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Clutch Putt 1 week ago
Intermittent outages in Beverly Hill 34465 over the past day after blue stream upgraded their local network. Shouldn’t upgrades made the network better? POS network - avoid at all cost

Stephanie 1 week ago
33065 Coral Springs. Outage since 1:15pm

Richard Taylor 2 weeks ago
33981 no signal again this morning. Yesterday I had one reading of over 500mbps. Therr is zero consistancy with BlueStream. Signed up and pay for 1gig. Generally fluctuate between 0 and 60.

Matt 2 weeks ago
internet outage for like the 10th time (no exaggeration) in 2023--the absolute worst company of all time--totally inept--only with them because of my HOA--33469

Rafael 3 weeks ago
Internet outage since this morning. 33076. This is the worst service provider there is. Online gaming, video chatting, WiFi calls, you name it, is unusable with BlueStream. The only thing consistent with this company is their poor track record dating all the way back to when they were Advanced Cable.

Ryan 3 weeks ago
Internet outage in Coral Spings 33065

John Stevens 3 weeks ago
33912...outage fort myers

Noah 4 weeks ago
Internet out since around midnight, 32835 Orlando, been happening more and more recently...

Victoria 1 month ago
Miramar 33029 Blue Stream Fiber all internet in SilverLakes has been down for almost an hour. No px to call for support except Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. Comcast always had 24/7 support. This sucks.

mb 1 month ago
major ping when gaming online in the range between 100-600 ping and its been going on for at least 1 day.

MP 1 month ago
Port St. Lucie, 35987 CBS stopped streaming

AJ 1 month ago
33071 anyone else getting massive packet loss?

Jim 1 month ago
Outage since 12:15am today. No answers from Bluestream other than working on it?

Jessica 1 month ago
Internet had been down since 11pm last night! 33067 coral springs

c 1 month ago
33076 Internet down since 3 am. No sign of it coming back.

Helen Mahoney 1 month ago
Once again, a gigantic screwup with Blue Stream !!!!! unfortunately I can't move to another provider since in my 55 and older community Blue Stream is part of my association fee. This is the WORST TV provider I ever had to deal with and you don't get credit for down time unless you request it and then you call and go thru a bunch of prompts until you finally get to service. HORIBLE HORIBLE provider

so frustrated 1 month ago
TV is down AGAIN!!! Bluestream is so frustrating! I am ready to go back to Xfinity.

Doreen 1 month ago
Call for outage as of 3:30am (happens once a month at least) to be told there is no outage in the area. Tech can be here tomorrow around 1PM. Cadence goes, they will call an outage in about 4 hours, will be fixed roughly in 8 or 9 hours and then will have to call back to cancel tech. Sad Sad Sad 34987

Old Lady 1 month ago
TV not working AGAIN! The first few weeks were truly enjoyable and now this is happening on a daily basis.

Jeanette Trobough 2 months ago
Belleview 34420 again? No internet since 9 a.m., 2nd time this week. Last time it was out for 14 hours. I am starting to miss spectrum, thought I would never say that.


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About Blue Stream

Blue Stream is a telecommunication company offering cable television, telephone and broadband internet services across the communities in Florida. Its headquarter is in Coral Springs. One can get well-curated TV and internet packages with great after-sales services. Customers in the region have had a fairly good experience. Outages can be of great help if Blue Stream’s system faces any issues and one can track the updates easily.
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Outage history

Reported outages on 06.12.2023:
There were a total of 6 outages at Blue Stream. The most frequently affected cities were: Miami, Tampa, Port Saint Lucie, Jacksonville, Hammonton
Reported outages on 05.12.2023:
There were a total of 29 outages at Blue Stream. The most frequently affected cities were: Miami, Coral Springs, Orlando, Tampa, Port Saint Lucie
Reported outages on 04.12.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Blue Stream. The most frequently affected cities were: Delray Beach, Orlando, Miami
Reported outages on 03.12.2023:
There were a total of 4 outages at Blue Stream. The most frequently affected cities were: The Villages, Tamarac, Miami, Tampa
Reported outages on 02.12.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at Blue Stream. The most frequently affected cities were: Miami, The Villages

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