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Kyle 1 month ago
Internet is out again, IMON is becoming mediacomm 2.0 sadly, and they offer no help, reset my router ok that's the 5th time that's been your suggestion

Kyle Lorenz 1 month ago
52001. Lost several of my fave channels today. Either out or frozen. Very dissatisfied. If this is the way you work, we will have to think about other options. Dubuque, Iowa

Cv 1 month ago
Out again, but what's new. It's always out. I'm really starting to hate this service. Wish they would pay me back for the times it's been out.

Mark 2 months ago
52002- Im out again!!!!!

Tee 2 months ago
53811 Hazel Green (Kieler) WI. I guess Comelec is no more? Hey ImOn.. even if you don’t have many followers please update on social media.

Chandra 2 months ago
Internet crapped out on me right as I was getting to the end of Bird box on Netflix. 52302 Marion

Ellie 3 months ago
52040 - outage noted on the phone line but no other communication

Ellie 3 months ago
52040 down again.

Ellie 3 months ago
52040 still no wifi 24 hours later

Jay 3 months ago
52040 Ethernet is up but WiFi is down? Heard from ImOn support today that the outages are because of Comelec's poor infrastructure. I just wish ImOn was more transparent on these issues through their FB page or something. Comelec was always Very prompt in their acknowledgement of down issues.

Mediacom looking better and better 3 months ago
52001 down. Imon better up their game.

Ray 3 months ago
52001 down. Can't speak with anyone to find out. Imon..more like Imoff...amiright?

Ellie 3 months ago

Dfa 3 months ago
Internet down in Dubuque 52002 again

K 3 months ago
Dubuque 52002 internet down for an hour. Fiber line cut eta midnight for fix

Mic 3 months ago
SW Cedar Rapids, about 2 blocks from St. Judes ... internet has been down for an hour so far.

John 4 months ago
ImOn down in 52302 Marion for the last hour and 30 minutes.

Chris 4 months ago
Internet went down around 1:20-ish and still not back up. Called Imon and 2nd level support is looking into it. Modem still blinking. 52402 area

AW 4 months ago
Many outages off and on the past 2-3 weeks, some lasting for hours Cedar Rapids 52405

Amber 4 months ago
Internet went down


About ImOn Communications

ImOn Communications is a US-based communications firm that offers internet service solely within the state of Iowa. The cable internet available from ImOn Communications is offered to an estimated 92,000 people, which makes it the 54th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area, and the biggest in Iowa. In addition to cable broadband, they offer fiber internet service to approximately 15,000 customers.
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Reported outages on 26.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at ImOn Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Omaha
Reported outages on 23.09.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at ImOn Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City
Reported outages on 21.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at ImOn Communications. The most frequently affected cities were:

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