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Common problems are:

Internet 78%
TV 14%
Blackout 7%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

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About Comcast Xfinity

Comcast is undoubtedly one of the best in the technology and entertainment business. With its Xfinity service, Comcast runs a successful operation of providing customers with quick access to what they need, when they need it. Comcast’s High-Speed Internet also called Xfinity Internet, caters to 40% of the internet market in the U.S. Comcast entered into the internet service market in 1996 by selling the service via their existing cable lines in partnership with the @Home Network.

@Home then merged with Excite, which filed for bankruptcy in early 2002. Comcast took this opportunity to move the customers into their own internet network, building a large user base for themselves. The service is delivered largely via a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial or HFC network, with internet speeds ranging from 100mbps to 1000mbps.

Comcast also operates the highly successful network of Wi-Fi hotspots, called Xfinity Wi-Fi, at public locations, business establishments, and supporting Xfinity home gateways. During the Consumer Electronics Show held in 2017, Comcast launched a brand-new platform for their existing Cisco 3941T and Arris 1682G modems. This software platform comes with a new configuration interface, allows for remote setup, and the ability to control it via the Xfinity mobile application.

Regional availability

The Xfinity service from Comcast is available in 39 U.S. states and covers both 3G and 4G services. Florida, California, and Illinois have the highest coverage with the most number of subscribers. 4G services are available in almost all metro areas in the U.S. Additionally, the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots cover a large part of the remaining areas, with over one million hotspots in place across the states.

The cable internet services from Xfinity is provided to about 111.7 million users, by far the largest residential provider in the country. The fiber internet network is currently available to about 17000 users.

Errors/network problems

The Xfinity network services are most reliable around the urban areas with stronger network strength on the fiber lines. However, due to cable connections being shared among homes that are close to each other, users do face problems with slow internet speeds during ‘peak hours’, which is generally seen between 5 PM and 9 PM.

The Support section of the Xfinity webpage contains a list of the commonly occurring error codes. They also offer troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the issues. If your internet service is still down, you can always contact the support team at any time via chat, call-back or even visit the nearest Xfinity outlet. Comcast also operates a Twitter handle - @ComcastCares – which has a reputation of responding to queries almost instantly.

Troubleshoot yourself

Most common problems with the Xfinity internet can be fixed by a simple restart of the modem. For more specific issues, the Xfinity My Account App is a reliable source of information. The app contains numerous sections such as Manage Internet, Troubleshoot Device, and Restart Device, which help in resolving generic issues.

The Xfinity My account App also contains a Center Outage Map that shows you locations where the internet services may be down. Check the map to know if your issues are caused by the local outage.

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24.10.2020 22:34:12
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@Raemonet @Meyerson @comcast @Xfinity Pull the plug. It’s very liberating.

24.10.2020 22:32:48
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@grlz2grlz I’m about to enter my 5th hour trying to obtain billing assistance. I just did the math and they have overpaid abou…

24.10.2020 22:18:36
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@Russ8268 @comcast @Xfinity 3 hr internet outage yest and all day today. Spent hrs to fix and on the phone w rep today just t…

24.10.2020 22:18:27
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@ronwwitman @comcast Juan can you go get the #ACCNetwork!

24.10.2020 22:11:35
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24.10.2020 21:57:15
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@Celly717 Hey @HBO! I'm already paying for HBO via @comcast, do I have to pay for @hbomax as well? Is it some type of benefit…

24.10.2020 21:57:13
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@rbreymaier RT @Meyerson: Pissed @Comcast/@Xfinity is raising your bill $6.20 a month for the Cubs channel (the Sinclair-owned Marquee Sports Network)?…

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@HRPromotion @VOG2020 @HimalayaGlobal @realDonaldTrump Its out folks & more to come! @VP @OANN @VP @latimes @USATODAY…

24.10.2020 21:56:44
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@Bella92_ @comcast sucks ass, wifi has been shitty for 3 weeks. These fucks don't do shit about it an never answer or call back !!!!

24.10.2020 21:49:49
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@BostonEagles33 @Comcast 1 ur sports app sucks, awful what ever u did doesn’t show time left. 2 @accnetwork both are greedy can’t w…

24.10.2020 21:47:24
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@zachbrewer15 @mystrotiff @comcast @Xfinity @ATT And our neighborhood has appointments with them they won’t do us told us the “ma…

24.10.2020 21:35:53
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@zachbrewer15 @mystrotiff @comcast @Xfinity @ATT It has trust me and it just feels like att is flat out lying as I’ve seen multip…

24.10.2020 21:35:17
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@zachbrewer15 @mystrotiff @comcast @Xfinity @ATT Well we just moved to new home with all smart devices and waiting for a month on…

24.10.2020 21:34:30
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@mystrotiff @zachbrewer15 @comcast @Xfinity @ATT Horrendous. I couldn’t wait anymore. It was affecting my job and kids school.

24.10.2020 21:34:01
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@mystrotiff @zachbrewer15 @comcast @Xfinity @ATT 🤦🏻‍♀️ well Comcast just came out and installed, no issues at all. I was able t…

24.10.2020 21:33:02
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@zachbrewer15 @mystrotiff @comcast @Xfinity @ATT We have been waiting for a month and they have canceled on us twice

24.10.2020 21:32:38
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@NDSean_Thornton @Meyerson @comcast @Xfinity Makes a lot of sense to put this charge in starting.... October?

24.10.2020 21:30:02
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@zachbrewer15 @mystrotiff @comcast @Xfinity @ATT They told us it’s a manufacturer issue and it wouldn’t be resolved til the 27th

24.10.2020 21:29:50
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@Leoorte26822992 @ortizwithwings @AmpudiaW @IngrahamAngle @comcast sensors that station #evilcorp #chinabitchbiden…

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@LeighWoopDeDoop RT @3_resurection: @MartinJudge10 @Mutantbigred4 @MichaelYeadon3 @neil_ferguson @Avaaz @SkyNews @comcast Apparently the bird he was breakin…

24.10.2020 21:15:57
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@Arod0443 Holy crap, HORRIBLE doesn’t even begin to describe how bad @comcast @Xfinity customer service is. Pure trash!

24.10.2020 21:12:09
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@mccdoe3289 @ModProps @comcast surely you can help this young man who is so eager to learn he sits by himself outside a closed school doing his work.

24.10.2020 21:05:41
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@KiraLMelloNear RT @JustinAglio: Pennsylvania students @McKeesportArea get a big boost for virtual learning live on TODAY (@craigmelvin)…

24.10.2020 21:03:29
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@r3507_home Hey @Comcast why is my internet speed 38down\5up when I pay for 75down\5up in San Jose, CA? @ComcastCares @xfinity #comcast #speedtest

24.10.2020 21:00:39