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Valerie  Avatar

Valerie 6 months ago
Watauga TX I work from home- there goes my pay for today!!! Can't work with no internet. Sooooo unreliable.

K Avatar

K 7 months ago
76177 Fort Worth. internet down again. Seems like happening more often.

J Avatar

J 7 months ago
Internet is down again for the 3rd night in a row. Fuck one source!

David H Avatar

David H 7 months ago
Down again for the 4th time in 2 weeks. 76244, Alliance, Heritage Trace, Riverside, North Tarrant, Manor Hill. That’s a bit much. Maybe it’s time for a new provider.

Autumn Avatar

Autumn 7 months ago
Internet down. Started around 1am CST. North Fort Worth, 76177

Lola Avatar

Lola 7 months ago
Internet down again 76262

Keira Avatar

Keira 7 months ago
It's down AGAIN in 76262

Zach Avatar

Zach 7 months ago
Been down since last night, still out at Keller 76244

Keira S Avatar

Keira S 7 months ago
Net comes and goes, keeps saying the WAN is down in 76262, been.... 6 hours.

David H Avatar

David H 7 months ago
At least for now, the internet seems to have been restored.

Chris Avatar

Chris 7 months ago
76262 Roanoke, been on hold for over a actual hour while the internet has been down for 2 so far.

David H Avatar

David H 7 months ago
Well, well, well. After 48 minutes on the phone, I finally got a person on the 24/7 support line. Seems as if OneSource has kindly decided to do some unannounced and unscheduled system maintenance this evening, potentially leaving Al of their customer base without internet until 5:00am. Support number is in my previous message below.

David H Avatar

David H 7 months ago
OneSource Internet is down in 76244 zip code Manor Hill at Arcadia Park subdivision. Confirmed. Down about 44 minutes so far. Been holding in their 24hr support queue for almost 40 minutes now. That number is 1-800-810-9848 for anyone interested.

TR Avatar

TR 7 months ago
Been down for over an hour. Really had limited time to do something online and I've missed the mark again because of 1source. Very frustrating. 76262 Roanoke

Yep Avatar

Yep 7 months ago
Down in 76262 as well. Been on hold for 40 minutes lol.

Golbez Avatar

Golbez 7 months ago
It's also down in Saginaw 76131

TK Avatar

TK 7 months ago
We are also experiencing an internet outage in Keller, TX 76244.

MH Avatar

MH 7 months ago
Internet down in Keller 76244 now. Anyone else having the same issue?

Sandra Hingstrum  Avatar

Sandra Hingstrum 9 months ago
Haslet internet just came up here. I hope everyone else has too

Sunnimuri Hamilton Avatar

Sunnimuri Hamilton 9 months ago
So woke to no internet right now I called One Source and their line is busy which it usually isn't when I call to make payments but busy now constant busy signal Keller/Fort Worth Texas 76244


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OneSource Communications is an American company that is a local provider of telephone, cable TV & Internet services since 1998 within the state of Texas. They offer an extensive fiber optic network and associated network equipment that enables them to provide a variety of services to business and residential customers. Their DSL internet, fixed wireless, cable, copper, and fiber internet service is made available to an estimated 69,000 people, making it the 86th largest provider of DSL broadband in the US by coverage area.

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Reported outages on 03.02.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at OneSource Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Fort Worth
Reported outages on 02.02.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at OneSource Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas