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Albert Ives iii Avatar

Albert Ives iii 11 hours ago
Past three days have been pretty bad:: won't connect... Stutters etc .

Justin Stephens Avatar

Justin Stephens 2 days ago
71913 Hot Springs down at the same time as yesterday again

Brandon Avatar

Brandon 1 week ago
Hot Springs, 71913. Surprise surprise internet service is down once again.

Brandon Avatar

Brandon 2 weeks ago
71913 wifi out

OWEN Avatar

OWEN 2 weeks ago
No internet 71914 Diamond Head

Chris  Avatar

Chris 3 weeks ago
Is internet down in Diamondhead? 71913

Pamela Avatar

Pamela 3 weeks ago
No internet today. Hot Springs 71913

Larry Catcher  Avatar

Larry Catcher 1 month ago
No internet hot springs ar 71913

Marie Avatar

Marie 2 months ago
No internet 71901

Sean Avatar

Sean 2 months ago
I have been trying to play online and it connects and is fine I'm in the party with friends everything is fine and then it just stops working 71901 Hot Springs

Albert Ives iii Avatar

Albert Ives iii 3 months ago
We are only getting sound video on.internet 71913/ hot springs

John  Avatar

John 4 months ago
71901 Internet out again. Is there any other providers in hit springs?

Dawn Avatar

Dawn 4 months ago
Once again the internet 1-21-23 is out Higdon Ferry rd ... If I could switch back to Wireless etc I would and the only reason why I'm not with them is because I moved in a apartment!!!! Resort Cable is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST! The 1st year I had them I never had a problem but now (Trash). I loved Wireless etc didnt have these problems they made sure it was a local PERSON who answered. If is was after hours it was A LOCAL TECH YOU CALLED!!!! on Weekends your having problems and the Office is closed you could call A LOCAL TECH! His name was Briggs and it was another one . Resort IS NOT THE ANSWER

Joseph  Avatar

Joseph 4 months ago
Resort is owned by Windstream. For those that don't know, Windstream is a horrible, dirty, company. Known for paying off cities to place a monopoly on them. Write your House of Representatives and DEMAND competition for Resort/Windstream.

Tonya hoffpauir  Avatar

Tonya hoffpauir 4 months ago
Hot springs ark 71901 Internet in and out all night last night and again today ???? get frustrating , my phone drops every thing I'm streaming . Terrible everything weather is rainy

Dave Avatar

Dave 4 months ago
No Internet again. It seems like a every other day issue goes out in the middle of the night doesn’t come on till the middle of the day doesn’t seem to concern them at all they say they will look into it. 71964

Jerry  Avatar

Jerry 4 months ago
Internet out again since early afternoon. Happened in December too and lasted a few days. They say they see nothing on their end but we have no Internet?

Levi Kelley  Avatar

Levi Kelley 4 months ago
My internet will not connect the first thing in the morning.

Michael Avatar

Michael 4 months ago
Back to normal! and by normal I mean weekly outage. This time the internet will turn back on for a solid minute, then go back out for around 10-15 before repeating. I really wish we had fiber out here.

Kayli Avatar

Kayli 4 months ago
71913 Hot Springs, AR Internet is out.


About Resort Cable TV

Resort Cable TV is a small and local American telecommunications firm offering internet service solely within the state of Arkansas. The cable internet from Resort Cable TV is made available to an estimated 77,000 locals, which makes it the 60th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Their services have packages which include up to 267 Digital Cable channels with online access to 'Watch TV Everywhere', with speeds up to 50 Mbps so customers can stream movies, watch HD shows, or play vidoe games all at the same time.

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Reported outages on 26.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Resort Cable TV. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 25.05.2023:
There were a total of 7 outages at Resort Cable TV. The most frequently affected cities were: St Louis, North Little Rock
Reported outages on 24.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Resort Cable TV. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 23.05.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at Resort Cable TV. The most frequently affected cities were: Riverside
Reported outages on 20.05.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Resort Cable TV. The most frequently affected cities were: Memphis, Little Rock