Nevershoutslime @Verizon service is atrocious in Colorado Springs

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@Lucky38ssb .@verizon fuck you

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