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Jessica 5 days ago
Outage 24228, clintwood Va

Cwise 5 days ago
Internet down not sure when it started hiltons,va

Not telling 1 week ago
Joke of a company can't fix anything. It rained for about an hour and a half then stopped. Shortly after, no Internet and it's been that way for the last 16 hours. No one to contact, they don't have an ETA either. My guess is they won't fix it until tmw as today is Memorial Day. Awful customer service. 49331 Lowell

Michelle 1 week ago
Outage again, we have had persistent issues with lag time, outages & no internet since Vergennes sold to Point. It rained a little & we have been out for hours, I don’t understand this!

Rodney 2 weeks ago
45066 Down. Anyone else?

Riptide 4 weeks ago
Okay what the heck point why are you giving me terrible internet now im trying to play vrchat and yall are ruining it for me 21740 hagerstown

Brenda stevenson 1 month ago
Stanton mi 48888

Brenda stevenson 1 month ago
No Internet this morning. Did all the usual checks still not working.

Cwise 1 month ago
Hiltons anyone else plume smart pods stop connecting point broadband says they aren't aware of a outage

Dalton 1 month ago
I switched from shentel to point and probably wasn’t a good decision. I have had more problems with point in just a couple months than I did with shentel in years lol

riptide 1 month ago
Hagerstown 21740 I installed call of duty modern warfare and i steam alot too so i log on the game just to see high ping to mess me up and make the game unplayable fix the damn wifi point or im done

Anthony 2 months ago
Still no internet in Saltville VA. been down since 11pm last night

David 2 months ago
Internet has been out since 11 am in green valley 24266

Anthony 2 months ago
i’m really regretting switching from Xfinity! I will definitely be switching back. I have never seen so many outages. With Xfinity at least if there’s an outage, they fix it that day!

Anthony 2 months ago
this is ridiculous. If it’s not slow it and ping spikes it’s outages! It wouldn’t be so bad if they got right on it and fixed it, but it always takes days to get our Internet back. This is ridiculous. Everything in my house runs off my Internet, including my phone. Please hurry and fix. Saltville VA 24370

Travis Hall 2 months ago
Jonesville, VA 24263 Internet is down since yesterday. Nobody around me has Internet

Sharon Shaffer 2 months ago
My internet wire is broken And My service is out 15428greenwayrdmeadowviewva24361

User 2 months ago
Possible outage in sw virgina. Clintwood 24228 area.

Burke’s Garden Telephone 2 months ago
It has been out here in Burkes Garden since 12:15 they are saying it’s an issue in the Lebanon Va area

Richard 2 months ago
Point Broadband Internet is out here on Baptist Valley in North Tazewell, VA


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There were a total of 1 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Knoxville
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There were a total of 12 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Nashville, Bristol, Greeneville
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There were a total of 1 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Metairie

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