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Erica 6 months ago
Mountain Home 83647 down for over 24 hours now

Karen Banks 6 months ago
It's been out off and on for 2 weeks. However today 11/27/ 23 it's been out all day. I've been calling but have no results. My zip is 15840

MELODY 6 months ago
out in Longview tx 75603

Jessica 6 months ago
Was down several hours yesterday Woke up to no internet today again and still not working. 16915 zip code

Ashley 6 months ago
Been down for 10hrs now. Grand rivers kentucky area.

Jimmy 6 months ago
Been down for 3 days 37869

Joshua Moraga 6 months ago
Calipatria, CA 92233 Had been down all day! Please fix. Thank you.

Jay 6 months ago
28785, Waynesville. Down for the second time today.

Steve 6 months ago
Bakersville NC 28705 Zito is absolutely the worst internet company in the US imo. I work from home for a Tech company supporting the largest companies in the world and I’m continually being interrupted during high level meetings. Since our cable company was bought out by Zito standards have continually declined. Hurry Spectrum!!

Kev 7 months ago
Mountain Home, ID 83647. Why are we one of the most common cities to have such consistent internet problems, Zito you should know better. Internet was out for two days now and I call multiple times to get told there's maintenance ongoing but there isnt a message out of our internet being out or worked on. Seems more like if there aren't enough people complaining you won't fix something that's broken. Fix your crap for what we have to suffer with paying your crazy expensive plans!

Marion 7 months ago
Yup, since yesterday 11/3/23 6:30 pm still no service and can’t seem to get an answer why it’s down, will expect to see on next bill a credit for more than 24 hours with no service. 96130

Ken 7 months ago
96130 Susanville, Congratulations Zito you made it to 24 hours with no internet are you going for 48? And are we going to get a credit on our bills?

Rhodes 7 months ago
No internet since 7pm yesterday, susanville 96130

Bill 7 months ago
Bruh I went to bed at 6am after hearing it was only gonna be 8 hours… I only got one month to play OG Fortnite come on Bruhve… susanville 96130

Scout 7 months ago
Still out in Susanville CA 96130 it's been almost a day now come on I just wanna play og fornite

Chancd 7 months ago
I am use to internet being out weekly at this point for 2-5h at a time. But this takes the cake. 17h and counting. Susanville ca 96130. Shame there isn't better options. Other than Star-link.

Johan 7 months ago
Down in Susanville 96127 since 6:40 PM last night.

Jeremy 7 months ago
Susanville , CA 96130 still down over 16 hours now…

Rob 7 months ago
96130....still. Cmon, guys, getting a bit ridiculous at this point

Thomas 7 months ago
96130... Do we get credit for all this loss of time? Because my bill keeps going up, and my service is getting worse.


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Zito Media is an American company that offers its clients internet service across 16 states with their greatest coverage in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri. The cable internet service offered from Zito Media is made available to around 234,000 people, making it the 37th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside cable broadband, Zito Media also offers a fiber internet service to its customers, approximately 25,000 people.
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There were a total of 2 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: San Francisco
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There were a total of 1 outages at Zito Media. The most frequently affected cities were: Birmingham

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