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Deanna Hoover Avatar

Deanna Hoover
21740 out AGAIN. Last two times I’ve tried calling they’ve said there have been no outages on their side so it must be my router. I’m a telecom engineer… I can troubleshoot my own network and every single time it’s been an outage on their side. Sick of this. Never had these problems before Point bought out Hagerstown Fiber.

2 weeks ago
Pete  Avatar

This is Bs

2 weeks ago
Dana Avatar

21742 out yet again!!!! We should be entitled to a credit on all of our bills for not receiving the service that is being paid for!!!! This has been going on now for over a month with the glitching and blipping in and out constantly daily for the whole last month!!! I didn't pay for crappy service nor did any of your other customers!!!! Do better and fix your issues point broadband!!!

2 weeks ago
sheen Avatar

Bruh why how is this acceptable ima have to pay for you and Antietam just to have consistent internet 21742

2 weeks ago
Eddie Avatar

Here we go again 21740

2 weeks ago
Adri Avatar

Down again lmfao. 21740

2 weeks ago
Brandon Avatar

Our internet has been completely down or barely function for around 8 months. The customer service and technicians that came to the house cited "unknown" weather interference as the cause. They said they'd try swapping out our antennae with a newer model or changing us over to a microwave one. But our antennae is on a tower and the hydraulic lift arm they use (which is the only size they have for some stupid reason) is this really long tow behind trailer. At first they were going to try the lift but after one failed attempt at maneuvering it into place the technician driving the truck changed his mind about even trying to attempt backing the trailer in. Instead of driving forward and trying to turn around in the yard like he did the first time. I asked if he was even going to try and he said even if the trailer was in place he wasn't going to go on the lift because of some branches from a small maple tree branches small enough they'd easily bend out of the way of the lift arm. Also he said he didn't think the lift would level out even though it has 4 big auto leveling legs on it. The best part is that since they "couldn't" use the lift the only way was to use climbers. But to do that they need 2 climbers and currently only have 1 climber employed. It was either some company policy or a state regulation I forget which but I honestly couldn't care at this point I'm so sick and tired and pissed off with our internet not working. So we've been stuck with a bill for $55 a month which they had the audacity to raise from $50 a month earlier this year when all this started. Also the technician said they we working on lowering the cost of this internet since so many people are having problems in my area. Yet they raised our bill then didn't send the bill the same month they came out then shut our internet off. Which took a few weeks to notice that's how bad the service is right now. If there was an alternative in our area we would have switched months ago. Cedar Springs Michigan 49319

3 weeks ago
Ryan Avatar

21742 blimping like crazy the last week. Point Broadband is horrible!

4 weeks ago
NRD Avatar

Last 11 days...constant outages and upload speeds are 0.27. No help from company.

4 weeks ago
Ry Avatar

21740 it’s been literally almost 2 weeks and I’m still getting constant outages fucking ridiculous

1 month ago
Chris Avatar

36576 Silverhill, AL Internet outage with no estimate on how long it will be before it is working again. Their service is a very high price to still have outages.

1 month ago
Fuck you point broadband Avatar

Fuck you point broadband
Hagerstown 21742 out again big fucking surprise there. Blipping off an on the past few days after the last time it went out and it's out now again Jesus Christ I hate Hagerstown and I hate the internet providers here. Fucking dogshit

1 month ago
Yuca Avatar

21742 Hagerstown, out again? Seriously? This is getting old fast. I am the biggest supporter of competition to the Antietam monopoly but this is getting ridiculous.

1 month ago
Dana Avatar

This service blipping in and out is getting redicules!!!... I've been a customer for the last 3 years and the past 4 days have been the worst service in all of those 3 years!!!!!.... Fix it!!! We pay for it!!! So fix it!!!

1 month ago
Lori  Avatar

Had point broadband for 12 hours until it went down and no one knows why and all my surrounding neighbors still have their internet marathon 13803

1 month ago
Elmer L Willix Avatar

Elmer L Willix
21740 This is getting old fast, past couple days I lose connection then reconnect for a few minutes then lose connection again, can't get any work done, no word on what's going on, and everything from my TV to my surveillance needs internet to work, when it's time to be billed they want to be paid so I want to have the service I pay for or atleast know what the issue is.

1 month ago
Ashlie Monn Avatar

Ashlie Monn
Service outage again. It’s in and out, this is very disappointing! Get it together!

1 month ago
Disappointed  Avatar

21740 out again after being out the last 2 nights I will be asking for credit

1 month ago
Rob Avatar

Will I bill somehow be altered due to the inconvenience?

1 month ago
Rob Avatar

What's the update on the internet outage? It is going on 2 days now. 21742 Hagerstown Maryland

1 month ago


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There were a total of 6 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville
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There were a total of 6 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, Chicago
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There were a total of 3 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Ashburn, Newark