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Natedawg Avatar

Natedawg 2 weeks ago
Very laggy almost useless last few days omega ga 31775

Caya Avatar

Caya 2 weeks ago
Internet out in Royston Ga. This is getting ridiculous every other day.

Sandra  Avatar

Sandra 2 weeks ago
Internet down in Royston 30662

Heather Avatar

Heather 1 month ago
Internet just went down in the last few minutes. Royston 30662

Brent Day Avatar

Brent Day 1 month ago
Hi Brent! Unfortunately there is, but we are working on a resolve. Another customer has informed us there is a large fiber outage due to a fiber line being shot by a firearm.

Shae Avatar

Shae 1 month ago
What is going on? Service has been down all day. Tifton 31793

Gema Avatar

Gema 1 month ago
Internet outage since yesterday. What the hell am I supposed to do till Tuesday? Tifton Ga 31793

Lakesha Lundy Avatar

Lakesha Lundy 1 month ago
Internet still out went out at around 11 pm last night. Tifton GA 31794

Coy Donley Avatar

Coy Donley 1 month ago
Can't jack off, I don't have internet since 11pm last night. Tifton, GA 31794

Lucas Haughwout Avatar

Lucas Haughwout 1 month ago
Internet has been down since last night 12/31/22 Tifton Ga 31793

Brent Day Avatar

Brent Day 1 month ago
Internet down about 30 min ago. Still not up as of 7:56am. 31793

Leslie Conger  Avatar

Leslie Conger 1 month ago
I can't watch any TV my internet is not working it went out last night my zip is 31793 Tifton ga

Kesha Avatar

Kesha 1 month ago
Internet and cable outage Tifton GA 31794

Karen  Avatar

Karen 1 month ago
Cable down Rock Quarry Circle Toccoa

Bri6 Avatar

Bri6 1 month ago
Internet out hwy 17 royston 30662

Sandra  Avatar

Sandra 1 month ago
Internet down Royston 30662

Johnny Avatar

Johnny 1 month ago
No internet in Lavonia, GA from TruVista... 30553.

Matt Avatar

Matt 1 month ago
No internet 30553 lavonia

jimmy sorrow Avatar

jimmy sorrow 1 month ago
Internet is out is lavonia ga

Jacob Avatar

Jacob 1 month ago
Outage Lavonia 30553


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TruVista is a US telecommunications company who provides broadband Internet, long-distance telephone, and cable TV services to customers in the South Carolina counties of Chester County, Fairfield County, Kershaw County and parts of Richland County. Truvista Communications has several packages called Basic, Standard, and Digital Cable for its Customers. In 2012, TruVista bought out cable systems serving Franklin, Hart, Rabun and Stephens counties in Georgia from Northland Communications, which is a Seattle, WA based company, and this was their first acquisition outside South Carolina.

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