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William 1 week ago
24266 Lebanon. I’ve been without internet now for 6 days. They can’t get anyone out here for a week.

Jordan 2 weeks ago
13803, Marathon. Horrible internet all weekend. Currently paying for 300/300 and getting 3/16. Unacceptable.

Robert Shubert 2 weeks ago
Internet down in Hagerstown 21740 like this is ridiculous

R 2 weeks ago
Internet is acting up like wtf

Tom 2 weeks ago
Hagerstown out again 21740

Leeroy Jenkins 4 weeks ago
I haven't been able to play muh World of Warcraft for HOURS now...FIX DIS NOWWW! mmm, toasty bacon sure sounds good rn too. 36801 Opelika

Millian 4 weeks ago
Spotty Internet since 7pm. 36801 Opelika

-bhc 4 weeks ago
No Internet since after 7:00 pm CT. 36804 Opelika

Tyler 1 month ago
Springboro, 45066. Down

Michael 1 month ago
Did a trace route and traffic seems to be bouncing around the 173.225.192.X space and can not get out of there. Causing down internet for anyone who is trying to route through there.

Grant 1 month ago
been stuck without internet all day with no updates at all over in Evart. already swapped out the router and the cables and were still up shits creek - Evart 49631

Terry 1 month ago
Called 3 times today and they told me that this was being fix, ha still nothing pitiful service here in Hagerstown 21740

Dennis 1 month ago
Said they fixed it. Still down. 21740

Laura 1 month ago
Previous message for 21742

Laura 1 month ago
This is insane I haven't been able to work from home or get any other work done because of this crazy long outage....I'm begging you, please fix this.

Disgruntled Customer 1 month ago
This is getting ridiculous. Many, MANY people rely on their internet to be up almost 100% of the time. It would be one thing if the company provided updates and reasons why we're experiencing issues, but there isn't so much as a "We expect this to be an issue for X days". I hope they won't be surprised when customer start jumping ship after this. -Hagerstown

Austin 1 month ago
It's been 6 days now since the internet went down. Hagerstown 21740

Tony romett 1 month ago
21742 down for 4 days straight. No eta on a fix. I have to find another ISP. This happens on a regular basis. Is Antietam any better?

Austin 1 month ago
Yay! Five days without internet. Hagerstown 21740

Maboof 1 month ago
I filed a complaint this morning after 5 days of no internet let’s see how quickly it’s fixed now. They should have left Hagerstown Fiber alone!!


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About Point Broadband

Potential Network-Related Disruptions with Point Broadband:

1. Service Outages: Unforeseen technical glitches or planned system upgrades can sometimes result in temporary service interruptions.
2. Reduced Internet Speeds: During peak usage times or due to system congestion, users might experience speeds that are slower than their subscribed package.
3. DNS Resolving Issues: Difficulties with the Domain Name System (DNS) could lead to troubles accessing specific websites or prolonged page loading times.
4. Connectivity Drops: Sporadic connection losses might occur, potentially requiring modem or router restarts to resolve.

Tips for Point Broadband Customers:

1. Stay Updated: Regularly monitor Point Broadband's official communication channels such as their website or social media accounts for any service-related updates or announcements about maintenance.
2. Ensure Device Health: Periodically check, update, and if necessary, reset your modem, router, and other related devices to make sure they are operating optimally.
3. Check Internet Speed: Use reputable online tools to measure if the internet speeds you're getting match your subscription package.
4. Contact Customer Support: If you encounter persistent or significant connectivity issues, reach out to Point Broadband's customer support team for guidance and troubleshooting.

With a proactive approach and staying informed, Point Broadband subscribers can effectively manage and mitigate potential network disturbances, ensuring a smooth internet experience.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 06.12.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Washington
Reported outages on 05.12.2023:
There were a total of 32 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Knoxville, Charlotte, West Leyden, Grayson
Reported outages on 04.12.2023:
There were a total of 4 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Weston, Webberville, Detroit
Reported outages on 03.12.2023:
There were a total of 7 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Knoxville, Grundy, Boise, Sylva, Roanoke
Reported outages on 02.12.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: San Antonio, Grundy
Reported outages on 30.11.2023:
There were a total of 4 outages at Point Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Knoxville, Syracuse, Buffalo

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