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Internet 85%
TV 12%
Webseite 1%
Phone 1%

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About Suddenlink

Suddenlink Communications is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S. The company was an independent firm formed with the acquisition of several small cable companies. In 2015, Suddenlink was acquired by Altice, and together with Cablevision and Optimum, became the American subsidiary of Altice under the banner Altice USA. It is fourth on the list of cable operators in America today, with a userbase of over 4.6 million.

Suddenlink Communications currently provides high-speed internet, home security, cable television, advertising for business users, and broadband phone services. It’s Altice One service is a combination of television, voice, and internet, all in one device for convenience and ease of use.

Suddenlink also offers a Suddenlink2GO web service that allows you access to numerous television shows, movies, and other video content online.

Regional availability

Suddenlink provides services in 20 of the U.S. states with the largest concentration of subscribers in West Virginia. They also have a substantial userbase in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma among others. Apart from cable internet, Suddenlink also offers fiber internet, which is available to users in over 500 zip codes, although it is largely focused on business consumers.

The cable technology utilized by Suddenlink services provides a much faster and productive network, making it superior to some of the other providers in smaller areas.

Errors / network problems

A list of error codes and common issues is available on the Suddenlink website under the Help section. These are categorized by services such as TV, internet, and voice, giving you easy access to identify the cause of your service being down. The site also details simple resolutions to help you fix the issues.

According to a third-party speed test, Suddenlink’s network consistency ranked just under the major broadband players in the market, which is still a substantial improvement from DSL. Since Suddenlink operates mostly in smaller towns, the speeds and connectivity they provide have so far been up to the mark. Despite occasional network outages, the customer service and resolution from Suddenlink appears to be better than many other service providers.

Troubleshoot yourself

The Suddenlink website hosts a Self-Help section that lists out FAQs, tutorials, and guides that are very useful in resolving several common problems yourself.

If you receive errors when viewing on-demand television content, such as SOA or SRM errors, try unplugging the cable box, checking that all the coaxial cables are connected well, and plugging the box back in after about 30 seconds. This performs a complete reset and should fix most common errors.

In instances where your internet service goes down, sign in to the Suddenlink website to check for outages in your area. This is displayed in the My Services section of the page. If there is no area-wide issue, check the plugs on your router and modem for any loose connectivity. Also confirm that your account payment is up-to-date, as this might cause a disruption to your network.

For technical assistance in cases where the problem is not yet fixed, reach out to the Suddenlink support system at 877-794-2724. You can also reach them via live chat or their Twitter handle @Suddenlink.

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@VaraFFXIV Fuck @Suddenlink all my homies hate @Suddenlink

19.02.2020 02:57:09
Twitter MidcoreStudios

@MidcoreStudios @RayRachelTV @Ask_Spectrum I got to the yelling part but that’s @Suddenlink for ya haha

19.02.2020 02:56:34
Twitter Neverstop87

@Neverstop87 @Suddenlink please update your customers who have not had internet service all day. No one with this entire company…

19.02.2020 01:29:06
Twitter Rickstarra979

@Rickstarra979 @Suddenlink the WORST FUCKING internet service EVER! No way I should be lagging on Cod when I have 400 mbps!!! Shitty ass internet!!

19.02.2020 01:23:55
Twitter TJLykins

@TJLykins Oh no @Suddenlink sucks again, why am I not surprised. This is getting old. #needabetterisp #suckylink #garbage…

19.02.2020 01:20:16
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@ohAGGIE17 @hferguson12 Yes I know. I'm streaming it and logged in to my provider account and its telling me I dont have the s…

19.02.2020 01:14:18
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@ohAGGIE17 Hey @Suddenlink did you drop secn+?

19.02.2020 01:10:48
Twitter sdschlieter

@sdschlieter @moonchella @Suddenlink Same here. It’s down CONSTANTLY

19.02.2020 00:49:08
Twitter jgalvan811

@jgalvan811 @Suddenlink I was about to order your service until one of your phone reps was caught in a lie. She tried explainin…

19.02.2020 00:30:11
Twitter kar_cas_

@kar_cas_ @Suddenlink y’all are trash & lie to your customers about promotional offers just so they’ll get the services. High…

19.02.2020 00:24:08
Twitter evokestreams

@evokestreams Day 6 of fighting @Suddenlink. We shall see who wins out overall here. Bank statements to prove payment, but stores…

19.02.2020 00:23:14
Twitter ashlynlundholm

@ashlynlundholm @SethCarter44 @Suddenlink suddenlink is garbage. we have issues with our service every single month!!

19.02.2020 00:06:58
Twitter Liger_XT5

@Liger_XT5 Dear @Suddenlink, Your Executive Customer Relations Department tried to reach me last Friday, while I was at work.…

18.02.2020 23:54:00
Twitter markpaschal

@markpaschal @Suddenlink @SuddenlinkHelp Ever since this “outage” on Sunday I am getting 20 Mbps instead of the 400 I pay for. When will that be fixed?

18.02.2020 23:01:29
Twitter AltrecRyan3

@AltrecRyan3 @Suddenlink @BronzeBomber that is if you have service that is not down or f'n slow

18.02.2020 22:39:30
Twitter conoryerby

@conoryerby Bar none, @Suddenlink has the absolute WORST customer service out there. Period.

18.02.2020 22:31:35
Twitter AltrecRyan3

@AltrecRyan3 @Suddenlink Your customer service is terrible. please employ people that can speak good english

18.02.2020 22:26:46
Twitter JakePGreen2

@JakePGreen2 @SethCarter44 @Suddenlink Same issue with us, pay the max service we can and don’t get anything near it. Yet they k…

18.02.2020 22:08:20
Twitter taybollin

@taybollin @Suddenlink Yeah. You could. Fix your damn service. Fix your customer service.

18.02.2020 21:43:34
Twitter ImTheGDBatman

@ImTheGDBatman Just wanted to take a second and thank @Suddenlink for raising my bill (and yours, fellow Suddenlink customers) for…

18.02.2020 21:29:46
Twitter jeremiahdecke20

@jeremiahdecke20 I’d advise everyone not to get @Suddenlink They are unprofessional, the stores are never open, the customer serv…

18.02.2020 20:27:25
Twitter jeremiahdecke20

@jeremiahdecke20 Also, @Suddenlink How the hell is it that a store says they’re open but doors are locked and no one is ever there…

18.02.2020 20:25:31
Twitter jeremiahdecke20

@jeremiahdecke20 @Suddenlink your service for the stores is shit. How do we drop a check and it suddenly is lost? Then when we call…

18.02.2020 20:24:19
Twitter PsychicRealm1

@PsychicRealm1 @Suddenlink OK Ill do just that Thank you Mark

18.02.2020 20:17:48
Twitter Bradwatchin

@Bradwatchin @Grimdaddy95 @Suddenlink It's not the modem, it's just their garbage nodes, and service acting garbage.

18.02.2020 19:54:13
Twitter AnthonyPierceT

@AnthonyPierceT @Suddenlink Yes I did but have done that for 4 years and the only thing I get told is to upgrade or purchase a diff…

18.02.2020 19:52:31
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18.02.2020 19:30:27
Twitter traciejules

@traciejules I’m on hold now over 40 minutes with @Suddenlink because I told them I wanted to cancel my cable but keep my intern…

18.02.2020 19:28:20
Twitter theREALCaleb432

@theREALCaleb432 @Suddenlink How would a loyal customer of 10 years be able to receive the $69 (1 Gig internet) price for life? Curr…

18.02.2020 19:27:06
Twitter traciejules

@traciejules I’m on hold now over 40 minutes with @Suddenlink because I told them I wanted to cancel my cable but keep my intern…

18.02.2020 19:26:50