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Common problems are:

Internet 91%
TV 6%
Phone 2%
Blackout 1%

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About Rainier Connect

Rainier Connect is a small sized internet company that offers internet services solely within the state of Washington. It's South Puget Sound's main phone, cable TV & high-speed Internet provider for phone, DSL, cable & TV service in Tacoma, Puyallup, Centralia, Eatonville, Graham regions. The cable internet from Rainier Connect is made available to an estimated 43,000 people, that makes it the 79th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Also, in addition to cable broadband, Rainier Connect also offers DSL internet service to approximately 16,000 people locally.

Live reports

Twitter j_duffy01

@j_duffy01 @rainier_sd it’s the combo pack not the full installer :((

30.05.2020 15:54:43
Twitter ChaseCharaba

@ChaseCharaba @shotsbyesco Beautiful shot! I miss Rainier :(

29.05.2020 14:17:30
Twitter lao_rainier

@lao_rainier RT @ronbonostro: i want new phone :(

28.05.2020 19:07:15
Twitter wmpdll

@wmpdll There was a Buick Rainier V8 for sale last night and the ad already disappeared :(

26.05.2020 17:27:14
Twitter lao_rainier

@lao_rainier RT @jendeukieee__: Not only Jisoo experienced mistreatment, also Lisa. :(( I will never keep in silence because silence means you're fine w…

26.05.2020 10:38:20
Twitter rainier_rdz

@rainier_rdz RT @Captainpatatoes: My dog howls to self control by frank ocean lol :(

26.05.2020 07:51:01
Twitter johnpaolobaysan

@johnpaolobaysan @rainier_anciro hays :((

25.05.2020 04:19:40
Twitter SeattleWhovian

@SeattleWhovian I keep looking to the SE, thinking Mt. Rainier is there but it's not :( SE OH has some mountains, I think, from the…

24.05.2020 11:10:08
Twitter kcvelganda

@kcvelganda @cris_rainier Chat nak :((

21.05.2020 14:34:30
Twitter deleon_rainier

@deleon_rainier same :((

19.05.2020 02:55:06
Twitter harris_rainier

@harris_rainier RT @AnnaESanders: NYC beaches and public pools "not in the cards right now," de Blasio says. Summer bummer :(

15.05.2020 15:10:07
Twitter besosisa

@besosisa my heart is so broken :( sending love and prayers to Conner’s family.

14.05.2020 03:52:53
Twitter CompagnoMichael

@CompagnoMichael @ShannonODKOMO Too bad Mt Rainier is still closed :(

07.05.2020 17:00:26
Twitter breadbis

@breadbis RT @crabspiracy: i miss meeting people at house shows and then never seeing them again :( i miss seeing the same people and saying hi every…

07.05.2020 06:32:49
Twitter reillythesnail

@reillythesnail RT @crabspiracy: i miss meeting people at house shows and then never seeing them again :( i miss seeing the same people and saying hi every…

07.05.2020 04:14:41
Twitter crabspiracy

@crabspiracy i miss meeting people at house shows and then never seeing them again :( i miss seeing the same people and saying h…

07.05.2020 03:16:18
Twitter deleon_rainier

@deleon_rainier @mensigosjeyms sorry :((

06.05.2020 05:08:32
Twitter deleon_rainier

@deleon_rainier RT @ReiGermar: Im fucking crying :((((

05.05.2020 11:50:50
Twitter rainier_ba

@rainier_ba RT @_hannagrcia: i'm sowper kilig naman :(((

03.05.2020 12:22:24
Twitter deleon_rainier

@deleon_rainier @kayseezee Thirded :((

02.05.2020 15:38:56
Twitter ednscp

@ednscp @s3rbesa cornbeef bfast by carlo, canton by rainier arghhh :(((

02.05.2020 11:55:37
Twitter HailieSpivey

@HailieSpivey @hannamvrie I live near the military training area in rainier and this happens way too often :( Also there are tim…

01.05.2020 19:07:11
Twitter robchristianson

@robchristianson Throat is now getting constantly sore :( (@ Rainier Oncology in Puyallup, WA)

01.05.2020 15:44:35
Twitter joshcatbagan

@joshcatbagan i thought I'm strong na but when I heard rainier cry and when i asked him why, i hugged him lang then I went straig…

30.04.2020 11:53:50
Twitter cIubsvt

@cIubsvt @GyozaStand It’s only gonna get colder and rainier as winter approaches. I get super effected by the weather too :(…

28.04.2020 16:43:18
Twitter ParkNet504

@ParkNet504 @AnyaPavelle @richardbist @NikkiHebron @LukefahrLady @Kellyrei007 @MarionBlackwoo9 @LMaybrooke @marianlthorpe…

28.04.2020 15:39:33
Twitter CrazyAssPastry

@CrazyAssPastry RT @nalanitorres1: Since year 3 @CrazyAssPastry @Angelaisdopee @hi_im_Arjay @rainier

26.04.2020 19:39:08
Twitter nalanitorres1

@nalanitorres1 Since year 3 @CrazyAssPastry @Angelaisdopee @hi_im_Arjay @rainier

26.04.2020 13:21:11
Twitter WildManZach1

@WildManZach1 @Thom_Rainier @HalseyInsiders @halsey Sorry to hear that tho :(

24.04.2020 21:28:34
Twitter Osariik

@Osariik @VolcanoDoc They're beautiful places as well. I've been to Shasta, Crater Lake, Hood, and Jefferson, and I saw Rain…

22.04.2020 01:04:45