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About is a free information platform that provides users with live information about the status of various services. These are mainly telecommunication providers, websites and apps. Our system analyzes Twitter tweets to the respective providers in real time, checks the availability of the servers and aggregates this data with the errors you sent in. Thus, we are able to reliably provide an overview of the errors and, in the ideal case, deliver a location-specific limitation of these errors within the United States. For users, also provides a platform for exchanging ideas and reporting problems and errors. Furthermore, we use the data made available to us by users, to create an archive of the different providers. The goal is to obtain a categorization of errors and problems (slow website, total failure, login problems, etc.) and to process these graphically.

Overview of the advantages:

  • Live data of more than 180 telecommunication providers, websites and apps
  • Error maps, which also take into account reported errors of all users
  • Objectivity, as we are in no way related to the listed companies
  • Permanently free of charge