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Common problems are:

Phone 46%
Mobile internet 44%
Blackout 8%
Text messaging 3%

Affected cities:

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About U.S. Cellular

US Cellular is widely known as the United States Cellular Corporation, which is a regional carrier in the in the United States that owns and operates the country's fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network, that serves over 4.9 million customers in 426 markets, in 23 U.S. states. They are a Tier 1 provider of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Their HQ is in Chicago, Illinois.

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Twitter narycoom4747

@narycoom4747 RT @USCellular: We're committed to putting customers first. That's why we have no hidden fees and no surprises on your bill. #ChooseFair ht…

21.01.2020 04:34:09
Twitter SahmReviews

@SahmReviews Use your phone to prep for date night. Check out these tips and apps to get you started: #tech @USCellular #client

21.01.2020 03:09:03
Twitter NDBThing1

@NDBThing1 these are all the number scammers have used calling my @USCellular cell phone 📲 number|since sept. people claiming…

21.01.2020 01:59:57
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @DEZINE_Miller @USCellular Like 2g roaming and dont move if you can actually get the pho e to dial out

20.01.2020 21:25:20
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @PattiCaaakes @USCellular Us cell will just pass the buck

20.01.2020 21:23:54
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @USCellular @dwellings_photo You dont want us cellular

20.01.2020 21:22:16
Twitter kayladclark2

@kayladclark2 I love @USCellular’s service but their app is literal shit. I wish it was more up to date and accurate.

20.01.2020 19:08:16
Twitter ChelsJo1

@ChelsJo1 @rank_05 @USCellular for our 2 lines, we pay $160-$170/ month

20.01.2020 16:45:45
Twitter JJohns72

@JJohns72 @USCellular congrats guys underwhelming customer service. We asked for a number change on a phone, it was changed…

20.01.2020 15:24:05
Twitter ShayelynnMateer

@ShayelynnMateer @rank_05 @USCellular Mine is $123!

20.01.2020 12:40:46
Twitter RichHick52

@RichHick52 @rank_05 @USCellular I’ll trade yeah my bill😂

20.01.2020 05:30:43
Twitter rank_05

@rank_05 How much is your @USCellular bill? I have 1 line and pay $116 a month. I think that’s a little extreme. Especially…

20.01.2020 05:24:01
Twitter ashleyjoens

@ashleyjoens RT @CycloneATH: @CycloneWBB @USCellular A big game from all members of the squad, but with 17 points and 10 rebounds, @ashleyjoens is your…

19.01.2020 22:28:58
Twitter CycloneATH

@CycloneATH RT @CycloneWBB: @CycloneATH @USCellular Everybody! #Cyclones

19.01.2020 22:13:37
Twitter CycloneATH

@CycloneATH @CycloneWBB @USCellular A big game from all members of the squad, but with 17 points and 10 rebounds, @ashleyjoens…

19.01.2020 22:13:15
Twitter CycloneWBB

@CycloneWBB @CycloneATH @USCellular Everybody! #Cyclones

19.01.2020 22:13:13
Twitter JimHyatt5

@JimHyatt5 @CycloneATH @CycloneWBB @USCellular Did these voters actually watch the game? You know we <3 U AJ but sometimes it'…

19.01.2020 22:10:10
Twitter JimHyatt5

@JimHyatt5 @CycloneATH @CycloneWBB @USCellular Other nominees were good. JT provided the spark today and deserves POM

19.01.2020 22:03:29
Twitter MaeveMcGuire6

@MaeveMcGuire6 RT @CycloneATH: An exciting win for @CycloneWBB! Who is your @USCellular Player of the Game?

19.01.2020 22:03:18
Twitter CycloneATH

@CycloneATH An exciting win for @CycloneWBB! Who is your @USCellular Player of the Game?

19.01.2020 22:02:18
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @BaughmanGreg @USCellular True story

19.01.2020 17:56:48
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @USCellularCares @exumjoey @USCellular Nothing to figure out. Us cell is horrid

19.01.2020 17:55:45
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @exumjoey @USCellular Slow is a understatement stuck in 2013 is more like it

19.01.2020 17:55:07
Twitter Chuckanthoine

@Chuckanthoine @SkaF1aw @USCellular @verizon Erosion would be a smart move for sure these guys are a joke. They have so many excuses.

19.01.2020 17:53:02
Twitter benroethig

@benroethig It's hard to imagine that my iPhone X may be my last LTE phone. If the #iphone12 rumors are true and #uscellular c…

19.01.2020 17:01:47
Twitter benroethig

@benroethig Hey @USCellular, question on your #5G rollout. I assume you are doing a Sub-6 rollout in Iowa and Wisconsin this y…

19.01.2020 16:57:19
Twitter Brigade_BGC

@Brigade_BGC “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Picasso 🎨 @USCellular visite…

19.01.2020 16:06:01
Twitter SkaF1aw

@SkaF1aw @USCellular really knocking it out of the park in 2020. Think I'm starting to see why my friends keep suggesting I…

19.01.2020 08:27:12
Twitter ProseDrammeh

@ProseDrammeh RT @MooreMaya: Check out the Top 50 coaches in @USCellular's Most Valuable Coach program today, and vote here through 10/8:…

19.01.2020 03:29:35
Twitter iamgregbach

@iamgregbach I interviewed at @USCellular & it was fantastic, then I told them I used the be a youth minister & the two employee…

19.01.2020 03:26:24