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Shawn 2 months ago
Cox internet has been down in Mesa (85201) for 3 days now. Their service said they planned on it being up by 8:13pm on the 24th. It's now the 26th, and still no service, and the message hasn't changed. No idea when I'm going to be getting service back if at all. Very upset with the lack of communication with the customers.

Sandra 2 months ago
Cox TV 92782 has been down since 12:50pm 04-21-2024. It is now 5:38pm and has not been restored. Not happy

Glen Manchester 5 months ago
Cox and straight talk services were down last night starting around 12am and remained down through the night

Laura Beauregard 6 months ago
No service for 10 hours 02895 Woonsocket

Aliso 6 months ago
Henderson, NV out. Cox is absolutely the worst. Just the worst. It's great not having reliable choices of internet. 89074

William 6 months ago
Internet has been down since 10 this morning. There app and accounts states no outages reported and yet when you do a google search it says there is an outage across the street. So now I pay for a tech to come out and upgrade my modem which is less than a year old. I think they do stuff like this to sell the tech service of $75 each time. I am convinced of it. Casa Grande AZ

jose narof 7 months ago
Cox cable completely down, some internet outage since 10 am this morning Mesa 85201

Kayleigh 7 months ago
TV out. 51503

Vernon Roach 7 months ago

Gonzalez 8 months ago
4 days of outages on TV is BS wasn't fixed from day one still not fixed the problem is Cox has 70's equipment they are the worst no customer service what's si ever

Gonzalez 8 months ago
Cox in Fountain hills sucks FIX your junk outdated system

horatio 9 months ago
Henderson NV, out.

Wyatt 9 months ago
Wi-fi is down in Catoosa 74015

Vanessa 9 months ago
89081 wifi an Internet is out.

Cs 9 months ago
Hopkinton RI - Cox internet out going on one solid day and long intermittent outages since last Friday

Tony 9 months ago
Cox is completely down in Waddell, Arizona. Now going on a full day. It is really poor service. They hide their phone number, and give terrible updates.

Julio 9 months ago
Mesa, AZ 85204 Internet is CONSTANTLY going down and has interfered with my work!!! I’m seriously going to look into the T-Mobile WiFi plan or something else other than Cox Communication. I’m so tired of their WiFi going down for HOURS at a time, how do I get my work done with no WiFi to work with? It’s getting absolutely ridiculous how often & how long it goes down for. My employer is actually rightfully getting upset with me not being able to work so often!!! I don’t blame them for being upset with me. Funny thing is, I jumped on at 11:50PM thinking I won’t have any problems and there will be less people online this late at night. Boy was I wrong, I wasn’t on for more than 10 minutes and your freaking WiFi is STILL down and it’s 35 minutes later!!!! The more I talk about it the more upset I get, I truly believe that this is the last straw!’ I’m not about to lose my job because Cox can’t seem to get their ???? together and FIX YOUR WIFI!!!!!!!!

Isaiah 9 months ago
Internet down / Laveen / 85339

THE_0295 10 months ago
02891 / Westerly, Rhode Island. Cox Business plan appeared to get 1.00 Mbps for two days, and stopped at one point or another. The connection is currently 100% down at that location, and I cannot interact with my servers.

C. Marie 10 months ago
COX still down since approx. 7:20pm 9/1/23 (last night) - Las Vegas area.


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Cox Communications is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises and is a major player in the cable TV, home automation, and telecommunications industry in the United States. It's not new; it has been around since 1964 when it was established as Cox Broadcasting Company. In its early years, back in 1993, Cox Communications led the way by being the first among cable providers to offer telecommunication services to businesses. And then again in 1997, they blazed the trail by being the first cable company to provide phone services to users.
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Reported outages on 11.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cox. The most frequently affected cities were: New Orleans
Reported outages on 09.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cox. The most frequently affected cities were: Las Vegas
Reported outages on 08.07.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at Cox. The most frequently affected cities were: Oklahoma City, Providence
Reported outages on 07.07.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Cox. The most frequently affected cities were: Las Vegas
Reported outages on 05.07.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Cox. The most frequently affected cities were: Phoenix

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