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Morgan 2 years ago
I'm having problems receiving text messages and sending text messages and I can't look anything up on Google or Chrome and I've tried everything this has been going on since Friday, November 10, 2021 Rochester New York 14615

paul 3 years ago
i a in san diego, ca. i blame virgin mobile and sprint for this, not assurance wireless, which i think is owned by sprnt. my only other experience with sprint was in the past, when they knowingly and crookedly overcharged me and many others and then refuse to return the money they cheated me out of.

paul 3 years ago
assurance wireless gives me free "obama phone" service for poor people the cell phone and texting both have been out for at least 2 whole days. san diego, ca


About Sprint

Sprint Corporation is an internet, wireless and mobile service provider in the U.S. The company originated in the year 1986 with the merger of GTE Sprint and US Telecom to form the US Sprint Communications company. GTE Sprint was a Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications company and US Telecom was a descendant of the original Brown Telephone Company. However, it wasn’t until 1992 that the name was rebranded to Sprint Corporation.

In early 2013, SoftBank, a Japanese telecom company, purchased 80% of Sprint Corporation shares, while Sprint remained an independent entity with continued operations in the U.S. Sprint also increased its retail footprint when it partnered with Standard General to become co-tenants of over 1000 RadioShack stores.

Sprint Corporation currently offers services in wireless voice, broadband, messaging, mobile, and wireline operations such as SprintLink, Ethernet, and IoT. Its popular subsidiaries include Virgin Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and Boost Mobile among others.

Regional availability

As of March 2019, Sprint Corporation has a total mobile subscriber base of over 54 million, making it the fourth-biggest mobile network in the country. Sprint’s 4G LTE mobile network covers just about 27% of the states, with a majority of its coverage around the eastern seaboard.

Sprint has the maximum mobile coverage in the state of New Jersey, with 95% of the state receiving an exceptional network.

Errors / network problems

Sprint’s network provides reliable service in some parts of the country, especially the coverage areas on the eastern seaboard. Several reviews have stated that although Sprint is the smallest of the top 4 providers in the country, the best coverage areas rarely face network outages as compared to the other big names in telecom.

Visit the Support Center on the Sprint website for a wide range of topics related to their services. You are sure to find common errors and problems you may face with the service being down, along with steps to rectify them. The Popular Articles section is particularly useful to obtain information on outages and other issues.

Troubleshoot yourself

For issues with low data speeds, the most common solution is to simply restart your device. If the problem occurs at specific locations only, update the preferred roaming list on your mobile for enhanced connectivity. In fact, updating the PRL even gives your device longer battery life.

In instances where you may be unable to make or receive calls on the Sprint network, try updating the network profile on your device. This tends to fix the issue in most cases. Another step you can take is to check if your voice service is blocked by Sprint due to a service setting or payment issue. Finally, check if the network in your area is down.

For physical issues with your device such as loss of sound, camera problems, or memory card issues, first, restart your device to see if the issue if fixed. If not, the best course of action is to visit one of Sprint’s service repair centers to get your device checked out. Alternatively, reach out to the support team at 1-888-211-4727.

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