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Internet 94%
Phone 4%
Blackout 2%

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About CenturyLink

CenturyLink, a technology and communications company in the United States, is headquartered in Louisiana in the city of Monroe. Thanks to its previous acquisitions (Embarq, Qwest, Savvis and Level 3 Communications), CenturyLink is well-positioned to offer advanced network services, information technology, cloud solutions, voice products and more.
The company figures among the largest ISPs and provides high-speed Internet to customers across the globe. CenturyLink offers bundled TV services along with DIRECT TV, home phone services and web tools along with high-speed Internet. Its Enterprise Business offers network and allied services.
CenturyLink also offers its subscribers access to the Verizon LTE network and many of its services and devices. It also offers its standard services to small business. CenturyLink Residential partners with DirecTV to provide Gigabit fiber, voice, and TV. It delivers security solutions, hybrid networking and cloud connectivity to subscribers across the globe.

Regional availability

CenturyLink has a DSL footprint across North America and has network coverage in over 51 states. It caters to customers across Latin America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. Its Gigabit fiber service is available to certain select states. Fiber coverage is constantly expanding across the country.

The states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona have high coverage. Also, in certain metro areas, CenturyLink offers a fiber-optic network that supports high speeds. Streaming of HD movies, surfing, gaming, and photo-sharing are fast and easy where fiber is available.

In case you want to see whether CenturyLink is available in your area, check the coverage map or enter your zip code and search for it.

Error codes/Network problems

When CenturyLink users encounter error codes or network problems, they are encouraged to use the Service Troubleshooter tool to - Check for outages - Identify if the problem is a local issue or area-wide - Resolve problems associated with the phone or Internet service

In case users cannot resolve the issue, they can create a repair request or get the help of a specialist. Users need to provide their billing number and zip code.
Dropped calls, phone and network outages, service disruptions, and busy signals can happen to any ISP and Century Link is no exception. The company’s twitter feeds tells users how CenturyLink is dealing with network issues when the Internet, phone or TV is down. Keeping track of such company notifications is a good idea

Troubleshooting yourself

If your Wi-Fi is giving you problems
- Switch off the modem and unplug the power cord - Power the modem on again and wait till the Internet light switches on - Attempt to connect to the Internet - Sometimes a simple modem reset will do the trick

If the phone is down- use the service troubleshooter to diagnose and rectify your problems.

Make use of the self-help options, visit the technical forums or the CenturyLink Guidance Center and use the tips suggested. If that doesn’t help, contact tech personnel by email, chat or phone.

Tech Support at CenturyLink

Prism® TV Repair (24 x 7) 866-314-4148
Phone Repair (24 x 7) 800-788-3600
Internet Repair (24 x 7) 877-646-3282

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24.10.2019 04:54:02
Twitter laurenmignon

@laurenmignon Sure wish my @LG microwave didn’t disable my @CenturyLink wifi 😩 we’ve been living this way for almost 2 years y’all!!!!

24.10.2019 04:35:31
Twitter zacht1999

@zacht1999 @centurylink way to screw me over even though Direct TV removed NFL Sunday ticket yet you guys still applied it to my bill

24.10.2019 03:59:31
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@Alotlikedouglas Hey just want everyone to know @CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink charged me 50 FUGGIN DOLLARS for shipping my modem to…

24.10.2019 03:50:02
Twitter spluemer23

@spluemer23 @CenturyLink why do you charge full price for internet if a customer has to reset their router every 20 minutes to get anything to work?

24.10.2019 03:39:54
Twitter tlwensel

@tlwensel @CenturyLink @GovInslee again with internet so slow we can’t do anything

24.10.2019 03:34:18
Twitter iBiggestNAF

@iBiggestNAF @CenturyLink your WiFi is absolute dog shit, fuck you

24.10.2019 03:25:33
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24.10.2019 02:48:00

@ONELOVE_USA @CenturyLinkHelp And further, I am pretty sure @CenturyLink will correct it for a day or two and then throttle back…

24.10.2019 02:44:31
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@lujaamko @Ask_Spectrum Forgot to mention they raised our rate this month, too. Decreased already poor service and increased…

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@ballofgame @TDLockett12 @CenturyLink @12s Promoting a CHRISTIAN, eh?

24.10.2019 01:06:25
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@KathleenRytman Tom Marx shares how @CenturyLink is investing to support enterprise growth from #GartnerSYM.

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