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Diane 4 months ago
59404 Great Falls Once again last Monday we have no Internet! Of course all calls go unanswered and messages are not returned because, well why should you talk to your long-time customers. Last straw here, new Internet has been installed and Speedconnect is just an ugly memory!

RGMcC 4 months ago
Service down. Impossible to get any response. Starlink is probably my next option. Butte Montana. Zip. 59701

RJ 7 months ago
83301 Still no internet service after a week. Horrible service. My bill better reflect a month of mostly no internet service!

K H 7 months ago
Twin Falls, 83301 Another long lapse in internet sevice! It is off more than it is on. Beyond frustrating.

Christine Kerlin 7 months ago
83301 Twin Falls. Damm internet down. Again. Call 3 driffent numbers no one answered. I guess I going cancel hopefully I can get another Internet. This ridiculous.

Carolyn 7 months ago
3 weeks now, no internet, no way to communicate with Speedconnect, they are still asking me to pay monthly bill. Can someone explain why the server has been down and if it’s coming back on at anytime soon?

Ron 8 months ago
86327 Speedconnect has been sold to Vu Me Wireless you can even call them on 8663507978 I talked to them and said to disconnect and they said they would send a message but at least this was the first live body I talked with in months

Connie 8 months ago
Haven’t been able to get emails, error code says either username or password is incorrect. Haven’t changed either of these. Bummer! We only use this service for our email but will be changing that!

Kitty Harrington 8 months ago
Dewey 86327 We have had no internet since October 23 we have tried contacting but there is no way to do it as just recorded messages I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office for formal complaint. They are still taking funds I would encourage everyone to do this

tony wright 8 months ago
86334 Paulden - Believed to be out of business: According to information in BBB files, it appears that this business is no longer in business.

Max 8 months ago
Same as Ron below. Just. received past due notice. The Portal won't process any cards. No one answers the phone.

Ron 8 months ago
Dewey 86327 Login working but still no way to pay bill the site won't accept any new credit cards. Done fighting no one answers calls for 2 weeks. Sent my cancel notice in the mail

Julie Terral 8 months ago
I was able to log in...2 days later. I just kept trying and finally worked. Outside of San Angelo, TX

Kathryn M. 8 months ago
Able to log in to email after down since yesterday morning. Bay City, MI 48708

Barbara 8 months ago
48723 can't log into e- mail or log in to pay my bill . Says wrong username or password

Bobbette 8 months ago
76901 can't access email for 2 days now! No contact only recordings at company. Please help

Teresa Dillon 8 months ago
San Angelo, 76901. Unable to access email for second day in a row. Unable to reach tech support. Something is going on.

Vickie 8 months ago
Vickie 86327 No internet going on for 3 weeks. Customer service says all service reps are busy with frequent repeated phone calls. Very frustrating without internet and not to be able to be cancel my service.

Julie Terral 8 months ago
Still not able to log in and can't reach anyone by their phone number! This is so BAD!!!!

Candi 8 months ago
No internet since October 2 and no email as of today cannot use password to get email either


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SpeedConnect has a variety of internet services, among which is fixed wireless broadband that is created to serve the needs of areas where typical broadband solutions might not be available. Their services are recognized for valuing connectivity in regions with limited options.
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