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Cook Avatar

44146 bedford oh. No wifi for the 5th day now.

1 week ago
WIll Avatar

30066 Marietta Georgia - Down for 3 days. As of this morning AT&T says the outage was resolved, but still no internet.

3 weeks ago
Matt Avatar

Internet out un south Arlington 76017 for 3 hours now

4 weeks ago
Donna Avatar

No internet or phone service in Mt Laurel NJ

1 month ago
Louis  Avatar

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1 month ago
DANA  Avatar


1 month ago
Cori McKee Avatar

Cori McKee
27523 all internet and cell service is down and has been down for over 24 hours. When will this be fixed?

1 month ago
Dennis Kanfield Avatar

Dennis Kanfield
43615 Cable line down outside, corner of Nebraska and Sawyer. Cannot find the correct # to call.

2 months ago
Phil M. Avatar

Phil M.
Internet down since 9:30 PM on 7/5/22. Vero Beach FL. 32967.

2 months ago
Bridgette  Avatar

Internet down for 3 days ATT keeps telling me it will be up on a few hours. I am ready to cancel my service and go back to xfinity. Stockton, CA 95203

2 months ago
Poole Avatar

Blackout in my whole neighborhood going on 12 hours Sugarhill, 30518

3 months ago
Fred Avatar

I got similar issues and support service did nothing about it, so I was recommended to contact #POULSEN1296 on Instagram he successfully fixed my AT&T services in less than an hour, I suggest you contact him

3 months ago
Jennifer Avatar

78641 Leander no cell phone service

3 months ago
Diane Carter Avatar

Diane Carter
88011 - Las Cruces, NM. Phone outage currently (May 6, 2022) Happened yesterday morning as well

3 months ago
David Terry Avatar

David Terry
You say there is no problem, No landline for 2 days, You are not a robot. Columbus Ohio, 43204

3 months ago
Melvin D Foster Avatar

Melvin D Foster
This is getting annoying, pay every month on-time but service is no at all top tier, we work from home, I'm having to leave home go toward Frisco just to work remotely without interruption. Is Spectrum better, may have to look into there plans, Zip Code 75071 is Badddddddd.

3 months ago
Toby Avatar

Jacksonville 32216 AT&T internet outage. Been down for almost 8 hours. I work remotely, Internet is my livelihood.

4 months ago
Johnny Avatar

32174 Ormond beach Internet down since yesterday Monday 28th

5 months ago
shermaine Avatar

Hey I'm shermaine I'm form mongt ala 38809090 is not texting me back I don't know what is going on with att pease fix this shit now!

6 months ago
shermaine Avatar

Hey I'm shermaine I have a problem with 38809090 did not text me back from my next month plan

6 months ago


About AT&T

AT&T ranks second in the United States when it comes to providing wireless services. It has the unique distinction of being the ‘largest’ Media and Telecom Company in the world. It operates mobile networks and acts as a carrier for fixed networks too. It delivers TV services via U-Verse and uses either fiber or DSL technology for its Internet and phone services.

AT&T was the subsidiary of Bell Telephone Company, which was owned by Graham Bell, the person who invented the telephone. It was formerly known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Today, AT&T has become a brand that has distinguished itself in the area of communication, broadband and mobile telephony. It is also well known for its fast networks, advertising, and video technology.

Regional availability

AT&T services are far-reaching and widespread. Its DIRECT TV services are available across the country while U-verse TV, digital phone services and Internet services are confined to 21 states. Its fiber network is available in 84 metros across 10 million locations. The company works hard to ensure that services are never down completely.

AT&T’s LTE roaming has extended its outreach and is now capable of connecting to LTE networks in more than 15 countries. This has been made possible because of the LTE roaming agreements it has entered into with different telecommunication operators in different countries. That’s why customers in these countries don’t face problems.

The company allows unlimited calls to countries like Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Such calls are also admissible anywhere inside the US and they don’t attract any roaming charges.

Errors/network problems

AT&T services are pretty steady and uniform but sometimes suffer from network issues caused by outages. Outages across the country figure in an outage report and are tracked as and when service issues surface. The network problems are color-coded onto a map on a real-time basis. It is possible to see the frequency of network issues in the outage report at any point in time.

Sometimes it’s possible to resolve issues using the Troubleshoot & Resolve option. However, users would have to sign into their individual AT&T accounts and they can get personalized support. Once they’re in, they just have to select the service or device with which they have a problem. Following the instructions generally helps resolve the issue.

Users use the AT&T spot app to report network issues and also provide feedback about them. They just need to indicate on a map that there is a network issue. Users can also check the network coverage in a certain area.

Troubleshoot yourself

Network errors are an offshoot of poor internet connectivity. Users can do a few things to see if they can get things working again. Sometimes they can fix the issue by just resetting their network settings. They need to go to ‘Connections’- then network settings and get their defaults back. Switching the network off and then switching it on again sometimes solves the network issue.

Sometimes the network is down because of outdated software. In such cases, installing new updates and restarting the network should help. Use the AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve to resolve network issues and as a last resort use customer service. Chat with tech experts to resolve your issue or contact them at 1.800.288.2020.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 23.09.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta, Ashburn
Reported outages on 22.09.2022:
There were a total of 6 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Ashburn, Pompano Beach
Reported outages on 21.09.2022:
There were a total of 5 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami
Reported outages on 20.09.2022:
There were a total of 5 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Ashburn, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami
Reported outages on 19.09.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Ashburn
Reported outages on 18.09.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Pompano Beach, Dallas, Atlanta
Reported outages on 17.09.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas