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Common problems are:

Phone 50%
Mobile internet 30%
Blackout 13%
Text messaging 7%

Affected cities:

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About U.S. Cellular

US Cellular is widely known as the United States Cellular Corporation, which is a regional carrier in the in the United States that owns and operates the country's fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network, that serves over 4.9 million customers in 426 markets, in 23 U.S. states. They are a Tier 1 provider of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Their HQ is in Chicago, Illinois.

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Twitter NPoland47

@NPoland47 @Faunceyboi @baiflynn22 @USCellular He’s alright....kidding. He’s a good man!

24.09.2020 04:34:31
Twitter AustinBailey_1

@AustinBailey_1 @cattleNcrops83 @Verizon @USCellular is no better. It will say 4G full bars and nothing works.

24.09.2020 03:04:10
Twitter AnnZupke

@AnnZupke @cjk2390 @SmithAgConrad @ATT @USCellular Too many dropped calls around NE Iowa this summer with @USCellular. More t…

24.09.2020 02:51:55
Twitter tinwisc

@tinwisc @YelichWasRobbed @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 In this together or some collectivism crap. BLM is NOT about racism. Watch the video

24.09.2020 02:29:46

@GB24PACKERS RT @packers: Congrats to @GE0279, this week's #PackersRollCall winner of a $50 Packers Pro Shop gift card, courtesy of @USCellular! #GoPack…

24.09.2020 02:24:09

@GB24PACKERS RT @packers: Congrats to @lmborth, this week's #PackersRollCall winner of a $50 Packers Pro Shop gift card, courtesy of @USCellular! #GoPac…

24.09.2020 01:49:57

@GB24PACKERS RT @packers: #PackersRollCall Reply & let us know where you'll be watching today’s game for a chance to win a $50 Packers Pro Shop gift c…

24.09.2020 01:49:55
Twitter cjk2390

@cjk2390 @USCellular It is on, yes.

24.09.2020 01:32:42
Twitter cjk2390

@cjk2390 @USCellular Thank you, I have not, but I have spoken to an in store customer service rep, with no support. Northeas…

24.09.2020 01:12:59
Twitter sobie6

@sobie6 @schwic @cjk2390 @bruce1911 @SmithAgConrad @ATT @USCellular We must live in the middle of nowhere then, 😉

24.09.2020 00:54:39
Twitter schwic

@schwic @cjk2390 @bruce1911 @SmithAgConrad @ATT @USCellular But their commerical says signal in the middle of anywhere

24.09.2020 00:53:20
Twitter cjk2390

@cjk2390 @bruce1911 @SmithAgConrad @ATT @USCellular @schwic I can get satellite imagery of all my crop ground but if I step…

24.09.2020 00:51:01
Twitter bruce1911

@bruce1911 @cjk2390 @SmithAgConrad @ATT @USCellular Beat me to it. @USCellular has gotten very bad. And it started long before…

24.09.2020 00:45:16
Twitter schwic

@schwic @USCellular @cjk2390 Us cellular has been garbage, our two way radios are more reliable

24.09.2020 00:44:43
Twitter cjk2390

@cjk2390 @SmithAgConrad @ATT I'm lucky to have a signal at all, thanks for nothing @USCellular

24.09.2020 00:24:11
Twitter DirtySpriteGone

@DirtySpriteGone @tinwisc @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 Just say you’re a racist bozo and move on you fucking moron

23.09.2020 23:08:17
Twitter xxdharrisxx2

@xxdharrisxx2 @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 @H3CZ @Huntsmen @scump do something like this for the huntsman!

23.09.2020 23:06:47
Twitter Faunceyboi

@Faunceyboi @baiflynn22 @USCellular Thank you Bailey you’re the best! Whatever you need I gotcha 🙌🏻

23.09.2020 23:05:19
Twitter YelichWasRobbed

@YelichWasRobbed @tinwisc @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 “End Racism” is a communist slogan? 😂

23.09.2020 22:46:04
Twitter tinwisc

@tinwisc @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 No fans, communism slogan in end zone. Nope

23.09.2020 22:38:58
Twitter TitletownReign

@TitletownReign @bigpackers4x @JacobWestendorf @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 I gotchu. I’ll try and get one done tonight if I get a chance

23.09.2020 22:34:11
Twitter bigpackers4x

@bigpackers4x @TitletownReign @JacobWestendorf @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 Yes I need a new one

23.09.2020 22:33:18
Twitter TitletownReign

@TitletownReign @JacobWestendorf @bigpackers4x @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 Yessir, I can do that

23.09.2020 22:32:27
Twitter JacobWestendorf

@JacobWestendorf @bigpackers4x @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 @TitletownReign can we take care of my guy?

23.09.2020 22:31:42
Twitter bigpackers4x

@bigpackers4x @packers @USCellular @showtimesully10 I NEED A JAMAAL WILLIAMS WALLPAPER

23.09.2020 22:29:31
Twitter Canthoine4

@Canthoine4 @slgseth @TMobileHelp @Verizon @USCellular @sprint @GetSpectrum They are not that much more I have already swapped…

23.09.2020 21:40:34
Twitter baiflynn22

@baiflynn22 Big s/o to my fav @USCellular man @Faunceyboi .... thanks for always tending to my annoying phone questions and concerns #staremployee

23.09.2020 21:31:13
Twitter slgseth

@slgseth @Canthoine4 @TMobileHelp @Verizon @USCellular @sprint @GetSpectrum Oh really? I've heard great things about them in…

23.09.2020 21:14:25
Twitter Canthoine4

@Canthoine4 @Hoppertunity918 @USCellular I agree with you 💯%

23.09.2020 21:06:21
Twitter Canthoine4

@Canthoine4 @slgseth @TMobileHelp @Verizon @USCellular @sprint @GetSpectrum Dude if you want crap service choose us cellular th…

23.09.2020 21:01:39