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Lynette 2 months ago
Day 2 with no internet service. Can see the Koscuisko Tower from my house. 78160

Maddie 2 months ago

Maddie 4 months ago
78101 - Adkins. Been out since 5 PM Jan 26

A Lyon 4 months ago
78114 Floresville. The Internet has been down since 9:30pm 1-4-24

P Radke 5 months ago
Floresville 78124 No Internet connection since this morning. Have reset, unplugged and plugged back in several times. Still no connection. Be nice for an update notice

Rob 5 months ago
78114 floresville Ken's 5 repeater Went out bout 1430 Called on hold over 1/2 hour first call Over 45minutes second call .... they need more phone help granted it is Saturday last time (see below) was out about a week due to wind blowing new style modem reciever that attaches to pole off center (imo) being off center wind would push unevenly on dish thus turning it counterclockwise over time .... it did slow down b4 going out completely there are 4-5 joints that (unless tightened very tight) that could turn in the wind .....

Devin Blake 6 months ago
Its been down ever since 10pm floresville tx 78114 is there a staus update of when it will be back on?? Thanks

Devin Blake 6 months ago
Its been down ever since 10pm floresville tx 78114 is there a staus update of when it will be back on?? Thanks

William 8 months ago
78101 - Adkins. Been down for three days. Apparently their techs only work 9-5.

Jay bayyat 9 months ago
78223 San Antonio TX off hwy 181 internet has not been working for over 2 weeks. Absolutely rediculous

Rob 10 months ago
Ken's 5 out again went out bout 2300 last nite & still out serves n. Wilson County 181 .... 78114/2

Nathan Perry 11 months ago
We have been trying to contact you but your customer service sucks. No return calls and no return email. Service sucks over the last few weeks and y'all are doing nothing about it.

Steve Galindo 11 months ago
78223 san antonio I live outside wilson county ksat 12 tower Had an upgrade was told it would work great. Now it is out. It has been spotty and this weekend it went out. It used to work fine until it changed.

Rob 1 year ago
Well came on for lil while maybe 3 hours at most then went out again 1315 or so but this is first time it's been out for more than a couple hours in six years do that's not to bad for line of site over air internet service ... on Ken's 5 repeater many like to complain bout ziplink but for the price they are doing a pretty good job imo ... next provider I could find is almost twice the cost of ziplink...

ROB 1 year ago
Ken's 5 tower Creekwood area Service went out at about 2030 the 13th & is still out at 1155 on 14th

kadr 1 year ago
internet was down earlier yesterday through around 8:30pm last night (5/13). Was back up til around 8:30 this morning, until it shut off randomly... again. This has been happening the past couple of weeks, not sure how they havent fixed, or identified the issues lol.

Fred Aniol 1 year ago
78263-San Antonio--internet been down since Friday (3/31) and no problem billing my credit card April 1st. It is now Sunday evening and still down. Ziplink does not care about the customer they already billed for the month of April.

Maddie 1 year ago
78101 internet has been down since yesterday evening. Restarted/unplugged/restarted again 100 times and nothing. Not surprising with ZipLink, & of course they never let us know of outages. Waiting for the day another provider comes to my area so i can switch immediately.

Jodi 1 year ago
This is the third weekend in a row that internet has gone down, and then it doesn't work again until Monday. Maybe with all the growth in the area you need to add additional bandwidth that can handle all your new customers! 78223

NightOwl 1 year ago
78114 CR 101 & 97 There is a constant issue with Ziplink. It is ridiculous the amount of times I have no internet. This is the worst provider I have ever had to deal with. Get your shhht together Ziplink. All your customers pay you to receive absolutely nothing. In my book that is called theft and a scam. We pay more than enough to keep our service working.


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ZipLink Internet is the renowned high-speed internet service provider mainly for Wilson County, North Central San Antonio and other areas. One can opt for their flexible data service plans and check the available coverage via the tool. To test the signal availability one can send over a request by filling in the form.
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