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Dee Avatar

Council Grove, Kansas 66846 Signal strength leaps from 1 to 4 bars and back again. No internet access from phone, so cannot use hotspot to connect laptop to internet.

3 days ago
Matt Caputo Avatar

Matt Caputo
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3 days ago
Louis  Avatar

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2 weeks ago
ForClarity Avatar

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360 - close to no internet/data (0.09Mbps download, 0.04Mbps upload). Cell calls also going in and out.

2 weeks ago
kyletyler Avatar

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1 month ago
Lasse Avatar

98229 Alger,WA I was getting 140 MB-160MB for 3 months.... the last few days it has been 4-12 MB. I assume local technical issues. A real bummer because I recommended it to a neighbor (based on past experience)... grrr

1 month ago
Milo Barbin Avatar

Milo Barbin
<b>June 18, 2022.</b> My 5g gateway has had no signal for 3 days now. What's even worse is that customer service is very poor compared to a year ago. From speaking with someone in tech-support in which English is their 1st language. To no more than a phone jockey that can hardly be understood reading instructions from a computer screen. I have been with T-mobile for 7 years and I can tell you that quality service is definitely going downhill fast. Fort Bend County, Texas 77471

1 month ago
Fred Avatar

I got similar issues and support service did nothing about it, so I was recommended to contact #POULSEN1296 on Instagram he successfully fixed my T-Mobile issues in less than an hour, I suggest you contact him

1 month ago
Kristina  Avatar

85086 Anthem,AZ no Tmobile signal since mid-afternoon

2 months ago
T Avatar

Use a downgraded phone such as LG Aristo 1. The LG Aristo 2 plus had the same issue, the only difference is band 71 (600mhz) is built into the LG Aristo 2 plus and not in the LG Aristo 1. I do not receive the "LG IMS Stopped Working" error message on my LG Aristo 1 while I do receive the "LG IMS Stopped Working" error message on my LG Aristo 2 Plus.

2 months ago
Teri Avatar

Fort Lauderdale area Florida cell is down

2 months ago
Teri Avatar

Cell service down for 2 days. Talk to customer support in the United States and I was told that LG is updating. This is a disaster I've been with them over 15 years. I told them give me a new phone without charging me because I do not want another lg phone if it's not going to work.

2 months ago
J Avatar

Phone signal slows to a crawl. Having difficulty calling or sending txt.

2 months ago
Tim Avatar

Keep getting Unfortunatey LG IMS has stopped working.. It blinks on and off. Tried resetting and it does not help.

2 months ago
Lisa Avatar

LG ims not working message showing on 2 of 5 lines. Cannot send/receive calls or texts all day. Internet is working. Hoping to hear a solution. PA 18109 area

2 months ago
Frank Posillico Avatar

Frank Posillico
Since this morning my wife and I have been getting a message repeatedly on our LG G6 phones as follows: "Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped." Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952 (My wife is currently in Virginia)

2 months ago
Roberta Avatar

LG IMS. constant pop up stating it has stopped. I tried to force stop it and close the app on my lgstylo 6 phone but pop up still continues. Bklyn.NY 11229

2 months ago
Hailey Avatar

No T-Mobile service since 9:40am. Staten Island, NY 10312

2 months ago
Tom M. Avatar

Tom M.
Charlemont, MA Tmobile service has disappeared. No service since 5/17/22 6pm EDT

2 months ago
Megan Hardin  Avatar

Megan Hardin
47944 Indiana No service can’t make calls/send or receive messages

2 months ago


About T-Mobile

T-Mobile US, Inc. aka T-Mobile figures high on the wireless network operator ladder in the United States. A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, it provides wireless communications, data services, voice and messaging. More than 81 million subscribers benefit from its services. The company also sells accessories and its devices manufactured under the T-Mobile brand.

The operator is headquartered in the Seattle metropolitan area in Bellevue, Washington. T-Mobile began its innings in 1994 and has been steadily increasing its coverage area. However, it still ranks third after the two biggies- Verizon and AT&T.

T-Mobile and Sprint seem all set to enter into a partnership deal. Though this combination is unlikely to make T-Mobile rank any higher, it will become a bigger competitor.

Regional Availability

The MetroPCS and T-Mobile brand provides services to Puerto Rico, the United States, and the US Virgin Islands. Also, many virtual network operators use T-Mobile as their host network. The company’s low-band LTE network operates across Central and Northern US. As a result, areas such as Northern Michigan, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico and more are likely to be covered by the T-Mobile network.

To cater to the rural cities and towns that were not initially covered, T-Mobile has introduced its 600MHz or band 71 network. The fact that the company has data centers, switch centers, macro towers and distributed antenna systems across the country makes it easy for T-Mobile to have a presence.

T-Mobile is planning to extend the capability of its 5G network across the US by 2020. By that time, it aims to have in place a “nation-wide standards-based” network. Currently, the company is testing 5G service in Manhattan.

T-Mobile’s partnership with other US carriers helps customers in certain areas of the country avail data-roaming on partner networks.

Error codes/network problems

While connecting to the T-Mobile network, many connection manager errors can be displayed. This is likely to happen whenever there is a low signal, the modem reports an error or you’re outside T-Mobile coverage. Multiple connections to the same network may also throw up errors.

If you are experiencing an outage then make sure to report it. Check the outage report to see the nature and extent of the outage. Keep updating yourself with the status of the outage if any.

However, if your phone settings are okay, you’re covered by T-Mobile’s service and there is no outage and you still have problems, then you can do a little troubleshooting. However, if all else fails, contact T-Mobile customer service.

Troubleshooting yourself

In general, check whether Airplane mode is off and network mode is set to auto. Turn data roaming on. Switch the device off, wait for a while and turn it on once again. Ensure that the SIM card is securely placed, check for updates and reset all network settings.

Resolve low signal issues by restarting and re-connecting the computer. In the case of the mobile internet issues, uninstall and reinstall the connection manager.

If your network is still down, there’s no mobile Internet, no cell reception and you’re unable to resolve the issue, then do contact T-Mobile customer service. Dial 611 from a T-Mobile phone or call 1-877-746-0909.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 12.08.2022:
There were a total of 5 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn, New York, Atlanta
Reported outages on 11.08.2022:
There were a total of 6 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Miami, Newark, Los Angeles, Atlanta
Reported outages on 10.08.2022:
There were a total of 6 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Ashburn
Reported outages on 09.08.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, Los Angeles
Reported outages on 08.08.2022:
There were a total of 5 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Newark
Reported outages on 07.08.2022:
There were a total of 5 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Ashburn
Reported outages on 06.08.2022:
There were a total of 4 outages at T-Mobile. The most frequently affected cities were: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago