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J.B. 3 months ago
MESSAGE TO METRO BY T-MOBILE: There has been an outage in fort Myers since yesterday. I reach out to metro parent company because they don't seem to be fixing anything. Metro tells me there is a known outage in fort Myers at local site. But they aren't doing anything about it. All they tell me is sorry for the inconvenience. All they seem to want to do is raise tickets but not actually address the actual issues. I've tried and they simply dismiss me. I've been called crazy and told I'm making everything up. They know there is issues but do nothing to fix it. It is now OVER 24 HOURS since the disruption happened here in 33916... I don't think I can take anymore of their BS. They also flat out refuse to compensate me for the outage. They basically told me I had perfect connection and had no issues. Despite acknowledging there was an outage yesterday, their higher ups marked the tickets I made as FIXED even tho they did not to fix it and I had evidence of no fixes. I reported 6 times and each time they dismissed my claim. They accused me of making it up to obtain a credit . That's messed up. This degraded service is due to lack of proper regular maintenance and damages due as far back as HURRICANE IAN back in September 2022... Back then I tried to warn them, they ignored me. I noticed intermittent signal issues back in end of 2022 & reported them again they were more interested in making tickets than actually addressing the root problem. AND YET TMOBILE acknowledged a HUGE OUTAGE in 33916 ... The tower off of DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD in fort Myers went out TUESDAY and on and off Wednesday. The Metro by T-Mobile customer service tried to blame it on a System network update... That was a cover up... There was no update... Instead T-MOBILE did a diagnostic and found the outage on the tower mentioned before. THATS EXACTLY WHERE THE PROBLEMS SOURCE IS and has been for last 48 hours. But Metro reps deny any outage is happening and their HIGHER TECHNICAL STAFF claim IT WAS FIXED WEDNESDAY THE 10TH. NO FIXES HAVE HAPPENED but now T-Mobile apparently is working on it themselves and hopefully will solve the problems. THE ISSUE IS CAUSED BY DEGRADED EQUIPMENT admitted by T-Mobile that was never properly maintained on a regular basis and left to rot and degrade in the elements and weather. It's congested now because of the repairs happening. No timeline was given on how long it will be to get fixed. But ARE THEY REALLY FIXING ANYTHING? WE WILL SEE! GOOD LUCK FORT MYERS... BE PREPARED FOR A LONG OUTAGE. and they WILL NOT CREDIT ANYONE for the outages. They claim it's not in their policy since 2022.

nyla 7 months ago
70544 jeanerette, La When will the service be up again it been down since yesterday last night and i paid my bill, i cant get no texts or call

Arvin 7 months ago
T-Mobile 'manages' the physical network I use, Google Fi. I have not been able to send or receive MMS or Group Texts. Google's Tier 2 tech support informs me that there has been a known issue in the Port Angeles, WA area since 10/28. Today it 11/20, that's 3 weeks with a known problem that has not been addressed. Definitely enough time to find replacement equipment and have it shipped... Where's Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk when you need them?

My 9 months ago
I paid my bill today and usually my phone reactivates and everything fine I tried to turn off the cellular data and everything above nothing works I even reset my phone I assume there is an outage but it’s not getting fixed or talked about

Diane 9 months ago
32405 panama city - no internet today 9/27 for hours now, and wifi was out for days while I was out of town not being able to access my cameras or.thermostat

Joseph Greenwood 9 months ago
No internet service from Tmobile again. Total outage.

Sean 10 months ago
Home internet not working Gulfport 39501

Yankee Doodle 10 months ago
T-Mobile Server Down or Having Idssues, Not Being Able To Pay !!!!!

Marvin 10 months ago
No service whatsoever in Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico

J.W 10 months ago
No outgoing calls in Pensacola, Florida/ 32534

Jacquline Williams 10 months ago
Highland Park, MI 48203 A thunderstorm last night knocked T-Mobile offline at around 11:15 pm EDT. Bars range from no bars, 2G!, 4G!, to 5G! with occasional hits of actual 5G. No Home internet and reaching out to T-Mobile last night at around midnight to report the apparent outage resulted in them wanting to troubleshoot, rather than listen to me about a possible outage. Despite the fact that the CS reps kept telling me to move because "the signal was bad on my end," IDK who's running the switch at T-Mobile but the CS is in the crapper.

Stan Woolstenhulme 10 months ago
Only one or two bars which is playing havoc on the home Wi-Fi signal strength in Hyrum Utah 84319. Typically have 5 bars.

Shawn Hill 11 months ago
No Service, Standardsville, VA Middle River area. Out since Friday.

James 11 months ago
Reach out to @guardian on telegram if you're having any problem I just got mine fixed

Tae 11 months ago
No home internet or cell service in north Las Vegas for 2 days

Greg 11 months ago
Cell towers on al Highway 24 in the belgreen, Alabama area zip 35653 are not putting out service for metro and tmobile home internet since lastnight around 10pm

Sheila Cowles 1 year ago
Phone has no service. Albany Vermont 05820.

Andrea 1 year ago
Tmobile service off and on all day for two weeks now. Bad call reception and dropping, internet service terrible . 31324 Richmond Hill

Patricio 1 year ago
No mobile internet or signal in Mesa, Az 85208

Ken 1 year ago
No internet in Pittsburgh or it works but very slow.


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