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Dalton 1 month ago
Atoka tn 38053- fuck Ritter. Always not working. Switching to starlink

M 1 month ago
38004-Ritter Internet has been down most of the day in Atoka. Very frustrating and no update on your website or Facebook by Ritter.

Janicia 2 months ago
38053, Millington TN Internet went out 7/14. Ritter tech said he came to my home 7/19 but no one was home. I wfh and was here ALL day. I was then promised that a tech would come today (7/20). It’s now 6:18p and I have been waiting 20 minutes for a representative to pick up the phone.

Jamie 2 months ago
38053 Millington. Thunderstorm just came through and is gone now and the internet is out. Not even visible damage with this one, just a lot of water and some wind. Been on hold for 31 mins to tech support to get an ETA and was just told I’m caller number 15 to get through to a person.

Gina 2 months ago
Internet goes out everyday. Has been out today for over 3 hours. Lepanto

Shane Bossert 2 months ago
Please let me know something

Shane Bossert 2 months ago
My cable has been out since about 6 o'clock in Trumann Ar. I have Internet but no cable on any of my TV's. I have unplugged and plugged back in multiple times Trumann zip code 72472

Jeff 2 months ago
Millington on navy base constantly dropping off line for minutes at a time. Has been like this since the storm several weeks ago. Ritter not committing to when their technician will get here to fix.

James 2 months ago
Millington (Rosemark) 38053 Internet is out now. 7.13.23 and we work from home. It has been going in and out a lot lately

Amy 2 months ago
Millington TN 38053 NO INTERNET SINCE YESTERDAY. Goes out DAILY!!!

Brandon 2 months ago
Millington 38053 no Internet for 18 days.

your name 2 months ago
38053 millington, tn - 3rd outage since saturday :) loving this as a person who's wfh

Barry 2 months ago
Jonesboro 72404 Internet is out, for over an hour

JHarden 2 months ago
No Service for Two Weeks with no communication from Ritter only vague updates on Facebook. The streets around us have service but not us! What’s going on? MLGW hired outside crews to get us back up and running and even sent us updates daily; we were without power for a week but atleast they communicated with us. I know we are spoiled but a lot of us either work from home or have a household that runs on the internet (like some can’t stream anything and have no other form of entertainment, that makes for a long night for night owls) I am curious to see how the bills are going to play out because I know I for one will dispute paying for services I do not have. It’s going on three weeks now. 6-25-23 services went out due to the storm and today is 7-9-23 Independence Rd between Ward Rd and Garnett Rd

Your name 2 months ago
Still out since the storm like 2(?) Weeks ago 38053. Millington.

cammy 2 months ago
38053 millington, tn - outage since like 7:30 ???? fun saturday night

Mike 2 months ago
38053 internet is still down Bethuel/Navy rd.

Jess 2 months ago
38053 millington down navy is down in neighborhoods! Just happened about 15mins ago hopefully gets going soon!!

Brandon 2 months ago
38053 Millington still no Internet after 13 days and Ritter won't answer the phone or call you back. I will be swapping to premier fiber.

natalie 2 months ago
no internet since yesterday, no ETA, nothing.


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Ritter Communications is a US telecommunications firm that offers internet access solely in Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. They offer their fiber-optic internet to an estimated 41,000 people. Also, aside from fiber broadband, Ritter also offers cable and DSL internet service. Its cable service is available to over 119,000 people, making it the 47th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. And its DSL service is available to 84,000 customers.
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Reported outages on 27.09.2023:
There were a total of 12 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Memphis, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Benton
Reported outages on 23.09.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 21.09.2023:
There were a total of 5 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Memphis, Danville

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