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Dale Simmons Avatar

Dale Simmons
Zito was down 17 times yesterday and as of 18:14, 9 times today. Has been bad since we got here in late July. I don't know how businesses keep up with this kind of internet 28713 Bryson City, NC

1 day ago
Mary Avatar

Port Trevorton 17864 Zitto...basically a worthless internet company. We had nittany media installed in April 2020. It was issues & my husband was able to successfully work from home. Then Zitto purchased the lines & the business. Honestly had no issues till about 2 months ago. We can not get a single 24 hour period without loosing signal. Some periods it has been out for days at a time. I have logged countless hours on the phone on hold and talked to so many people who give you a different story every single time. I am not sure how a company like this can even be charging for this service they can not provide. We have no other option where we live because they own the rights to the lines. Just beyond frustrating.

2 days ago
Curt B Avatar

Curt B
17864 Port Trevorton PA so I get Zito internet a week ago and it was fine the first 2 days now it’s out for over a day occasionally it will work for a few minutes then nothing. So frustrating is there a way to get refunded for days that it doesn’t work? I do not feel like paying for crap service like this, and trying to talk to someone is almost impossible, not very happy

2 days ago
Blair Wentz Avatar

Blair Wentz
I've had Zito for about a year now. I came from Verizon that only offered DSL. So this was obviously the better choice. Ever since I've had them my internet has continuously, and repeatedly had issues. Constantly losing internet. Sometimes 2 weeks would go by, and it would be okay. Sometimes I'd lose internet for 2 days. Sometimes I would have internet for an hour, and then I'd lose it for 10 minutes, and get it back only to repeat itself like this for a week. Everytime I call it's the same thing. "We don't have enough technicians, and we are upgrading, and repairing things at the same time. Please be patient" Then they continuously charge you full price for this. Ever since we had that hurricane come up the states our interenet has been going in and out for over a week. 17864, Port Trevorton, PA

3 days ago
Leonid Likhatchev Avatar

Leonid Likhatchev
Dubois pa, 15801 Lost internet connection around 6pm today (3 hours ago). Can't contact Zito support.

4 days ago
Wendi Avatar

Day 6 and no internet in N. Minn. Zito says it is an "outage" due to a failed upgrade and have no estimate as to when it will be fixed. Their customer service is of no help. Some say we need Zito to go but that isn't available in our area. Internet service has slowed down also. No excuse in this day and age of technology that any tech company should have an outage this large and this long. It is affecting hundreds of people; old, young, businesses, etc. Totally unacceptable. Their management should be fined and forfeit their pay to compensate their soon to be ex-customers for the inconvenience. Maybe we need to go to the national and/or local news with this issue. Maybe that would get their attention.

1 week ago
Pam Avatar

Day 6 with no Television reception!!!!! What with this company ??? And no customer. Service without being on hold for an hour!! Two Harbors MN 55616

1 week ago
Teri Ersbo Avatar

Teri Ersbo
No TV and now Phone for 4 days! What is going on? Makinen 55768

1 week ago
L Avatar

Still no service X 2 weeks. MN 55706

1 week ago
Sarah Maddy Avatar

Sarah Maddy
55616 - TV service still out in Two Harbors 3:45 pm Monday. Zito recording says they're working on it. Get a move on, people.

1 week ago
Ken Larson  Avatar

Ken Larson
Ziti media cable has been out since Friday and they are not doing anything to fix the cable but stating that the entire state of Minnesota is effected . Customers have to call 800-365-6988 and complain and also ask for a adjusted billing . That will take some time as Zito does not answer the calls . Please try to call Zito . They should be call Zippo because that is what we are getting

1 week ago
Geary Shaw Avatar

Geary Shaw
Our television has been not working for over 48 hours now, here in Embarrass, MN ... the same as a friend of ours from the same area. No one answers the phone at Zito on weekends??

1 week ago
Nancy Avatar

We pay good money for crappy service. Rime to look for another provider

1 week ago
Larry  Avatar

No TV or internet for 12 days!!! 55706 Babbitt,MN

1 week ago
Mary Avatar

Silver Bay MN 55614 - where is our television?????? Time to sign up for YouTube TV.

1 week ago
Scott Popelka  Avatar

Scott Popelka
No TV for over 24 hrs. Pay a lot for shitty service. Aurora MN 55705

1 week ago
Don Klick Avatar

Don Klick
No TV for 24 hrs 55731 Ely

1 week ago
Timothy A Manbeck Avatar

Timothy A Manbeck
Paying for 1000 down. Averaging 30-40 down. Trying to watch a movie, keeps stopping. Says I have less than 1mb down. CenturyLink is shit, so is Zito, now what?

1 week ago
Ian Bachleda Avatar

Ian Bachleda
Mountain Home ID 83647 Been off, on, and shitty for the past few days

1 week ago
Mike Avatar

Mtn home ID. 83647 I've been a long time customer of zito media. The service they provide has been getting worse, numerous calls have not fixed issues, seems like they don't care about customers problems / service. They cannot figure out why service drops off constantly throughout the day. Not for parents who have children doing online schooling due to this pandemic. My advise is to find a more reliable service; which I'm currently searching for.

2 weeks ago


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Zito Media is an American company that offers its clients internet service across 16 states with their greatest coverage in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri. The cable internet service offered from Zito Media is made available to around 234,000 people, making it the 37th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside cable broadband, Zito Media also offers a fiber internet service to its customers, approximately 25,000 people.

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Reported outages on 22.09.2021:
There were a total of 13 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Staten Island, New York, Alexandria, Chicago
Reported outages on 21.09.2021:
There were a total of 14 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, New York, Atlanta, Staten Island, North Bergen
Reported outages on 20.09.2021:
There were a total of 8 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, New York, San Jose, North Bergen, Chicago
Reported outages on 19.09.2021:
There were a total of 21 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Ashburn, San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas
Reported outages on 18.09.2021:
There were a total of 6 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Staten Island, Dallas, Ashburn
Reported outages on 17.09.2021:
There were a total of 10 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Los Angeles, North Bergen
Reported outages on 16.09.2021:
There were a total of 11 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta, San Jose, Los Angeles, Ashburn