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Matt G 1 year ago
04981 - Prospect - no internet…again. Is this company for real? Yikes. Bringing my money elsewhere

Brian Farrar 1 year ago
Been without internet service for a month now and no explanation

Gregory LeMoine 1 year ago
Old county rd Rockland Maine Out Saturday 9am Still out Sunday 4:50 pm

Jessica Farrar 1 year ago
Internet has been so slow for 2 days I've tried everything to fix it.our neighbors is slow now too. 232 old county road Appleton Maine

Mike Micklich 1 year ago
Nothing on their website just an email of apology.

Laurie 1 year ago
No internet in Biddeford again 04005..

Joan 1 year ago
Down all day. Still waiting. Lincolnville 04849

Susan 1 year ago
No internet for 3 hours 04092

David 1 year ago
Yep, the internet is down. Its like 1994 up here. I like it. Farmington ME 04938

Stephanie Gallant 1 year ago
They keep upping the restoration time by 2 hours this is ridiculous. Wonder if we get compensated. Jay 04239

Matt 1 year ago
Thx nasty nas for the updates

Nick painter 1 year ago
Still no internet madison

Amanda 1 year ago
Auburn 04210, no internet since early a.m

Nas 1 year ago
Still no service in sopo. New estimate from RZ is now 4:00 p.m.

Drew 1 year ago
04349 - Internet down since early am

Cd 1 year ago
No internet. Portland 04101

Anastasia 1 year ago
04348 no internet

Jamie W 1 year ago
No Internet since early Amin windham.. # ending in 5700 busy signal

Lee 1 year ago
Internet down / 04330 / Augusta

Tom 1 year ago
Finally posted widespread, maybe back up at 1 pm


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RedZone Wireless provides high-speed internet services for homes and businesses. Its headquarter is located in Maine. RedZone Wireless have curated affordable broadband sets which are very budget-friendly. One can check the outage status online of RedZone Wireless to track the service reliability. Look for the coverage maps to avail of their services easily.
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Reported outages on 06.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at RedZone Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn

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