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David 2 weeks ago
Sun shine melted the internet lines! It's the only explanation!

Maria 1 month ago
Hoping for a quick remedy as some of us work from home.

David 1 month ago
Well Jimmy it's their job! If they don't want to work in this kind of weather they need to find another job!

Jimmy 1 month ago
Yes the Internet is down. No it's not getting fixed anytime soon. Did you even look outside? Unbelievable.

Kate M 1 month ago
Internet is still out in 35616

D lee 1 month ago
Internet still down tonight. Any update?

Kate Morton 1 month ago
Cherokee, AL is still down for internet 2+ hours later and they’re still not working on it at all

Patricia ivarra 1 month ago
Internet down in Cherokee Alabama. Are you guys working on it?

Patricia ivarra 1 month ago
Internet down in Cherokee Alabama. Are you guys working on it?

Ronnie Forrest 3 months ago
Internet down when is it getting fixed

Jim 3 months ago
38342, Hollow Rock. As of 19:30 hours. 3 or 4 hour outage.

Gwen 4 months ago
38344 Huntingdon Service has been out since noon Saturday, it is now Sunday and still no service. After two phone calls, nothing. I have never heard of a company that provides no technical support on the weekend. Unbelievable!

Justin 4 months ago
38344 huntingdon

Arlene batey 4 months ago
Internet out Bruceton tn 38317

Arlene Batey 4 months ago
Internet say not in range. Been off for a couple of hours so far this morning. Need to deduct how ever long it is off from my monthly bill

Susie Pratt 4 months ago
Camden 38320 Been out for almost 12 hours. C’mon!

Heather 4 months ago
Our internet stopped working today at 9:30 CST. It is still down, which is huge problem because we work from home...Camden, TN

Dan 6 months ago
Internet went out thus morning and still not back up at 8pm

Ben 7 months ago
Outtage again Roanoke Alabama 36274,

Tammy Richey 7 months ago
No internet again for Roanoke AL


About TEC

TEC is the provider of residential and business internet services in the USA. TEC also provides voice and security services at a minimum cost. By answering a questionnaire on their website one can know whether TEC is available in their location or not. There is no data cap at all.
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There were a total of 1 outages at TEC. The most frequently affected cities were: Roanoke

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