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Poole Avatar

Poole 7 months ago
Blackout in my whole neighborhood going on 12 hours Sugarhill, 30518

Fred Avatar

Fred 7 months ago
I got similar issues and support service did nothing about it, so I was recommended to contact #POULSEN1296 on Instagram he successfully fixed my AT&T services in less than an hour, I suggest you contact him

Jennifer Avatar

Jennifer 8 months ago
78641 Leander no cell phone service

Diane Carter Avatar

Diane Carter 8 months ago
88011 - Las Cruces, NM. Phone outage currently (May 6, 2022) Happened yesterday morning as well

David Terry Avatar

David Terry 8 months ago
You say there is no problem, No landline for 2 days, You are not a robot. Columbus Ohio, 43204

Melvin D Foster Avatar

Melvin D Foster 8 months ago
This is getting annoying, pay every month on-time but service is no at all top tier, we work from home, I'm having to leave home go toward Frisco just to work remotely without interruption. Is Spectrum better, may have to look into there plans, Zip Code 75071 is Badddddddd.

Toby Avatar

Toby 8 months ago
Jacksonville 32216 AT&T internet outage. Been down for almost 8 hours. I work remotely, Internet is my livelihood.

Johnny Avatar

Johnny 10 months ago
32174 Ormond beach Internet down since yesterday Monday 28th

shermaine Avatar

shermaine 10 months ago
Hey I'm shermaine I'm form mongt ala 38809090 is not texting me back I don't know what is going on with att pease fix this shit now!

shermaine Avatar

shermaine 10 months ago
Hey I'm shermaine I have a problem with 38809090 did not text me back from my next month plan

shermaine Avatar

shermaine 11 months ago
Hey I'm shermaine I'm from Montgomery Alabama my phone will not let me called anyone but YouTube and Google still works on my phone but my phone will not let me call anybody

Russell gray Avatar

Russell gray 11 months ago
I live in frackville and service for my phone had been out since yesterday

Cheryl Avatar

Cheryl 11 months ago
30291, Union City, GA internet has been down since 3/5/22. Est time of repair is 3PM today. That was from yesterday. Tried calling, hold times are ridiculous.

Jen Avatar

Jen 11 months ago
Cupertino, CA 95014 At&t fiber is out, even after resetting the router. Service was having temporary disruptions for the last few days, but now it's completely down.

Ron Allen Avatar

Ron Allen 11 months ago
No internet I have Fiber and my next door naber is having the same problem 92780 Tustin CA

Thanos  Avatar

Thanos 11 months ago
This is worse than the blip...16201, 15701, 15748 western pa down.

Sandy Avatar

Sandy 1 year ago
Richardson, Texas 75080 Since 9.00am tv, internet and landline are out!!!!!

Joy Avatar

Joy 1 year ago
ATT out by Lake Isabella, Ca Happy New Year. lol

David Matthews Avatar

David Matthews 1 year ago
Att in springville California is out again. Our cell phones and mobility home boxes are out. Including neighbors. After 20+ years att still sucks. Their customer service is the worst. No phones 3 days now.

Kelly Lewis Avatar

Kelly Lewis 1 year ago
19067 Yardley - I haven't had service since August 17th. Two months and MANY messages later and NOTHING is resolved. I am about to just switch to Verizon. Seems like they all have coverage!


About AT&T

AT&T Outage: Why it Happened and What You Can Do

AT&T is a leading communications company that provides wireless, digital TV, high-speed Internet and VoIP services. AT&T also offers a variety of other products and services, including security and home automation solutions. AT&T is one of the largest providers of these services in the United States, with more than 100 million customers.

1. AT&T Outage: Why it Happened

As we all know, the internet is a crucial part of our daily lives. We rely on it for everything from communication to entertainment to work. So when the internet goes down, it's like the world comes to a standstill. But there is also good news, AT&T is not the only provider that can have outages. Besides providers like Spectrum or Xfinity, numerous downtimes occur every day with other providers.

That's what can happen with AT&T's service. Customers across the country are then affected by the outages, and many people were left without any way to communicate or access their favorite websites and apps.

2. What to Do During AT&T is down

There are a few things you can do to get around the downtime and stay connected:

1) Use a different internet provider: If you have options, consider switching to another internet provider. This will help ensure that you're getting the best service possible and that you're not suffering through another outage like this one in the future.

2) Use Wi-Fi: If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. This will help you avoid any potential issues with your home internet service, and it will also allow you to access some apps and services even if they're not available on your home network.

3) Take a break: If you really need to get work done or access important information, take a break from the computer and try doing it another way - such as over the phone or in person. The more you push yourself during an outage like this one, the more frustrated you'll become. So take a breather and come back to it later when things are back up and running again.

3. How to Prepare for an AT&T Outage

There's no doubt about it: AT&T outages are frustrating. But they don't have to be a total pain if you know how to prepare for them.

1. Keep your phone charged. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth repeating. Make sure your phone is fully charged before an AT&T outage hits. That way, you'll be able to stay connected even if the power goes out.

2. Have a backup plan. Whether it's a backup battery or a backup data plan, having a way to stay connected is key. If AT&T is your only option, consider signing up for a second service that you can use in case of an outage.

3. Stay calm. We know, this is easier said than done. But try to remember that an AT&T problem is not the end of the world. Stay calm and you'll get through it.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 07.02.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Butner
Reported outages on 06.02.2023:
There were a total of 7 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Pulaski, Columbus, Ben Wheeler, Dallas, Santa Clara
Reported outages on 05.02.2023:
There were a total of 4 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Dayton, Atlanta, Cleveland
Reported outages on 04.02.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Charlotte, Columbus
Reported outages on 02.02.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Palm Coast, Traverse City, Dallas
Reported outages on 01.02.2023:
There were a total of 10 outages at AT&T. The most frequently affected cities were: Oklahoma City, Austin, Cedar Park, Alto, Foxborough