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Website 1%
Phone 1%
Blackout 1%

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Zito Media is an American company that offers its clients internet service across 16 states with their greatest coverage in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri. The cable internet service offered from Zito Media is made available to around 234,000 people, making it the 37th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside cable broadband, Zito Media also offers a fiber internet service to its customers, approximately 25,000 people.

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Twitter NyakigoriK

@NyakigoriK @KabugiProf @kigogo2014 @zito @uchumi Stupid man believe to write in English you become educated Man as you 😏😏

29.03.2020 09:41:27
Twitter P_Zito

@P_Zito RT @Themlotsdad: This is how 10’s used to play now we celebrate guys for working hard and arriving late in the box :(

23.03.2020 15:42:15
Twitter kidcudi182

@kidcudi182 @PatMcAfeeShow I bet 20 bucks via Venmo that @zito can hold his breath longer than you

22.03.2020 03:26:32
Twitter murrman04

@murrman04 @PatMcAfeeShow That was absolutely amazing!!! I can’t wait to hear about the regrets with this decision!! As always…

18.03.2020 23:22:20
Twitter passevertical

@passevertical @_Helner i honestly cant wait tbh, a fit Dala, Zito down the right and hopefully a midfield trio of Herenilson/Show…

16.03.2020 01:24:15
Twitter CocoaMaltani

@CocoaMaltani @goldentouch247 @LOLKNBR From what I heard about that series: - Mad Bum's first career homer. :) - Matt Cain's perf…

15.03.2020 19:51:04
Twitter AnnCope16

@AnnCope16 @cageybaby @Blazn34 I got a gentleman called @Zito . 👋👋

15.03.2020 00:01:16
Twitter chaosnekoora

@chaosnekoora @zito if you need a chuckle i have a idea to offer. would you be willing to dm me some time? i would only take a moment of your time.

13.03.2020 06:50:59
Twitter Mrnic5guy

@Mrnic5guy @Zito_Media what’s with northern Nevada Winnemucca to Reno Zito outage over a week

12.03.2020 09:56:04
Twitter FakeDaveHageman

@FakeDaveHageman Another for your philosophies of nutmegs, @zito?

01.03.2020 21:46:04
Twitter BriannaNHolt

@BriannaNHolt @addictnpure @zito I 100% tagged the wrong person @_Zeets

28.02.2020 16:05:50
Twitter BriannaNHolt

@BriannaNHolt @addictnpure @zito and I any time we talk

28.02.2020 16:04:06
Twitter Shadeas24

@Shadeas24 @MontyGlu @zito Oh my Ourun you are a life saver! Thank you!

23.02.2020 04:26:47
Twitter MontyGlu

@MontyGlu @Shadeas24 @zito Don't get the dungeon master's guide first. You want the Player's Handbook, and the Monster Manual…

23.02.2020 04:26:03
Twitter Shadeas24

@Shadeas24 @MontyGlu @zito Thank you Monty! I really appreciate it! I’m in the process of getting a DM dice set (which I know…

23.02.2020 04:23:04
Twitter MontyGlu

@MontyGlu @Shadeas24 @zito I recommend the Essentials Kit recently released by Wizards of the Coast though I would weaken a f…

23.02.2020 04:18:46
Twitter Shadeas24

@Shadeas24 @zito and @MontyGlu I was asked to DM my first ever full campaign and I’m thinking of doing a module to get my feet…

23.02.2020 02:04:21
Twitter Farinho_10

@Farinho_10 @zito "Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power"

13.02.2020 16:17:39
Twitter TheGhAssassin

@TheGhAssassin @iamselassy @jerryaddor @jayElikem @JuliusOkpei @zito and @herbsmanKatsa You guys see the punch ?

07.02.2020 12:10:47
Twitter alvaro_moser

@alvaro_moser @dominique_zito i wish :(

06.02.2020 16:37:06
Twitter K_Rogerthaat

@K_Rogerthaat @coachblake_zito @DSHS_GirlsBBall They’re so big now :(

29.01.2020 17:31:21
Twitter Moore_bowling

@Moore_bowling @zito is pat going to talk about the jeopardy match on the show?

08.01.2020 15:16:14
Twitter BaerDanny

@BaerDanny @PatMcAfeeShow @CashApp #CashAppChristmas @capesplit2 69 @Zito is the glue that holds the show together $capesplit2

25.12.2019 04:06:44
Twitter thenebraskakid

@thenebraskakid @Zito Media, please bring @ShalomWorldTV to Zito Media. #getShalomWorldTV

23.12.2019 05:30:38
Twitter jedimaster_jen

@jedimaster_jen i wish poe and zito could have met :(

21.12.2019 00:33:27
Twitter rxseee

@rxseee His name is Zito and he’s a sweetheart :( he also got out with my uncles dog which is a Boxer with red eyes

16.12.2019 02:10:56
Twitter dr_wyz

@dr_wyz @TheTalkativeGh @zito_king @zito It’s been a minute. Low key major key

12.12.2019 12:26:28
Twitter TheTalkativeGh

@TheTalkativeGh @dr_wyz @zito_king @zito Hope you doing good brother it’s been long

12.12.2019 11:45:38
Twitter dr_wyz

@dr_wyz @TheTalkativeGh @zito_king @zito Yes can I help you Chepe?

12.12.2019 11:18:15
Twitter TheTalkativeGh

@TheTalkativeGh @zito_king Haa @dr_wyz is not here yet ? Why he Dey bed or something this one der @zito take the lead

12.12.2019 08:16:20