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Common problems are:

Internet 69%
TV 17%
Phone 10%
Blackout 2%
Website 1%
E-mail 1%

Affected cities:

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About Frontier

Frontier Communications was originally established as the Citizens Utility Company in 1935. In early 1946, a young investor from New York, Richard Rosenthal, became president of Frontier. He helped extend the company’s reach across the country and become one of the premier telecommunications providers out there.

In 2009 and 2014, Frontier purchased substantial lines from Verizon and AT&T respectively, building up a wider userbase and better coverage across several states that the two companies operate in. Frontier also went on to purchase Verizon’s fiber-optic network, which came to be known as the Frontier FiOS.

Frontier Communications currently offers broadband internet services, telephone services – both local and long-distance, PC technical support, and digital TV services to residential users and small business users across the country.

Regional availability

Frontier Communications was initially a provider in rural localities and small areas alone, but in recent years it has expanded to include the larger metropolitan areas. Today, Frontier operates in 29 states in the U.S. and is the eighth biggest broadband service operator in the country. With a broadband subscriber base of over 37 million, Frontier has established itself as one of the more popular DSL providers in several areas, especially Connecticut, Florida, and California.

Frontier is also fourth on the list of fiber service providers, with a userbase of over 10 million. Its copper-based service, on the other hand, is available on a smaller scale, with availability to businesses in about 7 zip codes.

Errors / network problems

Frontier Communications has come under criticism from time to time about their fluctuating internet speeds and network outages. The company has claimed to be investing in improving the network infrastructure in the areas where services go down often and they have also assured affected users of discounted rates.

The Frontier Communications help center on their website consists of a range of common problems that users face along with steps to take to fix them. In the event that the issue persists, customer support is always available on their helpline at 1-800-239-4430, or get on to a live chat from their web page.

Troubleshoot yourself

For most internet and digital TV problems that you may face with Frontier’s services, the simplest solution is to restart the modem or set-top box. This refreshes the network and more often than not users have found that it fixed the issue.

For internet outages that are not due to a local area issue, try releasing and then renewing your IP address on the command prompt. Use the ipconfig/release or renew commands and then reboot the system. If your internet speeds are slow, some common solutions could be to clear your cache to improve load times, bringing your router closer to the device you’re using, or updating your anti-virus software to flush out any deterrents.

If your phone services are down, check if the issue is with your connection alone or an area-wide disruption. You can do this by logging on to the website and entering your area code or phone number. For individual issues, use the Automated Troubleshooting Tool on the website or visit the interactive Support Wizard for assistance.

Live reports

Twitter frontier_promo

@frontier_promo RT @frontier_promo: @XXL Beautiful soul samples and some classic nice drums. I miss the old Kanye :(.

22.11.2019 03:26:40
Twitter frontier_promo

@frontier_promo @XXL Beautiful soul samples and some classic nice drums. I miss the old Kanye :(.

22.11.2019 03:25:07
Twitter Nameless_Coyote

@Nameless_Coyote @Frontier_Help Still a forever lasting loading screen on my main zoo.. :(

21.11.2019 23:06:18
Twitter Danisaur_ofc

@Danisaur_ofc @Frontier_Help It's been 5 hours and it’s still not working. I haven't been able to play for more than five minutes…

21.11.2019 22:31:31
Twitter Pikkupstixx

@Pikkupstixx @Frontier_Help are you able to change individual players franchise zoos in Planet Zoo directly? I have protesters i…

21.11.2019 17:23:01
Twitter devinsbackup89

@devinsbackup89 i bought frontier airline tickets and already regretting it :(

21.11.2019 17:17:45
Twitter Nameless_Coyote

@Nameless_Coyote @Frontier_Help I hope you can get my zoo back, tired of the forever lasting loading screen :(

21.11.2019 16:23:00
Twitter SchubertFrauke

@SchubertFrauke @Frontier_Help @PlanetZooGame i love you guys, really... your games are awesome. but this is absolutly shit, the ho…

21.11.2019 16:17:28
Twitter JohnnyVMusic

@JohnnyVMusic @Frontier #Internetdown 34689 Current problems and outages

21.11.2019 04:38:24
Twitter DoAHasekRoll

@DoAHasekRoll @jack_frontier Yup :( you know it’s bad when have the gifs that pop up when you type in “PUBG” are bugs lol

21.11.2019 00:00:49
Twitter sblakehdragon

@sblakehdragon @Frontier, @HCS VoicePacks, @St. Jude Play Live!!! 2/15 subs. 1k Foller Goal

20.11.2019 09:13:12
Twitter brycelyoung

@brycelyoung @BriSumner @Frontier Honestly anything other than @FrontierCorp will be better. They attract customers through chea…

20.11.2019 05:28:42
Twitter BriSumner

@BriSumner Best tv provider? We have had @Frontier but they are getting lazy lately.

20.11.2019 05:12:10
Twitter BrittA2211

@BrittA2211 I was an absolute idiot and didnt open Ticketek to get my Tool tickets, only opened Frontier so now Im stuck in a q…

20.11.2019 03:00:27
Twitter lydsgodfrey

@lydsgodfrey @hairagon @Frontier_Help It is very. I’m unable to play until this is solved :(

19.11.2019 23:04:32
Twitter sugalicka

@sugalicka @Frontier_Help is it true that you won’t make planetzoo available for mac?:( i really want to buy your game and play it

19.11.2019 21:48:46
Twitter aquamaned

@aquamaned when @GregBryk appeared in the #Vwars trailer i remeber about the last ep of #Frontier and now i’m sad, i’m miss Frontier :(

19.11.2019 20:37:30
Twitter sblakehdragon

@sblakehdragon @Frontier, @HCS VoicePacks, @St. Jude Play Live!!! 2/15 subs. 1k Foller Goal

19.11.2019 17:29:55
Twitter lydsgodfrey

@lydsgodfrey @hairagon @Frontier_Help I’ve already tried that, unfortunately and I still had the same issue :(

19.11.2019 16:41:59
Twitter Sakuryu045

@Sakuryu045 @JohnLegere I was at the Tmobile Store for some Magenta deals on my Vet account and managed to get some beautiful n…

18.11.2019 19:42:44
Twitter waddledogie

@waddledogie @ProagriLtd @ukeastcoast @hertsfarming @Longwool @GaddPeter @AdviserSPS @JGCWatts @RhondaT40 @Farmerphil1…

18.11.2019 17:42:42
Twitter waddledogie

@waddledogie @ukeastcoast @hertsfarming @Longwool @GaddPeter @AdviserSPS @JGCWatts @RhondaT40 @Farmerphil1 @essexpeasant…

18.11.2019 17:02:46
Twitter vanessta23

@vanessta23 @Frontier @ Frontier Comm get out of our city's politics

18.11.2019 05:27:57
Twitter sblakehdragon

@sblakehdragon @Frontier, @HCS VoicePacks, @St. Jude Play Live!!! 2/15 subs. 1k Foller Goal

18.11.2019 02:39:18
Twitter Sotiaworld

@Sotiaworld Also no Battle Frontier sadly. Only the boring tower again. :(

17.11.2019 16:22:09
Twitter Jonatha32720012

@Jonatha32720012 @Frontier_Help @Frontier_Help I stand corrected, the game now crashes at the end of avatar creation. :(

17.11.2019 00:39:23
Twitter PracticalMecha

@PracticalMecha @yube_it @AshitaNoFrog Personal top picks for things I want translated: - Gun Frontier - Galaxy Express (how is thi…

16.11.2019 22:30:57
Twitter Xayahed

@Xayahed @HotAsPuck Yea sun and moon had way too many cutscenes. My favorite is forever Emerald cause it had that super hard…

16.11.2019 19:39:08
Twitter SherryW73377356

@SherryW73377356 @FrontierCorp @tinytaproom @frontier things won’t change unless you step up. @tinytaproom beware. If it’s not to la…

16.11.2019 12:06:55
Twitter yookshikjaeson

@yookshikjaeson currently here in new frontier theater :(((( huhuhu hyunsik ;(

16.11.2019 07:15:17