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TruVista is a US telecommunications company who provides broadband Internet, long-distance telephone, and cable TV services to customers in the South Carolina counties of Chester County, Fairfield County, Kershaw County and parts of Richland County. Truvista Communications has several packages called Basic, Standard, and Digital Cable for its Customers. In 2012, TruVista bought out cable systems serving Franklin, Hart, Rabun and Stephens counties in Georgia from Northland Communications, which is a Seattle, WA based company, and this was their first acquisition outside South Carolina.

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Twitter _Traviata

@_Traviata I will be so envious of anyone who gets to see the northern lights - I guess we won't get anything this far southwe…

23.10.2020 21:24:42
Twitter rodrigodipos_a

@rodrigodipos_a @scousesoprano roh traviata i was MEANT to see their fidelio the day they closed :(

03.10.2020 20:33:06
Twitter _Traviata

@_Traviata Heavy cloud cover means I probably won't get to see it :(

01.10.2020 19:29:31