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Linda 10 months ago
Intetnet down. Gainesville, FL 32606

Cypress 10 months ago

Cypress, TX 10 months ago
ATT Internet DOWN for days, they cant day when they will fix it. 77429 Cypress TX ATT SUX

G 11 months ago
Jacksonville FL and Saint county att down complete blackout for att fiber

Elizabeth 11 months ago
SOS only 6/21/23 in North Central WA

Kim 11 months ago
No service since 4pm 6/18/23. 73115 Oklahoma City

Jason 11 months ago
No service in Fort Wayne IN 46804 since 11:30 am 6/5/2023. Fifteen others have same issue as does my 5 business phones.

realwesterner 11 months ago
No cell service for a couple hours, western New Mexico, 6/3/2023

buggy 11 months ago
No phone service 98683 Vancouver

Christopher Harris 1 year ago
Why my I message all of sudden turn green

Grace 1 year ago
I can only recommend you to Alex_tech90 . He alone can help you fixed and restore anything wrong. Reach out to him on Instagram or telegram now

Kathy Fallon 1 year ago
My cell is having problems, dropping calls, getting call this has been going on since yesterday WTH., I need my phone for work Marana AZ, 85658

Cs 1 year ago
“No line” on landline phone at 94102 (san francisco Union Square area.) Outage started about 9pm on 3/10/2023.

Steven Gebhard 1 year ago
We have not had landline service since 12/11/2022. Can't get an answer from AT&T, really sucks because this is the only phone service we have.

Charlotte 1 year ago
For the past two days I was having issues with my internet and it's really frustrating, but fortunately for me it was later rectified by @hephaestuslock on Instagram. 33880

Brian 1 year ago
Internet and phone have been out now for four days if this isn't fixed soon i will be canceling my service and going with Spectrum. 44060 Mentor Ohio

Marc 1 year ago
The fiber internet here in Atlanta area has been down since the very cold weather hit. Going on day two. Can you believe it? Christmas eve and Christmas with not internet?

Pat H 1 year ago
48612...have not had data on wireless since 4-22. Been calling for months. They say tower on Lang and Mcclouch is down in Beaverton Mi. How much longer,???? I don't see anybody trying to fix the issue. One bar only, constant dropped calls, have to drive closer to tower to get signal...this is 2022..comeon

doris baskin 1 year ago
For the past 3 days I have not been able to log in to ATT website to pay my bill or see usage. I do not want any late charges because of lack of access to the website. 38063- ripley tn

Alex 1 year ago
32129 Port Orange, FL We have been without internet for 10 days now. I have seen one ATT truck working. Ridiculous.


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AT&T is a leading communications company that offers wireless, digital television, high speed internet, and voice over ip services. Other services and products are also available from AT&T, including security and home automation.
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Reported outages on 25.05.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles
Reported outages on 22.05.2024:
There were a total of 8 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk
Reported outages on 21.05.2024:
There were a total of 5 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Oklahoma City
Reported outages on 20.05.2024:
There were a total of 4 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Wysox, Pittsburgh

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