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Ben Avatar

Sisters 97759 getting 1000+ latency while trying to game, cmon dudes

1 week ago
chris Avatar

Internet down all day Sunday from about 8:30 until after 2:00PM. Technical glitches happen but sure would be nice to hear from customer service about outage; acknowledgment? apology? explanation?....anything?

3 months ago
Karen Avatar

Seems to finally be back up in Redmond/Eagle Crest area.

3 months ago
Kyle Avatar

Its working! 97701 Bend

3 months ago
Jill Avatar

We are back on now near Sisters 97759

3 months ago
Kyle Avatar

Would be helpful if someone could answer the phone. 97701 Bend

3 months ago
Dan Avatar

Internet has been down since around 8:30am Sunday. Still is and it is now 2:10pm. Powell Butte 97753

3 months ago
GT Avatar

Out in Sunriver 97707 for 6+hrs. No emails, no texts, line is busy. Frustrating.

3 months ago
Todd Thielen Avatar

Todd Thielen
Back up on Long Butte - 97703. Yellowknife website is down, no answer on their phone, no communication with customers, no customer support. Pretty frustrating.

3 months ago
Wanda Avatar

Arrrgh! Not even a message to customers!!!!

3 months ago
Rod Avatar

Service has been down in la pine, wagon trail, for at least 6 hours. Busy signal when calling Yellowknife. No automated response.

3 months ago
Cassie Avatar

Internet down in Tumalo.

3 months ago
Kevin berling Avatar

Kevin berling
Outage all morning in la pine out in sunforest estates 97739 and rapid busy signal when we call In

3 months ago
johlson Avatar

power outage from Empire to Greenwood along 3rd St, YKWC is on NE 2nd ?

3 months ago
Brockway Avatar

Tunalo, 97703 Yes, same problems. Frustrating.

3 months ago
K Avatar

Tumalo, OR. Website is gone, fast busy signal. Very odd, are they out of business I wonder?

3 months ago
Mark Avatar

Out in juniper canyon since roughly 8am. Yk's Twitter page has no info - no new posts there since 2020.

3 months ago
K Avatar

Out in Tumalo all morning, no access to a live person for ETA, etc.

3 months ago
Garry Journey Avatar

Garry Journey
Crescent has been down for a good 4 hours. Their website is down and their phone just gives busy signal.

3 months ago
Stacy Avatar

Out all morning so farar in Crescent

3 months ago


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