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Rv 3 months ago
Internet down in lake Elsinore,ca 92530

LT 4 months ago
62935 Galatia IL service has been out 6 days. Site shows NO OUTAGES yet an entire rural area is without internet….again! Their chat is a AI nightmare! Calling is the same. I finally got a ticket # and appt date. Guess what no call, no show, no update no nothing! Not just me, but I know of 14 families personally that have appts and ticket numbers in our area and they are getting the same treatment…..nothing! Someone started a group on FB for our area to communicate with these ongoing “not outages” and we share info. They waste peoples time (ALOT OF TIME) trying to get you to troubleshoot from home when it’s not in all these homes, it’s their issues! Ve resorted to ping them on X to get some updates. That’s ridiculous that I’m using another app to get updates because they don’t update theirs. Seriously 6 day (so far) outage and they said “sometimes there’s a delay in an outage showing on the app”. I call total BS on this so called company.

Erica Lawrence 4 months ago
WiFi been down since 8:35pm last n it shows it be back up at 9:35am Jan 17th so let’s see if tht true but frontier really sucks…

Rodney 4 months ago
Internet goes up for five minutes then down. took me three hours last nite to pay a Damn bill. message is that I was Disconnected from Frontier**** due to Low network Guality what the hell do i pay so much for!!!!. 92307 Apple Valley Ca.

RH 5 months ago
Service is down and no internet for 2 days so far. Zip code 90503

Dan 5 months ago
No DSL 92256 Moringo Valley CA. Service is horrible. Keeps getting worse every month. Problem is on their end.

S. D. Spiller 6 months ago
92530 Lake Elsinore. Internet has been out for OVER a week now. They keep sending text messages saying it’s all fixed up and running. It’s not. I’ve gone thru troubleshooting with them about 4 or 5 times now and still nothing. They immediately send another text saying there is an area outage and they’ll have it fixed in 24 to 48 hours. Then they were going to send a tech to my home but that was auto cancelled when the “System” figured out is was an area outage and not my home. I’ve stopped calling them. Besides your talking to some knucklehead overseas. I told them I wanted to talk to someone here in the US but they say they have no way to do that. I think we ALL should say “Bye Bye Frontier” and go to someone more reliable.

B 6 months ago
Burnet, TX. Internet has been completely down for 3 days. A technician was supposed to come, and they never arrived. Now, they're saying it's a problem with the central office and will be resolved in 48 hours.

Gerry Carlton 6 months ago
Menifee, 92587 . No phone, no Internet since this morning. Anybody know what going on?

Sal 6 months ago
92587 Menifee Currently been offline since 11 am, outage on internet.

David 6 months ago
Lake Elsinore 92532 Internet out since yesterday ~5 pm. App says will be restored an hour ago. No internet, no texts, no updates.

Elsa 6 months ago
Frontier has been down in Lake Elsinore for 2 days now. They are not giving any updates of any kind. Any body here knows what's going on?

Jeff 6 months ago
Internet went down in the 92256 area (Southern California). Came back on around 8:30 PM. Speeds suck. Now our DSL speed is 1/3 of the provisioned speed We are suppose to get. Not happy with Frontier Communications and their lack of service THAT WE PAY FOR. Rediculous. Will be cancelling soon.

Laurel S- Frontier Communications 6 months ago
Frontier services in the grandview and northwestern areas of Raleigh County have been impacted and will remain spotty until the wildfires in the area are contained. Expect normal interruptions in service as we have our technicians in the area trying to stabilize the lines. 11/8/2023 Legal Notice Privacy Policy 2023 Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

JT 9 months ago
06082 Enfield CT Frontier fiber internet has been down since 11am

Cobalt 9 months ago
Mines been up and down and up and down and up and down constantly over the past couple of weeks. If i wanted this much ups and downs, I'd ride a roller coaster

Vanosdol d 10 months ago
WV 24944 down for 4 days now. Today we lost Frontier land line too. Service is as bad as internet.

Susan 10 months ago

Walter 10 months ago
phone down for 12 hours !!!!! 12843

Nash A. 10 months ago
92586 Menifee CA- On June 5,2023, 3:00 p.m. my wife got home and found we have no internet. I tried restarting the router several times, nothing. So I looked up the area for any outage and found out there was/is one in our area. I figured it would be restored by tomorrow. July 6, 2023, I checked in the morning and still nothing. I hope it is not the router. A few years back, it was my router that gave the problem. My main box to the house shows a green light (normal). I found out, there has been several outages around my area.


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Frontier Communications is an American telecommunications company. Known as Citizens Utilities Company until 2000, Citizens Communications Company until 2008, and Frontier Communications Corporation until 2020, as a communications provider with a fiber-optic network and cloud-based services, Frontier offers broadband internet, digital television, and computer technical support to residential and business customers in 25 states. In some areas it also offers home phone services.
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