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Common problems are:

Internet 81%
TV 10%
Blackout 7%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

Affected cities:

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About Cox

Cox Communications, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is a cable TV, home automation and telecommunication service provider in the U.S. The company is an old-timer, established way back in the year 1964 under the name of Cox Broadcasting Company. In early 1993, Cox Communications was the first cable provider to introduce telecommunication services to business users. Cox was also the pioneer cable company to provide phone services to users from the year 1997.

Cox Communications became a ‘green’ company when its Alternative Energy Program in 2011 resulted in the successful installation of two fuel cells at their headquarters. The fuel cells generate sufficient power onsite that its dependence on the local power grid went down by a significant amount. The same year, Cox also ventured into the home security business under the brand Cox Home Security.

Cox Communications currently provides Cable TV, High-Speed Internet, Digital Telephone, Home Security, and Business Services such as voice, data, and video.

Regional availability

Cox Communications has a television service userbase of over 6.2 million, making it the third-biggest cable TV provider. It is also seventh on the telephone carrier list, with over 3.2 million subscribers of their digital telephone service.

Cox Communications provides internet services in 18 U.S. states including California, Virginia, and Arizona. Cable internet from Cox is available to about 21.1 million users. Along with cable, Cox also provides fiber networks to business users in more than 1000 zip codes. Additionally, Cox Communications has set up Wi-Fi hotspots all across their network, which is easily accessible to Cox customers on-the-go.

Errors / network problems

The Cox website has a detailed Education Center that lists out common errors that you may face along with ways to rectify them.

The maximum number of network issues occur on Cox’s internet service at a whopping 92%. Most of the time it happens due to an area-wide outage, leaving you no other option than to contact customer support and wait for it to be fixed. In such instances, Cox offers a notification service that you can subscribe to, which drops a message when service is restored. TV services, at 6%, rarely face issues, and are more often than not rectified by troubleshooting it yourself.

Troubleshoot yourself

In several cases of issues with the Cox Internet services, you can fix the problems yourself by simply turning off and turning on the router or modem. Some devices even come with a reset button, which should fix many common errors. The first thing to do, however, is to check that the Cox service itself isn’t down. There are numerous websites like DownDetector that report such issues with services.

For issues with the Cox TV service such as a blue or black screen, or fuzzy visuals, a loose cable is the most likely problem. Check all the cables running into the set-top box or cable box and make sure they are latched on tight.

If your Cox home phone line is down, it’s more likely that the issue is connected to a larger outage at Cox’s end. As a last resort, you can reach out to Cox at 1-800-234-3993 or simply tweet them on their Twitter handle @CoxHelp.

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