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M. 1 week ago
Generally sucks. It's good enough to stream TV when it's working, but if there's a storm or even fog... You'll buffer more than you'll watch. Net speed is awful, so don't expect to videogame on it. Rockland, 04841

Adam 4 months ago
Probably the worst internet I’ve ever had. It never works and has been down for weeks now and cannot connect any of my devices to it. This internet provider is a total joke and will never use this provider again.

Joshua Neal 8 months ago
This internet is never working. Hours at a time nearly every single day until very late at night. It’s so frustrating. All day, no internet, then finally after 9pm-12pm it’ll start working again. This is absolutely useless and ridiculous. What am I paying for? Field visit s are days to weeks of waiting. Or try resetting it. Which works almost never. I never complain but this is robbery adjacent. I’m honestly surprised that they are allowed to “operate” so poorly and still charge money.

Moon 10 months ago
internet does ok until it rains. then it is constantly off and on, making is difficult as hell to do online things. only real reason I got it was because Spectrum says they can't service my location anymore and RedZone is the only option at this point. 04210

Elliott 1 year ago
04574, Washington I love redzone... is what I would say if I liked paying $50-60/month to have slow internet every other day. Redzone is like starvation wifi. You get it because it's the only option. You pay for it because it's better than going without. But make no mistake - Redzone will take your lunch money and tell you to be satisfied with crumbs.

Joe 1 year ago
This internet is the worst. Always lagging if it is even up. I think I'll be going back to spectrum as much as I hate there sales tactics but at least they are very reliable.

Brian 1 year ago
Connection keeps going out. On and off in Rockland 04841

Frank 1 year ago
Outages here also greene 04236 I've been happy with there services never really had any major problems reset the modem every now and then but all services do that

Brandie Derouin 1 year ago
Bangor Maine 04401 internet just completely stopped anyone else have this problem

Erika 1 year ago
04210…. Internet down for hours and can reach red zone via phone, and online chat redirects me to a message about the storm 5 days ago

Kayla 1 year ago
Naples Maine. Currently a outage. Can't call the 24/7 number because it just states call can not be completed. Online chat is no help because they are blaming storm Elliott that came through 5 days ago.

Brandie Derouin 1 year ago
It's dialing the number but don't do anything

Brandie Derouin 1 year ago
Bangor Maine isn't working but it just started not working like 20 minutes ago and I can't call the customer service number either it just says

Emma 1 year ago
Yes. Lewiston

J 1 year ago
Anyone experiencing outage in Lewiston?

Nas 1 year ago
SoPo download speed less than 1 Mbps. Time for the BBB to intervene? This is a rip off company now.

Richard 1 year ago
04461, Milford, service comes in and out and constantly lagging, no one knows what's happening

Karen 1 year ago
04496 New customer for a month and already internet has gone down twice in thirty days. Called customer service and they don’t know the answer. Ok….

Serena G 2 years ago
04901 Constantly have issues with this company, have had extremely slow connection since Jan. And even after calling multiple times and getting different answers each time I'm still struggling to connect. This company is made for people who have no other options for internet or don't understand this is not how an ISP is supposed to work. Currently looking for other options elsewhere. Winslow, ME

Jody 2 years ago
No internet again did the reset and still nothing. This is getting old tech was out last week said he made some adjustments and everything should be fine, guess not. Time to get Spectrum as much as I hate to.


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RedZone Wireless provides high-speed internet services for homes and businesses. Its headquarter is located in Maine. RedZone Wireless have curated affordable broadband sets which are very budget-friendly. One can check the outage status online of RedZone Wireless to track the service reliability. Look for the coverage maps to avail of their services easily.
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Reported outages on 08.04.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at RedZone Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: Boston
Reported outages on 07.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at RedZone Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: Boston, Orland

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