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Brandon 9 months ago
Millington 38053 no Internet for 18 days.

your name 9 months ago
38053 millington, tn - 3rd outage since saturday :) loving this as a person who's wfh

Barry 9 months ago
Jonesboro 72404 Internet is out, for over an hour

JHarden 9 months ago
No Service for Two Weeks with no communication from Ritter only vague updates on Facebook. The streets around us have service but not us! What’s going on? MLGW hired outside crews to get us back up and running and even sent us updates daily; we were without power for a week but atleast they communicated with us. I know we are spoiled but a lot of us either work from home or have a household that runs on the internet (like some can’t stream anything and have no other form of entertainment, that makes for a long night for night owls) I am curious to see how the bills are going to play out because I know I for one will dispute paying for services I do not have. It’s going on three weeks now. 6-25-23 services went out due to the storm and today is 7-9-23 Independence Rd between Ward Rd and Garnett Rd

Your name 9 months ago
Still out since the storm like 2(?) Weeks ago 38053. Millington.

cammy 9 months ago
38053 millington, tn - outage since like 7:30 ???? fun saturday night

Mike 9 months ago
38053 internet is still down Bethuel/Navy rd.

Jess 9 months ago
38053 millington down navy is down in neighborhoods! Just happened about 15mins ago hopefully gets going soon!!

Brandon 9 months ago
38053 Millington still no Internet after 13 days and Ritter won't answer the phone or call you back. I will be swapping to premier fiber.

natalie 9 months ago
no internet since yesterday, no ETA, nothing.

Ken 9 months ago
Memphis TN 38127 Ritter is horrible you call the tech support line and hold forever and hear nothing but a stupid message about prayers for outage. No , work it's why I pay you. Not praying to some fairy in the aky

C 9 months ago
Ritter communications is the worst company to deal with. They have monopolized the millington area so no other internet company can move in. It’s been 12 days and still no internet not even an ETA on when it’s going to be fixed. Absolutely horrible service. 38053

Billy 9 months ago
Griffin’s Corner 38053 Can you tell me how I can tell if my modem is gone bad with power outage or there is an outage in internet service? People around the corner have internet but I do not. Any help is greatly appreciated as I can not do work with internet down.

Kira 9 months ago
No word on any internet restoration in Millington, and I'm screwed if it isn't back before Friday.

Jr 9 months ago
Is residential internet not the same as all the businesses running credit cards? I know when I have had problem in past with store unable to process card they said internet was down. So why is it down for us there are a lot of people who work from home

Brandi 9 months ago
I understand about the outage and not being able to do anything about it until MLGW does their thing with the power poles. What I don't understand is lack of communication. Just put out an update every once in awhile so we don't think you forgot about us. 38053

Mike alexander 9 months ago
Ritter being the outstanding customer friendly company that they are I'm sure they will pro rate next month's bills f I r millington customers lol 38053

Elmer Fudpucker 9 months ago

kim ransom 9 months ago
when will the outage be restored in Millington,Tn

Patricia Davis 9 months ago
When will Lepanto internet be back on


About Ritter Communications

Ritter Communications is a US telecommunications firm that offers internet access solely in Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. They offer their fiber-optic internet to an estimated 41,000 people. Also, aside from fiber broadband, Ritter also offers cable and DSL internet service. Its cable service is available to over 119,000 people, making it the 47th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. And its DSL service is available to 84,000 customers.
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Reported outages on 12.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Memphis, Drummonds
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There were a total of 1 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 09.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Texarkana
Reported outages on 07.04.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Ritter Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Texarkana

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