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Morgan 2 years ago
I'm having problems receiving text messages and sending text messages and I can't look anything up on Google or Chrome and I've tried everything this has been going on since Friday, November 10, 2021 Rochester New York 14615

paul 3 years ago
i a in san diego, ca. i blame virgin mobile and sprint for this, not assurance wireless, which i think is owned by sprnt. my only other experience with sprint was in the past, when they knowingly and crookedly overcharged me and many others and then refuse to return the money they cheated me out of.

paul 3 years ago
assurance wireless gives me free "obama phone" service for poor people the cell phone and texting both have been out for at least 2 whole days. san diego, ca


About Sprint

Sprint Corporation is an American company that offers Internet, wireless, and mobile communication services. It was established in 1986 when GTE Sprint and AT&T merged to create Sprint Communications. GTE Sprint came into existence as a result of a merger between two companies: one of which was a telecommunications firm based along the Southern Pacific Railway network; the other company involved in the merger was AT&T that could trace its history back to the Brown Telephone Company. Despite coming into existence in 1986, the name change did not occur until 1992, when it was changed to Sprint Corporation.
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There were a total of 1 outages at Sprint. The most frequently affected cities were: Saint Helen

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