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matthew Smith 3 months ago
No sever in Wilson nc

Chelsey Johnson 3 months ago
My phone says soa no service this is unacceptable

Rennell Sinclair 3 months ago
I have no service in San Antonio,Tx. Why is there no service and how long is this expected to last?

Joyce 4 months ago
Wenatchee,98801 Service extremely spotty and almost non-existent. Both our phones have this service, so tried troubleshooting to see if was one or both of the phones...moved around inside and all around outside of the house - we are lucky to get one bar before an outbound call drops completely. Connected initially then poof - disconnects. Trying to reach medical frustrating!

Brian 1 year ago


About Cricket Wireless

Established in 1999, Cricket Wireless is not only a wireless provider but also of cell phones. It is known for its cheap plans which have always been able to work everywhere across the nation. AT&T took over Cricket Wireless in 2014; moreover, they were the company that launched 5G networks in the U.S. back in August 2020.
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