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Amy 1 month ago
Internet has been down in Weston for over an hour. 33331

Jay 2 months ago
33065 Coral Springs - internet down for over an hour now, still on hold with customer support.

TAnth 2 months ago
33067 Coral Springs, Bluestream internet has been up and down all day today. Its been down yet again for the last 2.5hrs.

Joseph Brunetti 2 months ago
Blue TV streaming not working in Marlboro Ny 12542. All other apps working fine. Ex...VOD, YOUTUBE ..ETC

Me 3 months ago
Blue stream down at The Grove at Turtle Run all day - i hate this company

Adam 3 months ago
Fucking blue stream fiber and their constant outages. Been out since 7am in Coral Springs

Kim M. 3 months ago
Come on!! This is getting to be too many outages!! I'm sick of it. Looks like we will need to go back to Spectrum. We can not tolerate this type of service.

Me 3 months ago
34446. I’m pretty patient BUT you have got to figure out how to stop all of these outages. In this day and age we need this device to work. Either be in the business or get out of it. Something has to give here!

Matt 3 months ago
33469 + Tequesta They're down again! The literal worst company of all time strikes again.

Kim 3 months ago
Please get these issues fixed! Fiber optics was supposed to be so. much better. ☹️. 34446

K8m 3 months ago
BlueStream Internet is down. This is starting to become an every evening event. Very frustrating. Wishing we would have kept Spectrum.

Kim Mains 4 months ago
BlueStream is running VERY slow!! 34446 Homosassa

t 4 months ago
34446 Homosassa garbage keeps cutting in and out

Joey 4 months ago
Out at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks ...with a remote job this is a huge loss in Income and customer service doesn't care to credit your account...seriously I'm done. And i'm tired of calling in about it. 1 customer lost for sure

Jamie 4 months ago
33071 Coral Springs internet up & down constantly since 4pm. This company has already caused me to lose 2 jobs working from home. If this keeps up they'll be making it a "hat trick"! Something has got to give. And our HOA has a contract with this crap service so we literally can't get any other service provider here. Someone needs to start compensating those of us that are losing valuable time of work because of these constant outages before the lawsuits start rolling in....just saying because this is a serious breech of contract

S.H. 5 months ago
Margate--33063--Picture goes black and then says we are not connected to internet. When I check we are connected. I have called 2 time and tried a different fix with each tech. I have 3 tv's and it happens on all of them but not at same time. Tech coming out tomorrow. Blue stream is much less reliable than Comcast cable. If it was up to me I would go back to them but I am in an HOA and they chose this.

Matt 5 months ago
33469 Tequesta Literally the worst company of all time strikes again! No internet, No ETA, awful customer service. Only with them because of my HOA.

Sb 5 months ago
33455 Video going off and on

Old Lady 5 months ago

Old Lady 5 months ago
Watching a program and in the middle of it, the cable goes out again. Really getting tired of this and thinking of cancelling my account to a more stable provider.


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Blue Stream is a communications firm that offers cable television, phones, and broadband internet to various communities in Florida. Their primary office is located in Coral Springs. Those who want to pursue this route will find that there are well-curated packages of television and the internet that include a great deal of after-sales services. People from the region have been exposed to their system's outages, if there are issues with Blue Stream's system, it can be of help to them.
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