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socal anon Avatar

socal anon 4 months ago
90745 Carson, CA - Internet down.

PJP Avatar

PJP 4 months ago
93015 -Fillmore No cable, no wifi, no phone service

DownAndOutInCdA Avatar

DownAndOutInCdA 5 months ago
No internet since 10:30AM PST 83814

Richard  Avatar

Richard 5 months ago
Internet is out 29063

Tracy Lock Avatar

Tracy Lock 5 months ago
82414 Cody internet down

diane Avatar

diane 5 months ago
no internet Harbor City, CA

leola Avatar

leola 5 months ago
internet out since 5pm again after a storm. CUSTOMER Service is rude even with polite questions, the web is riddled with customers from yrs ago to date wanting to stop service and saying even that costs them more money due to an inept shady business, 59101 billings MT

NorthAustinite Avatar

NorthAustinite 6 months ago
Internet down since last night - 78727 North Austin

Anthony  Avatar

Anthony 6 months ago
Spectrum spotty in Burbank ca

Collins Avatar

Collins 6 months ago
Internet has been down since yesterday afternoon in Opelousas Louisiana 70570

Jeff Snyder  Avatar

Jeff Snyder 6 months ago
Spectrum WI-FI Outage in 40214 Louisville, KY

Steven Russell  Avatar

Steven Russell 6 months ago
33619. Internet and phone service is out and has been for a few days Tampa, florida

Jessica  Avatar

Jessica 7 months ago
Well I don't no what to tell you but if am to advice you I will say you should DM dionysius_helios on Instagram and tell him what your problem is,I promise you, you will come looking for me to thank me,

George guyot Avatar

George guyot 7 months ago
Desoto mo 63020 they lie to you say world box 210 available waste gas to find its not available and its old teck compare to dish DVR now no internet

George guyot Avatar

George guyot 7 months ago
Desoto mo 63020 they lie to you say world box 210 available waste gas to find its not available and its old teck compare to dish DVR now no internet

Jared Alonge Avatar

Jared Alonge 7 months ago
Man I keep seeing these people posting how bad spectrum is, I also have spectrum but just because fiber isn’t available where I live yet. If you see this comment, message me on Twitter @FiberOpticFrank and I’ll see if you have fiber coverage. It’s actually cheaper than spectrum every month, and you get 3 months to try it free, and it’s actually reliable since it’s a fiber optic network. Hopefully this can help one or two people

Daniel Avatar

Daniel 7 months ago
Spectrum service used to be impeccable, but in the last few years it has become awful outages left and now it's been out for over 24hrs. Considering how high the rates are now, you would think the service would be better not worse. Mocksville,N.C. 27028

Damon Avatar

Damon 7 months ago
90805 Spectrum you seriously fucking suck your whole service is a joke

Pat Percival Avatar

Pat Percival 7 months ago
Cleveland Ohio: everything ( cable, internet, phone) down for more than 24 hours now. Not a single human being to be found to help, no estimates, nothing. I only have the frustrating robotic automated response lady voice to console me. I understand that problems happen but Spectrum hides their head and tells us nothing .

Trina Avatar

Trina 7 months ago
2 days no internet and we work from home, 2 days of PTO used for having no internet and no one can even give us an eta for service restoration. Going to ATT


About Spectrum

How to prepare for a Spectrum outage

Outages can be incredibly frustrating, and preparing for them doesn't have to be. We'll show you how you can easily prepare for a Spectrum outage so that you don't miss a beat!

1. How to avoid a spectrum outage

No one wants their internet to go out, especially if you're in the middle of working on something important or streaming your favorite show. Here are some tips to help avoid a spectrum outage:

1. Keep your modem and router up to date - One of the reasons people experience outages is because their modem or router is out of date. Keeping your modem and router up to date can help ensure that you have a stronger, more reliable connection.

2. Check for updates regularly - Another way to avoid an outage is to check for updates regularly. Most routers and modems will have an automatic update feature, but it's always a good idea to check manually as well to make sure you're running the most recent version.

3. Avoid using too many devices at once - If you're noticing that your connection is starting to slow down, it could be because you're using too many devices at once. Try disconnecting some of your devices and see if that helps improve your connection speed.

4. Restart your modem or router - If you're still having trouble with your connection, restarting your modem or router can sometimes help. Just be sure to follow the instructions from your manufacturer, so you don't damage the equipment.

5. Contact customer support - If you've tried all of these tips, and you're still experiencing problems, the next step is to contact customer support. They may be able to help diagnose the problem and get you back up and running again.

2. What to do if Spectrum is down

If you're experiencing a Spectrum outage, there are certain steps you can take to get back online. First and foremost, you should check whether your services have been affected by outages in your area. You can do this by visiting Spectrum's website or using the Spectrum app.

Once you've determined your area is affected by an outage, contact them for service restoration. If you're unable to reach Spectrum due to a phone line outage, try reaching them through their social media channels or by email.

You may also want to consider switching to an alternative internet provider if the outages continue for an extended period of time. Before making this decision, however, research the potential downtime and cost of switching providers so that you're not caught off guard.

In the meantime, make sure your devices are powered off during an outage in order to avoid further disruption from power surges. It's also important to unplug any non-essential electronics as they may draw additional power and compromise service stability when it's restored.

Finally, be patient and stay informed about the status of the outage so that you can plan accordingly. When service is restored, log into your account and check for any updates on usage or billing issues related to the outage. If something doesn't seem right, contact customer service immediately in order to get it resolved quickly.

3. Contact Spectrum's customer service

If you're a Spectrum subscriber, you know how frustrating it can be when your service goes down. But there are some things you can do to make the process a little easier.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a backup plan in place. This might mean having a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu Plus set up on your TV or computer. It could also mean having a radio or some other form of entertainment ready to go.

Next, make sure you're familiar with Spectrum's customer service helpline. You can reach them at 888-483-4373 (option 3 for billing questions and option 4 for general questions). The helpline is open 24 hours a day, so there's no need to panic if your service goes down in the middle of the night.

Finally, be patient. Outages happen, but that doesn't mean you have to take it sitting down. Take these steps and you'll be back up and running in no time!

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Outage history

Reported outages on 07.02.2023:
There were a total of 35 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: Charlotte, Tampa, Denver, Williamsburg, Alameda
Reported outages on 06.02.2023:
There were a total of 42 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: Orlando, Dayton, Lake Wales, Charlotte, Vancouver
Reported outages on 05.02.2023:
There were a total of 12 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: Los Angeles, Cleveland, Dayton, Brownsville, Loudon
Reported outages on 04.02.2023:
There were a total of 13 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: Prosper, Hurley, Cambridge, Schenectady, Cortland
Reported outages on 03.02.2023:
There were a total of 16 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Sun Prairie, Buffalo, Cedar Park, Dayton
Reported outages on 02.02.2023:
There were a total of 19 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: Denver, Hayward, Knoxville, Arlington, Grand Prairie
Reported outages on 01.02.2023:
There were a total of 13 outages at Spectrum. The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Allen, Dallas, Concord, Austin

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