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Saint Marys, Akron

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Landon Pele Avatar

Landon Pele 13 hours ago
Pine Mountain Club, California hasn't had internet for a month and it's starting to become a nuisance since I can't do any work.

Saprina harter Avatar

Saprina harter 1 week ago
Bellefonte 16823 I have not had cable for 2 days. I called and spoke with a gentleman who walked me through how to "reset" and "reprogram" my tv...unsuccessful. He then put me on hold to schedule a tech visit to my home...nearly two weeks from my call date. So, I'm supposed to continue paying for cable service for two weeks...that I don't have. Not to mention that I have a job that is NOT remote but I have to take off work to be here when the tech is here...but the dates available, surprise...I'm out of town, so what good does any of this do me? I need my cable fixed now. My husband works long hours and likes to relax and watch TV in the evening, but no TV. And no near solution. Zito media is awful. If I had internet in my area, I would certainly be subscribing to a streaming service. Completely unhelpful. My biggest bitch...customer service suggested I needed a new TV. Sorry, it's your service...NOT my TV, as all of my TVs aren't working...not just this one...and my mother in laws TV is not working either and she has Zito as well. GET YOU SERVICE FIXED and quit being so unreliable.

Michael Avatar

Michael 1 month ago
I had dsl in texas pushing 300mps to 500mps moved to hickman ky 42050 on a good day of cable internet maybe 120mps and on alot of days like today .5mps download and .22mps upload speed called and like every time 24 to 48 before they will know anything and companies wonder why people leave them and they end up filing bankruptcy after years of neglect to their customers

Robert Jr Jackson Avatar

Robert Jr Jackson 1 month ago
Internet been out since Thursday February 2 2023 lines down from freeze ,and no time table for repair , so I ask zero rep for how my credit gone be handle due to no service ,O well t as ok about that when line repaired, Maybe not do to I may change providers,along with others in my area waiting on repairs

Hank Avatar

Hank 1 month ago
Zito recently bought our local internet provider - Country Cable. All worked well for 2 years with Country. After Zito took over I have random internet drops, usually not for long, but enough to drop programs that rely on a steady internet connection. Modem lights remain green, so it is only losing internet connection. So many calls to "Tech Support," with two visits from technicians to no avail. Zito is encased in multiple layers of frustration designed to wear you down. No way to contact English speakers or customer support. Changed to Zito modem - no change. One answer was to increase speed... Spend more money for substandard service. I am at wits end!

Cindy Avatar

Cindy 1 month ago
Maby you need to update your equipment. And maybe get another and stronger satellite antennas .This is happening way to much. This is getting reduced naw how many times you been going down ???? maby need an reboot the hole system. Susanville California 96130. I know that you are doing your best. Just an Ida.

Cammy Avatar

Cammy 2 months ago
We are having the same problem with the Internet. In and out for the last three weeks! They need to find the problem and fix it! Now!!!!!!

Rose Avatar

Rose 2 months ago
Intermittent outages in Trout Run PA 17771 for days now. Tonight is been down 40 mins. Up for 30, down again for 25 mins and counting. This is literally your only job. Can you please get it together???

Patrick Gardner Avatar

Patrick Gardner 2 months ago
Internet has only worked is short burst for the better part of 3 days now. This happens with extreme frequency.

Kim Williams Avatar

Kim Williams 2 months ago
01/22/23 10:45pm no wifi equals no tv. As I am handicapped and do not leave my home, I need this. Zito says gonna send someone - ON 01/25/23!!!

Ellie Avatar

Ellie 2 months ago
No wifi reception therefore no tv viewing. Outages every week. Poor response from help individuals.

Ryan Avatar

Ryan 2 months ago
No tv channels what the hell

Eric  Avatar

Eric 2 months ago
Iron duff 28785 no Internet for 4 days and counting

Bryan Avatar

Bryan 2 months ago
Out of everything spruce pine nc 28777

Julia Avatar

Julia 2 months ago
No internet connection for over 6 hours. 83648 mountain home AFB

John Avatar

John 2 months ago
Since internet been out for 2 days, do you think they gonna reimburse your bill or adjust your bill....ha yea hold your breath and find out

Taylor W Avatar

Taylor W 2 months ago
Zito internet has been out since noon yesterday (central time) in southern Illinois. So it's now been out for over 24 hours. They couldn't do anything for me on the phone except put it in a work order, don't know when they'll be here either. Thank God we're getting a new provider next week!

k. marks Avatar

k. marks 2 months ago
Internet has been out since yesterday afternoon. No notification at all and can't get thru to support line - Milledgeville, GA 31061

Matt Brown Avatar

Matt Brown 2 months ago
Milledgeville, GA 31061 is out. Prorated month is in order.

Miki  Avatar

Miki 2 months ago
Same here about 4pm at Lake Sinclair off Twin Bridges Rd, Putnam Co GA 31024


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Zito Media is an American company that offers its clients internet service across 16 states with their greatest coverage in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri. The cable internet service offered from Zito Media is made available to around 234,000 people, making it the 37th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside cable broadband, Zito Media also offers a fiber internet service to its customers, approximately 25,000 people.

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Reported outages on 25.03.2023:
There were a total of 15 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Saint Marys, Elverson, Murfreesboro, Rochester, New York
Reported outages on 24.03.2023:
There were a total of 48 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Indiana, Lebanon, Vandergrift, Port Washington, Redwood City
Reported outages on 23.03.2023:
There were a total of 4 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Macon, Knoxville, Cleveland, Dallas
Reported outages on 22.03.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Philadelphia, Trout Run, Cleveland
Reported outages on 21.03.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas
Reported outages on 20.03.2023:
There were a total of 11 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Sacramento, Dallas, Ashburn, Thousand Oaks, Knoxville
Reported outages on 19.03.2023:
There were a total of 8 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Atlanta, Homer City, Longview