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Brockway Avatar

Brockway 5 months ago
Tunalo, 97703 Yes, same problems. Frustrating.

K Avatar

K 5 months ago
Tumalo, OR. Website is gone, fast busy signal. Very odd, are they out of business I wonder?

Mark Avatar

Mark 5 months ago
Out in juniper canyon since roughly 8am. Yk's Twitter page has no info - no new posts there since 2020.

K Avatar

K 5 months ago
Out in Tumalo all morning, no access to a live person for ETA, etc.

Garry Journey Avatar

Garry Journey 5 months ago
Crescent has been down for a good 4 hours. Their website is down and their phone just gives busy signal.

Stacy Avatar

Stacy 5 months ago
Out all morning so farar in Crescent

Michael Andrusco Avatar

Michael Andrusco 5 months ago
Bend/Sister 97703 internet has been off and on all night 8/13 and this morning the 14thno internet.

Bijo Avatar

Bijo 5 months ago
No internet 8.14.22 morning … website won’t load on iPhone … customer service line not working (just a rapid busy signal)

Mike Avatar

Mike 5 months ago
Internet is down in my area of tumalo as well.

Karen Avatar

Karen 5 months ago
Redmond/Eagle Crest area has been out this morning.

Dave Avatar

Dave 5 months ago
Internet out in Tumalo. 10:30 Sunday the 14th.

Seph Avatar

Seph 5 months ago
Same in Crescent Lake as well.

Jeannie Hamman Avatar

Jeannie Hamman 5 months ago
Yellowknife internet down again. And their phone just gives a busy signal. No way to leave messages


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Yellowknife Wireless Company is a wireless internet service provider. Yellowknife Wireless Company mainly provides its services to homes and businesses situated in Bend, Oregon. Apart from internet services Yellowknife also offers web hosting and colocation. One can check the availability of their services in your area by using the website feature.

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There were a total of 2 outages at Yellowknife Wireless Company. The most frequently affected cities were: Yellowknife