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Dick 5 months ago
Internets been slow for a week only getting 90mbs. lincoln park

Roger 5 months ago
Internet down since last night. 48187

Elizabeth 6 months ago
Contact @guardian on telegram if you're still having issues

Mary 7 months ago

Suzanne 8 months ago
Internet down all afternoon 35611 Athens Alabama. Tried all ways to reset and no internet

yourname 8 months ago
Wow down in Hammond Indiana

Ashley 8 months ago
Internet out in Prattville 36067

Pamela 9 months ago
Internet spotty for the past 3 weeks. Getting worse. Been out hours today and this evening. 33770

Mark 9 months ago
Internet outage 33709

Mrs white 9 months ago
We are having internet issues 35756 Madison

G. Crock 11 months ago
35806 Huntsville has been down for several WEEKS!

Jahkina Robinson 1 year ago
Been having connection sues for almost 3 weeks now this is really getting old and wow need to do something they have no problem taking money every damn month but can’t keep the internet running smooth 30907-Augusta ga

Lin 1 year ago
Starting Christmas Eve day no internet, Christmas and day after still nothing.WOW!!! Christmas totally disrupted by no internet but now we need to work and we work from home. No internet for 3 days and counting in Clearwater FL 33756

Liz 1 year ago
Wow wifi internet is down union city, mi for the last 20 hours

Michelle 1 year ago
Largo down

Kasey Kershner 1 year ago
WOW down for last hour in St Pete FL. 33707

Dmk 1 year ago
Out past hour Huntsville 35757. Also many Wow support websites, 866 number busy.

Josh 1 year ago
Outage in Oldsmar-Tampa Bay area. Complete outage affecting internet, phone and TV

Josh 1 year ago
34677 Oldsmar-Tampa

Rodger 1 year ago
Tarpon Springs, FL. Just got WOW3 weeks ago. 2nd time internet is down, should have went with spectrum, might have been better.


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Wide Open West which is widely known as as WOW! is the ninth largest cable TV provider in America. Also they have on offer landline telephones and broadband Internet services with various quality and speeds. Wide Open West is currently privately owned, with Crestview Partners having a significant stake in them. They offer on their list of services in cable, Internet and phone systems, digital television, high-speed internet and voice services.
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Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at WOW. The most frequently affected cities were: Charleston
Reported outages on 18.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at WOW. The most frequently affected cities were: Tampa

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