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Gary Silva Avatar

Gary Silva 11 months ago
78114 My internet is down again, like the 5th time this year. As bad is that is;that's not what's so bothersome, it's the poor follow up and follow through. I have to leave multiple messages just to maybe get some type of response. 80 to 90% of the times, I get ignored. It's getting old, there's no excuse for for such sub level customer service.

Yessie Avatar

Yessie 11 months ago
78101-Adkins Internet went down around 9:45am, is there an outage?

andrew martinez Avatar

andrew martinez 1 year ago
Our internet has been down since the first of the month.they don't take my calls.they don't tell me anything except we'll get back to you.they sure took my payment though.very unprofessional..floresville tx 78114..2000 3rd St. Apt 2E

Adelaida Espinoza Avatar

Adelaida Espinoza 1 year ago
78264 San Antonio Texas inveterate speed test very low I cannot work today whats happening

M Avatar

M 1 year ago
78114 Outage... AGAIN!!!

Arley Santilli Avatar

Arley Santilli 1 year ago
We have not been able to connect any of our devices to the Internet for a few days now. We are in queen Creek, 85142


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ZipLink Internet is the renowned high-speed internet service provider mainly for Wilson County, North Central San Antonio and other areas. One can opt for their flexible data service plans and check the available coverage via the tool. To test the signal availability one can send over a request by filling in the form.

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Reported outages on 20.03.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at ZipLink The most frequently affected cities were: Aransas Pass
Reported outages on 19.03.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at ZipLink The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Austin