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Common problems are:

Internet 93%
Phone 4%
Website 1%
Blackout 1%
TV (Prism) 1%

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About CenturyLink

CenturyLink, a technology and communications company in the United States, is headquartered in Louisiana in the city of Monroe. Thanks to its previous acquisitions (Embarq, Qwest, Savvis and Level 3 Communications), CenturyLink is well-positioned to offer advanced network services, information technology, cloud solutions, voice products and more.
The company figures among the largest ISPs and provides high-speed Internet to customers across the globe. CenturyLink offers bundled TV services along with DIRECT TV, home phone services and web tools along with high-speed Internet. Its Enterprise Business offers network and allied services.
CenturyLink also offers its subscribers access to the Verizon LTE network and many of its services and devices. It also offers its standard services to small business. CenturyLink Residential partners with DirecTV to provide Gigabit fiber, voice, and TV. It delivers security solutions, hybrid networking and cloud connectivity to subscribers across the globe.

Regional availability

CenturyLink has a DSL footprint across North America and has network coverage in over 51 states. It caters to customers across Latin America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. Its Gigabit fiber service is available to certain select states. Fiber coverage is constantly expanding across the country.

The states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona have high coverage. Also, in certain metro areas, CenturyLink offers a fiber-optic network that supports high speeds. Streaming of HD movies, surfing, gaming, and photo-sharing are fast and easy where fiber is available.

In case you want to see whether CenturyLink is available in your area, check the coverage map or enter your zip code and search for it.

Error codes/Network problems

When CenturyLink users encounter error codes or network problems, they are encouraged to use the Service Troubleshooter tool to - Check for outages - Identify if the problem is a local issue or area-wide - Resolve problems associated with the phone or Internet service

In case users cannot resolve the issue, they can create a repair request or get the help of a specialist. Users need to provide their billing number and zip code.
Dropped calls, phone and network outages, service disruptions, and busy signals can happen to any ISP and Century Link is no exception. The company’s twitter feeds tells users how CenturyLink is dealing with network issues when the Internet, phone or TV is down. Keeping track of such company notifications is a good idea

Troubleshooting yourself

If your Wi-Fi is giving you problems
- Switch off the modem and unplug the power cord - Power the modem on again and wait till the Internet light switches on - Attempt to connect to the Internet - Sometimes a simple modem reset will do the trick

If the phone is down- use the service troubleshooter to diagnose and rectify your problems.

Make use of the self-help options, visit the technical forums or the CenturyLink Guidance Center and use the tips suggested. If that doesn’t help, contact tech personnel by email, chat or phone.

Tech Support at CenturyLink

Prism® TV Repair (24 x 7) 866-314-4148
Phone Repair (24 x 7) 800-788-3600
Internet Repair (24 x 7) 877-646-3282

Live reports

Twitter 723Magnus

@723Magnus RT @PutinsLapDog: @JuddLegum @Bayer @Thryv @SoClean @comcast I switched from @comcast 6 months to @CenturyLink . My price is guaranteed f…

27.11.2020 03:20:32
Twitter Metal_JohnSolid

@Metal_JohnSolid @CenturyLink thank you for such an amazing Thanksgiving with my family wasn’t able to zoom call and speak with my…

27.11.2020 01:42:44
Twitter deliriousguy

@deliriousguy @padresj @CenturyLink I think I’m paying about $65/month for the 100 mbps fiber connection. Hmm.

26.11.2020 21:55:56
Twitter bcneary

@bcneary @CenturyLink has the worst customer service and WiFi network I have ever experienced.

26.11.2020 21:37:14
Twitter DribbleCastle

@DribbleCastle @padresj @CenturyLink Of course they don’t need it.

26.11.2020 21:31:36
Twitter DribbleCastle

@DribbleCastle @padresj @CenturyLink “New customers” can get 1Gbps fiber for $65 with equipment included. If their house/area has it.

26.11.2020 21:31:22
Twitter RahulG86

@RahulG86 @padresj @CenturyLink So if it's for new customers change the billing name. If it's in your father's name cancel an…

26.11.2020 21:12:35
Twitter Kikiewok

@Kikiewok @padresj @CenturyLink SuddenLink charges me 72 dollars a month for 15 megs.

26.11.2020 20:42:05
Twitter DemchakMatthew

@DemchakMatthew @CenturyLink Day two with no refund and no update. Please do better with your customer service.

26.11.2020 20:06:54
Twitter hisway2016

@hisway2016 @padresj @CenturyLink They are the worst, they wanted me to pay a month in advance to cancel my service after my co…

26.11.2020 20:05:37
Twitter andrewdwilliams

@andrewdwilliams RT @padresj: Part of my Thanksgiving is the "go through the bills & make sure my parents aren't getting ripped off" tradition. ... @Centu…

26.11.2020 19:51:14
Twitter crystal4obama

@crystal4obama RT @padresj: Part of my Thanksgiving is the "go through the bills & make sure my parents aren't getting ripped off" tradition. ... @Centu…

26.11.2020 19:32:38
Twitter stevejessRadio

@stevejessRadio @padresj @CenturyLink The price for life is for new customers only. But if you call and get an agent who's in a goo…

26.11.2020 19:31:09
Twitter stevejessRadio

@stevejessRadio @JPL_Richard @padresj @CenturyLink No they bill it as a price for life, but only for new customers, and with lots of conditions.

26.11.2020 19:29:04
Twitter JPL_Richard

@JPL_Richard @padresj @CenturyLink But, Isn't the $49 offer a special offer only good for the first year?

26.11.2020 19:20:15
Twitter BrianHelman

@BrianHelman @padresj @CenturyLink If they had Comca$t, maybe they'd get charged an extra $10 for every 50GB under 1.2TB.

26.11.2020 19:17:24
Twitter padresj

@padresj Part of my Thanksgiving is the "go through the bills & make sure my parents aren't getting ripped off" tradition.…

26.11.2020 19:10:01
Twitter komokwa

@komokwa @CenturyLink charges $100 to "upgrade" your net, instead takes away your net and demands another $100 to fix what t…

26.11.2020 18:28:26
Twitter JamesWardenMN

@JamesWardenMN What is up with @CenturyLink anchoring their wires to a road sign in our alley?

26.11.2020 17:49:48
Twitter Gigihoneyharps

@Gigihoneyharps @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp Not a happy Thanksgiving. You disconnected my internet for $60 and refuse to let me…

26.11.2020 17:13:12
Twitter Gigihoneyharps

@Gigihoneyharps @CenturyLink Not a happy Thanksgiving. You disconnected my internet for $60 and refuse to let me make a payment ar…

26.11.2020 17:12:53
Twitter Lumberstotle

@Lumberstotle @CenturyLink almost 4 hours to download 1.41GB is reasonable right? Fucksticks

26.11.2020 16:56:24
Twitter meces29

@meces29 Another great day with @CenturyLink

26.11.2020 16:31:38
Twitter writerbrigade

@writerbrigade Y’all’s internet completely sucks. Seriously. Do better! @CenturyLink

26.11.2020 15:36:46
Twitter laneyythegreatt

@laneyythegreatt @CenturyLink is by far the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. Cutting off services after THEY didn’t draft payment…

26.11.2020 15:34:37
Twitter MrCarterClarke

@MrCarterClarke @CenturyLink - should I start sending these daily so you’ll believe me enough to come make a permanent fix? I’m get…

26.11.2020 14:25:29
Twitter MiCTA_Tech

@MiCTA_Tech RT @CenturyLink: What is fiber-optic technology? And why are more internet service providers investing in this type of internet service tod…

26.11.2020 11:58:44
Twitter katie_ruche

@katie_ruche @CenturyLink Why the hell do you make it so difficult to update info. I have to change payment because my card was…

26.11.2020 11:43:34
Twitter FR01

@FR01 Hey @Centurylink, my Internet connection went down again at 2020-11-26_03:20:15

26.11.2020 08:21:46
Twitter FR01

@FR01 Hey @Centurylink, my Internet connection went down again at 2020-11-26_03:08:21

26.11.2020 08:09:51