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Lance Schroeder 16 hours ago
55732 Embarrass, If we can all agree that the Internet has been going down since around somewhere in May of 2023, I believe that It Could Be our routers. Our routers that where provided through lake connections, After being merged into Zito may not be supported anymore and it is pretty aggravating we do not get a status update or different hardware for our older company merging, Our current router is a 844-G1 calix router, Old to say the least and needs to be changed just for stability up to date Internet etc. I will update on this if I do find anything out changing up routers. Sorry to everyone that is having outages. Last thing I can provide is when the internet goes down, you lose the IPV4 and it says connecting in the router interface.

Amy Pate 6 days ago
Zito Media is the worst service I have ever had in all of the many places I have lived. I moved here 2 1/2 months ago and the internet has been out every day at least once, usually more. When you call, they give you the coined "there's an outage in your area and our technicians are working on it". So, there's an outage in my area every day, usually multiple times. I'm trying to run a business from home and this just isn't working. They always thank me for my loyalty as part of their spiel and I tell them every time, there's no loyalty when there are no other options for internet. When is someone going to come up with a solution to the big corporate monoply on internet services? Most of the time you get someone in India and it's even worse because they are also just reading from a script and don't have a clue what's really going on.

Michelle 1 week ago
ZITO used to be amazing. They used to have the best customer service. Now the service goes down daily, either all the way out or constant buffering. When you call, it is always the same story, no ETA, and they are rude. Plus they outsourced their CS to India. So half the time I can't understand them and they are reading from a script. A bad script at that. ZITO needs to fix this obvious problem and supply decent CS. Bryson City 28713

Brian 2 weeks ago
The 6th was a nice sunny day wasn't very hot low 80s. But despite that the Internet went down and STILL hasn't come back on.

OnnaB 2 weeks ago
28789 Whittier is out

JWC 2 weeks ago
28785 Waynesville Out again. Weather is fine. No accountability with this company. Like an absentee landlord.

Jay 2 weeks ago
Internet is out. Waynesville, NC 28785

Josh 3 weeks ago
I live in East Texas and have problems on a weekly basis. I have the 1G package and have never come near that. Now I understand that to get the full gig I have to have fiber optic cable in my house which i don't but I should still be around 500-700. Now thanks to our wonderful regulations zito only has to provide you with 60% of what we are paying for which means however much is coming into ur house then gets divided up to all the gadgets. I also was given the wrong modem by zito for the 1G package for 7 months before it was noticed along with changing cables and fittings. As I am sitting here typing this right now I am at 14mbps out of 1G. I am all ears if somebody has a solution for this whether it be legal or another provider.

Chris 3 weeks ago
Internet service is currently out. The Zito Togo app near constantly buffers & is unwatchable. The tried to charge me for asking a question regarding the outage duration. This service is unacceptable!

Chuck 3 weeks ago
<[email protected]>: 550: User [[email protected]] does not exist THIS EMAIL ADDRESS WAS LISTED IN ZITO's promotional material! ---------- Forwarded message ---------- To whom it may concern: Since May 2023, when I was told by ZITO that it was necessary to buy ROKU devices to continue my television services and 2 techs arrived to install them... and my modem was upgraded (though now I see that was a waste, because according to your own marketing materials, I must have fiber optic for this to actually work), I have had NO RELIABILITY at all with my internet connection. I have called endlessly now for FOUR MONTHS. After 5 no-show appointments, a ZITO tech rep (JR) finally (on August 10th) checked my connections and suggested my modem was fine; however, the interruptions continue (typically from 2 to 10 times daily). (It would seem that the only timely department at ZITO is the billing department. Regardless of the lack of service, charges continue and are right on time.) Now, Starlink is available in our area, and neighbors are finding it reliable. I loved my Mountain Cable service, but I find that ZITO, constantly apologetic, cannot seem to resolve this issue, which is obviously the lack of reliability of the power source or the condition of the "outside" cable that is supplying my residence. I love the speed, but it only makes a difference IF the system is operating. My phone calls are constantly interrupted (a service I moved from ATT to ZITO) without warning, and I simply can never count on the service. It drops and reconnects constantly, typically between 10am and 2pm, but not always restricted to those hours. Rarely does it drop in the night (only once), and rarely does it drop on SUNDAYS, but it has a few times. Please just be honest with me. I know some of your tech people in PA by name and voice, because I've been standing on my deck with my cell phone, hoping to keep a bar active long enough to report my outages to them, for FOUR MONTHS. Please refer to my sizeable record of calls. Two supervisors in the past 2 months have promised this would be fixed. It remains totally unreliable. My longest run without interruption was for 6 days near the end of August. This past start to the Labor Day weekend (FRI, SAT, SUN), it has dropped and reconnected at least 7 times. I am TRYING TO HELP, but I can't do this without ZITO's determination to fix the issue. By the way, it has nothing to do with the Waynesville outages sometimes reported by ZITO. My services are often down when Waynesville is operating, and mine can be operating fine, even when the Waynesville network is reportedly down. I would prefer to stay with ZITO, IF the service can be proved reliable. Otherwise, I'll have to switch carriers. Thank you. Sincerely, Chuck (I have to wonder if a class action lawsuit isn't the only path forward for many who put trust in ZITO MEDIA. This email was rejected and did NOT reach ZITO MEDIA. It is impossible to reach anyone with the real authority to do anything about service issues.)

Rose 3 weeks ago
17771 Trout Run PA I'm down again for internet. They know there's no options for people who live in the rural areas. They've got us by the short hairs. I signed up for the Affordable Connectivity Program in January. They said I qualified because 2 of us are living on one person's Social Security. I got the 30.00 off on February, March, no discount for April, May, June. I got shut off even though I was paying what they told me to pay in the ACP email. The man in the India call center tells me that if you're getting a bundle package discount, that is reversed and the ACP discount is put on. So they're charging you more to get the govt discount. I told him I have an email that says what I'm paying is correct. I wrote a 3 page letter to their Coudersport PA office with all my statements and backup. I know it got to their PO box because I paid for tracking. They owe me 90.00 in ACP discounts, yet they want me to pay what they say I owe with no discussion. They're taking govt funding and not giving the discounts to people. I'm sending my documentation to my Congressman. I'm fed up with their attitude and non- service. We have nothing here but Zito or Viasat and that's $200 a month. A class action lawsuit sounds good to me!

Amamilinda 4 weeks ago
My service has been down since Sunday. Just called them and they still have no ETA. 75801

Luke 4 weeks ago
28716, Canton NC. The most corrupt criminal enterprise since the Ponzie Scheme. Here ye' current and past Zito Media customers. If you have been done wrong by this particular company, then please take the time to go look on Facebook starting the beginning of September when hopefully I will have internet service back up so I can take the time to orchestrate a Facebook group that will be solely dedicated to filing a class action lawsuit against Zito Media. It is not legal in the United State of America to accept payment and moreover, require payment from folks that have no other choice but to prescribe to this criminal company that provides their internet service that we pay for every single month....LESS THAN THE AMOUNT OF TIME that they do provide the service. They know that folks are bound to stick with their unlawful BS because they are in many instances, the only option for people to have any type of internet service. That is actually called a Monopoly which is also illegal. When you get in touch with them to alert them of the outage over and over and over again....they never do anything for several days and are rude, ugly and plain unprofessional to say the least. So, find us on Facebook where we should be organized under the company name and the keywords Class Action Lawsuit. We will take these clowns down and make them pay for their wrongdoings through the US legal system. God Bless. Luke

Jim 4 weeks ago
Joshua, Tx 76058 Internet service down 2 days now. Called in a report. "They're working on it" was what I was told.

Liz 1 month ago
Susanville CA 96130 has been dropping out constantly for the last week. It drops out and comes back, or just drops out and stays down for 3-4 hours. Today it went down at 9am, and was still down when I left for work at 4pm. No idea if it's back up or not.

Tracy 1 month ago
I live in Cruso. We’ve had no internet for 3days no. Getting tired of paying for a service that I don’t get. I’m hoping another internet company has moved in this are or will soon because unfortunately where I am zito is the only I know of. Someone else comes along I’m gone. Buh bye zito. 28716/cruso

DG 1 month ago

Luke 1 month ago
28717 Cruso/Canton NC....Zito (the worst, most criminal company ive ever had business with) yet out for NO REASON WHATSOEVER for 3 days now! Wife and I work from home and have to have internet. It's down as much as it's up. Pathetic. I'm really on the fence but am close to filling a law suite against this company that accepts payment for services that aren't even provided half the time or more! This isn't lawful. It's illegal actually. If this continues then Zito may very well have a class action lawsuit on their hands. There are more than enough of "us" out here complaining about this crap that a class action suit would hit hard on these clowns. Think of the people who work from home and lose their jobs because of this madness. It's not just here and there. This happens at least once a week and isn't due to storms or flooding or earthquakes, tornados or anything...just goes down and then stays down most of the time for days on end. If you read this and are considering Zito Media.......RUN THE OTHER WAY! Go look at TMobile or Elons company maybe called starlink!? We are absolutely in the process of finding something else, because Zito Media is a JOKE!!!

CV 1 month ago
Internet down for two days in Huntsburg, Ohio. Ant ETA of when service will be restored?

James 1 month ago
Internet out 2 days in a row at 10:18 ish yesterday took several hours to come back on, today down the same time so I reached out through message after waiting 30min on phone. They said there is an outage in Janesville 96114 and they are there working on it . I asked was there one yesterday, the reply was no but there is today because it’s scheduled maintenance on the lines. Shouldn’t they have said the first time?


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Zito Media is an American company that offers its clients internet service across 16 states with their greatest coverage in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri. The cable internet service offered from Zito Media is made available to around 234,000 people, making it the 37th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside cable broadband, Zito Media also offers a fiber internet service to its customers, approximately 25,000 people.
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Reported outages on 27.09.2023:
There were a total of 11 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Wilmington, Knoxville, Shippensburg, Weirton
Reported outages on 26.09.2023:
There were a total of 10 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Clarksburg, White House, Burnsville, Los Angeles, Woodbury
Reported outages on 25.09.2023:
There were a total of 8 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Liberal, Lebanon, Buffalo, Macon
Reported outages on 24.09.2023:
There were a total of 13 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Liberal, Buffalo, Charlotte, Manteca, Mifflintown
Reported outages on 23.09.2023:
There were a total of 9 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Littleton, Kansas City, Phoenix, DuBois, Minneapolis
Reported outages on 22.09.2023:
There were a total of 6 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Burnsville, Liberal
Reported outages on 21.09.2023:
There were a total of 7 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, Santa Barbara, Mifflintown, Burnsville, Clarksburg

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