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Angela S Avatar

Angela S 1 week ago
No internet since Fri

Sylvia Huizar Avatar

Sylvia Huizar 1 week ago
No internet/ since yesterday

Rebecca Diaz  Avatar

Rebecca Diaz 2 weeks ago
My internet has not been working sense early morning. I have already tried turning router off and restarting it but no luck. I’m in Stockdale 78160

Kathryn Moore  Avatar

Kathryn Moore 2 weeks ago
78112 Elmendorf tx We have not had internet since 5:00am this morning.Turned off waited about 15 minutes twice no luck.

Trizi Avatar

Trizi 2 months ago
78109 - NO internet yet again. Constantly disconnecting, won't return emails or calls, keeps marking the service tickets as CLOSED and now I call the number and it says temporarily disconnected.

Suzan Avatar

Suzan 3 months ago
Ziplink is down again. It is a constant issue. Not sure how they can legally take your money with such bad service.

Gay heimann  Avatar

Gay heimann 3 months ago
No internet again, I am so tired of this non service, going to look for another provider.

AS Avatar

AS 4 months ago
Wifi has been going in & out since Nov 4. No idea if there’s an issue or not. Floresville 78114

Debbie Shaw  Avatar

Debbie Shaw 4 months ago
My service is always out and when it works it's not the speeds I pay for. But I have no other choice for internet! The very least you could do is answer your phone ziplink!!!!!

Mindy Hearn Avatar

Mindy Hearn 5 months ago
Pleasanton 78064 No internet for a week! I have called customer service 12 times, no ans , no call back. I called the company that owns Ziplink- CellTX LLC- their "Project Manager" Greg Huber at 210-219-5529 and left two messages, he won't acknowledge any calls either. How can they charge people for service they don't deliver- this isn't right.

Mrs. Apple  Avatar

Mrs. Apple 5 months ago
78114 outage since around 8pm.

Jenyy Avatar

Jenyy 5 months ago
78064 They are the worse! They are the only internet company in my area and they now it. They do not care if you pay for a certain amount of speed and we have nothing but issues. It is very rare that we ever get the correct speed. Right now I am at 4 down and .77 up. They do not care if you are having issues. They do not answer the phone or ever call you back. As soon as there is something else I am willing to pay to switch.

Mad.  Avatar

Mad. 5 months ago
I pay a pretty penny for internet. This is the on provider that covers my area so I don’t have options. I work from home. Half the time I am having to piggy back off of my phone because the internet isn’t working. Get your stuff together Ziplink. Adkins TX

NightOwl Avatar

NightOwl 6 months ago
78114- off 97 and CR101 This is ridiculous! I pay an aweful amount for this terrible internet and have no choice but to use them, and the internet doesn't work. I work from home and they are actually costing me money, and when someone costs me money it's not good. Get it together and fix the internet. Not only that a notice went out that we are going to be charged an additional fee of $5.00 a month. Give me a break, and get it fixed.

nan Avatar

nan 7 months ago
78114 service been out since Monday 8 22. and have message emailed and called left messages and no answers.

Sherrol and Walter Mabe Avatar

Sherrol and Walter Mabe 7 months ago
78114 Floresville Been without internet for over 24 hrs. No one answers phone or returns any calls!

Daniel Avatar

Daniel 7 months ago
78114 Floresville Internet has been down since 10:45PM last night, nobody answers calls or replies to email about it.

AS Avatar

AS 7 months ago
Day 3 with no WiFi connection. Floresville Tx

Kathy Robinson  Avatar

Kathy Robinson 8 months ago
Floresville 78114. What is the deal that you try to speak to a live person, and get a chat where they ask a bunch of questions. Before they will "connect you with a technician", they send you to some website that will charge you more money. That is ridiculous. I want an actual person to call me or answer the phone when I call. I don't want to spend extra money to find out that, yes due to rain in the area the internet is down. This is so infuriating.

Wes Copas Avatar

Wes Copas 9 months ago
78114 Floresville I have been having connectivity problems for weeks. It has become intolerable in the last two weeks because I teach college courses online from home, and last night I tried to have a Zoom session with my students. I must have been kicked out at least a dozen times. I can't share videos at all, and subtitles, if they work, ate sometimes lagging by 10 minutes or more. This is not an option. I tried to call customer service several times today, and got no human answer - just a full voice-mail dead end. My livelihood is at risk.


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ZipLink Internet is the renowned high-speed internet service provider mainly for Wilson County, North Central San Antonio and other areas. One can opt for their flexible data service plans and check the available coverage via the tool. To test the signal availability one can send over a request by filling in the form.

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Reported outages on 20.03.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at ZipLink The most frequently affected cities were: Aransas Pass
Reported outages on 19.03.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at ZipLink The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Austin