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Internet 91%
TV 7%
Website 1%

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About Rainier Connect

Rainier Connect is a small sized internet company that offers internet services solely within the state of Washington. It's South Puget Sound's main phone, cable TV & high-speed Internet provider for phone, DSL, cable & TV service in Tacoma, Puyallup, Centralia, Eatonville, Graham regions. The cable internet from Rainier Connect is made available to an estimated 43,000 people, that makes it the 79th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Also, in addition to cable broadband, Rainier Connect also offers DSL internet service to approximately 16,000 people locally.

Live reports

Twitter horatiofresh

@horatiofresh @TheDubblife I drank hella Lone Star when I lived in Denver cause they don’t get Rainier down there, which is basic…

20.02.2021 09:40:01
Twitter ohheyannax3

@ohheyannax3 I miss it so much :( I need to see Mt Rainier right now

19.02.2021 18:23:38
Twitter pinasaltas

@pinasaltas They don’t sell rainier down here but I want to try one now that I’m not being financially held at gunpoint so I ca…

18.02.2021 22:14:29
Twitter laffols

@laffols setting my zoom backdrop to mt rainier during home office today because i'm homesick :(

18.02.2021 07:38:07
Twitter rainier_rdz

@rainier_rdz Not AD :(

15.02.2021 04:55:32
Twitter RachaelLudwick

@RachaelLudwick We did shovel from the corner (neighbor's house) to a little into other neighbor's. I'm reminded that our cross str…

13.02.2021 19:20:31
Twitter rainier_rdz

@rainier_rdz RT @ImTaylorCox: IRS: you owe us money :( Me: how much? IRS: guess :) Me: this much? IRS: No :( Jail ;)

09.02.2021 02:58:29
Twitter kristinophotos

@kristinophotos @haileyarobin same!! i wanted to get some mt rainier photos too so i drove down to madrona but it was too cloudy :(

08.02.2021 20:12:17
Twitter miraonpluto

@miraonpluto @KARLLUVBOT awww i felt that, yeah it’s harder to dress nice in colder/rainier seasons :(

22.01.2021 17:59:41
Twitter TradeWpower

@TradeWpower @UmerAmi63340592 If it's cold and calm into NW Europe then it's warmer and rainier down there... See image for typ…

22.01.2021 14:26:30
Twitter veloso_rainier

@veloso_rainier So I'd like to open up and tell ya'll that I have been dealing with depression and/or possibly anxiety. Last night…

20.01.2021 11:09:34
Twitter rainier_anciro

@rainier_anciro how to escape? :(

16.01.2021 16:49:55
Twitter eeeerrriiinnnn

@eeeerrriiinnnn I used to be able to see Mount Rainier and Adams from my living room. I miss Washington :(

11.01.2021 23:57:23
Twitter rainier_anciro

@rainier_anciro i hate this :((

09.01.2021 19:30:02
Twitter Toddzilluh

@Toddzilluh @Rainier94960732 @starkrob21 @rainier Got ya. @zilluh

09.01.2021 06:41:09
Twitter Rainier94960732

@Rainier94960732 @starkrob21 Followed and Parler: @Rainier

09.01.2021 06:21:07
Twitter DiazDrake1

@DiazDrake1 @ben_belden @rainier Roll Rainer!

08.01.2021 17:21:58
Twitter ben_belden

@ben_belden the first american to summit mt everest in 1963 brought a rainier with him to enjoy at the top. The king of beers. @rainier

08.01.2021 16:29:03
Twitter WasSeminole51

@WasSeminole51 @Jaberuski Mt. Rainier - I haven’t been to many :-(

08.01.2021 00:25:00
Twitter TeamPagoda

@TeamPagoda We gotta celebrate right. #ad @rainier came through with the discontinued cans for the team pagoda squad.…

05.01.2021 10:59:18