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Jessica Mullenix  Avatar

Jessica Mullenix 1 month ago
52404 SW CR. Going on day 3 with no service. I understand it is a holiday but they don't open until the 27th.

Todd Tomash Avatar

Todd Tomash 1 month ago
52404, Cedar Rapids Internet has been down for 2 days now. Starting to become a recurring problem.

Mitch Avatar

Mitch 2 months ago
52245 Iowa City - Getting 0 mbps to 6 mbps if I'm lucky, on and off, long periods of barely functioning connection ... was told there was an outage, and that it was repaired ... still experiencing same issues.

James Avatar

James 2 months ago
52245 Iowa City same as others, paying for 1 Gbps but getting less than 10. Customer service wasting time instead of admitting problem with their network. I'm cancelling and switching to mediacom.

Matt Avatar

Matt 2 months ago
52245 - Iowa City Internet download speed drops to <2 Mbps off and on.

Bryce Rodgers Avatar

Bryce Rodgers 2 months ago
52245 Iowa City paying for 200 Mbps and dropping to between 0 & 10 Mbps dl and ~.1 Mbps upload... drop lasts for 5 seconds or up to 2 minutes, occurs every 5-10 minutes.Unacceptable.

Frank Avatar

Frank 2 months ago
52245, internet has been out for going on four days now. Not offered money or credit for the considerable fraction of the month that has been missed. Customer service is also completely dismissive.

Timbo Avatar

Timbo 3 months ago
52245 Iowa City

Aaron  Avatar

Aaron 4 months ago
Intermittent internet disconnections. Cedar Rapids, IA

Kyle  Avatar

Kyle 4 months ago
52240 Iowa city Iowa internet been out for 10hrs

Dinglebap Avatar

Dinglebap 9 months ago
They want to charge me 200 a month and can't even do their job right

Kimberly Avatar

Kimberly 10 months ago
52402 - Internet is out again 10:00am, went out last night for a few hours and the previous night for more than 6 hours. We'll see how long it stays away this time.

Faith Musel Avatar

Faith Musel 10 months ago
Internet has been down for 20 minutes. 52405.

Kathy Avatar

Kathy 10 months ago
52405 - 3 nights in a row with significant internet outage lasting for several hours.

Ruth McCormally Avatar

Ruth McCormally 11 months ago
No internet connection again today. Third time in six weeks. Modem is bad but they won't replace it.

Ruth McCormally Avatar

Ruth McCormally 1 year ago
No internet again, second time in a month. Last time had to wait 8 days for a technician. Unacceptable.

Cornell Veasey Avatar

Cornell Veasey 1 year ago
We loose internet every few days. Out again today.

Ruth McCormally Avatar

Ruth McCormally 1 year ago
No internet connection for 2 days now.

Mom Avatar

Mom 1 year ago
Out again.... we drop out everyday now. We can no longer upgrade our modem or router....done that yet again nothing we do keeps us connected.

Dylan Avatar

Dylan 1 year ago
Marion 52302 Internet dropped around 1PM. Three router reboots later nothing. A full week for technician help? Excessive.


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ImOn Communications is a US-based communications firm that offers internet service solely within the state of Iowa. The cable internet available from ImOn Communications is offered to an estimated 92,000 people, which makes it the 54th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area, and the biggest in Iowa. In addition to cable broadband, they offer fiber internet service to approximately 15,000 customers.

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There were a total of 2 outages at ImOn Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids