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Travelur 3 weeks ago
49096 Vermontville Township Complete Outage Wide Spread Western MICHIGAN. Internet Is Out. Through 'Surf Internet Co.' Since 8:30AM Tuesday April 30th 2024 Restore Time Unknown -Due To Unknown Damage

Katie 3 weeks ago
No wifi since early afternoon. Holland 49423

Shannyn 3 weeks ago
No Wifi in Caledonia 49316

Todd 1 month ago
Westville 46391 - Been trash the past two weeks. Crashes frequently. Getting only 100 mb/s of the 1000 that I am paying for. Customer support is laughably unhelpful and there is almost no transparency so it seems like they don't care.

Amanda 1 month ago
Elkhart 46516 is down red light is on no connection.

Jeanne 1 month ago
46723 Churubusco, In is out

travelur 2 months ago
Vermontville 49096 Surf internet Out No Internet Outage

Brittany 2 months ago
According to technical support, Howell, Michigan (48843) is currently experiencing an outage and they are working hard to get it restored as soon as possible. My terminal status lights are all on green, just the red light on the eeros. Hopefully that means it won’t take forever =(

David Stokes 2 months ago
My Internet went out and all I get is a red light. Bill is paid and I tried the trouble shooting steps the app suggested. What's the deal? 46383 Valparaiso

Benjamin 3 months ago
Cell phone and TV showing no internet connection this morning!

Mia 3 months ago
I’m in Beecher too. There’s been no internet for a couple of days now. Surf doesn’t have an ETC!!

quagmire 3 months ago
No internet service for three days. 60401 Beecher Illinois

Michael 3 months ago
In and out connection ever since I woke up this morning. The app says it's running but no devices will connect. This issue is a repeating problem about once every two months, I pay $80 monthly for slow speeds and crappy connection issues.

Stanley 3 months ago
Over 60+ minutes. Beyond ridiculous. Happens at least once a month. Surf, please do better. Not pleased with service lately. Very spotty.

Stanley 3 months ago
Middlebury 46540 Been down for well over 15 minutes. This is a reoccuring issue. And never get true speed that we pay for.

Andrew Kennedy 3 months ago
Goshen Indiana. 46528. Suddenly no connection and no explanation as to why

Witcher 3 months ago
No connection

Ryan 4 months ago
46516 Elkhart internet losing connection for about 30 seconds every few minutes.

Kirk 4 months ago
46526 Goshen Internet been in and out every 5 minutes for last hour. This happens every once in awhile and it's extremely annoying. I moved away from cable and satellite. I can't even stream with this nonsense.

Janelle 4 months ago
Goshen, IN 46526- we've been without internet for well over 18 hours now and have had no explanation as to why. We thought it might be a billing issue only to find out that they've had issues with billing people and so that isn't the issue. Every time I try to call for technical support all I get is a recording that says they're currently experiencing problems in my area. I'm wondering if anybody else has had problems? And it would be nice to know when I can have my internet back we run a business out of the house it needs to be on or we need to find a different solution if something's going to turn on in 10 minutes or take 10 hours it'd be nice to know.


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Surf Broadband Solutions is an internet service provider based in La Porte, Indiana. Surf Broadband Solutions provide the best residential and broadband internet connection services. Areas which are covered specifically are Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. One can buy their digital home phone pack for just $24.
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There were a total of 1 outages at Surf Broadband Solutions. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
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There were a total of 1 outages at Surf Broadband Solutions. The most frequently affected cities were: Detroit

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