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Mary ann Huffman 8 months ago
no service in Winchester ID 83555

Janet C 8 months ago
US Cellular drops all outgoing and incoming calls. Milwaukee 53219

Mike 8 months ago
No calling in or out in Muskego or Milw suburbs Wed nite?? Anyone else

C johnson 1 year ago
Lena 61048 No signal. All calls are dropped

Cheryl 1 year ago
I haven't had the ability to text or call for 3 days. My phone says it can't find coverage. The local guy says everyone is down. I tend to disagree and your map says not. So is there another issue? Hillsboro, NH 03244

Denise Van Norman 1 year ago
Rock Island, IL 61201 Us cellular phone, mobile internet and text is down. Repair is required. I pay for service so provide said service.

Arlene O'Brien 1 year ago
Only one bar when normally four bars for internet. Is there a problem with the tower? Success/Roby Missouri 65542

Rebecca Albee 1 year ago
No service last three days dec.6th -9th. Us cell outage map showing nothing. No problems? What is going on?

Matt 1 year ago
Outages today. They say a fiber was cut which is the reason for the outage.

Angela M 2 years ago
Can't make or receive calls for past 2 days, error message 408 or something like that. 53412

Kari 2 years ago
65240 Columbia cannot hear persons when calling but they can hear me

Lori 2 years ago
53955 Poynette....can't make any phone calls at all.

Andrea 2 years ago
50702 waterloo Call cannot b complete as dialed

guy 2 years ago
cannot call or text 53147

Jw 2 years ago
Can't make calls out. 53963, Waupun

Leah Hood 2 years ago
Unable to make phone calls says cannot be completed as dialed Maryville 37804

Madi 2 years ago
Unable to receive and make phone calls says the number cannot be completed as dialed.

Travis 2 years ago
Unable to receive and/or make phone calls - states the number cannot be completed as dialed. Report error code to provider, error code 408.

Lionel Carter 2 years ago
Cannot make any calls. Keeps saying that I am out of the service area when I am at home and in the service area.... 98577

Sheldon C Lavender 2 years ago
27536 No calls no texting.


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US Cellular is widely known as the United States Cellular Corporation, which is a regional carrier in the in the United States that owns and operates the country's fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network, that serves over 4.9 million customers in 426 markets, in 23 U.S. states. They are a Tier 1 provider of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Their HQ is in Chicago, Illinois.
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