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Sandra Hingstrum  Avatar

Sandra Hingstrum
Haslet internet down past 5 to 6 hours as well. Calling gives busy signal.

7 months ago
sam Avatar

Alway bad service. They have been down for the past 5 hours. No internet services to work from home. Please help me give them ZERO star. KELLER, 76248

7 months ago
Sandy Avatar

ALWAYS poor service. It’s either the Internet or constant glitches on every channel on the TV. Why after 20+ years in business One Source can’t improve their service? I believe ALL providers are lousy. 76244 Fort Worth

8 months ago
Rick Avatar

Internet keeps going out, very frustrating. Decatur, TX 76234

8 months ago
Erika Avatar

Always having trouble with internet Wi-Fi more an more! Will be out for a gd while as well! Will check website an always say everything is clear. Why charge the prices you do when we’re always having out of no where internet outages

8 months ago
Thomas Avatar

Internet has gone offline in Keller 76244. Rebooted my modem and everything to no avail.

8 months ago
Brittni Avatar

Wifi down in Rhome,TX. Kicked me at around midnight:

8 months ago
Jorge Gonzalez Avatar

Jorge Gonzalez
WiFi is down in Justin, TX 76247

8 months ago
Kristy Avatar

Internet has been down in Justin Tonight, 2nd night in a row

8 months ago
Osi Avatar

76248, Keller Internet has been down since morning - 3/1/2022

8 months ago
Michael Herman Avatar

Michael Herman
Newark, TX 76071 - Internet is STILL down...when will it be back up and fully functioning? I work from home and MUST have internet connectivity.

11 months ago
Since before 10pm Avatar

Since before 10pm
Internets been down since well before the storm last night, spent an hr and a half waiting on tech and all they can tell me is that this is occurring the whole area? Where the hell is this on their website?

1 year ago
Charles L Ambrose Avatar

Charles L Ambrose
Internet out after this mornings storm. Unable to reach tech support. Ridiculous Keller 76244

1 year ago
Sage Avatar

We had to pack up and go stay at in laws because the internet was out all day yesterday and was literally sitting there in silence with no tv or anything. It’s been a whole day and I come home to it still being out. This apartment complex is about to lose a lot of tenants I will not sign another lease just because of the shit internet this place has. Fucking trash!!!!

1 year ago
Allyson Avatar

You guys fucking suck. The internet was out for an entire day yesterday and when it did come back, it kept cutting back out. It’s the next day and it’s STILL fucking up- it is ridiculous that I can’t even watch fucking YOUTUBE without it disconnecting. I wouldn’t even fucking use OneSource if it wasn’t the only fucking Internet my apartment building allowed.

1 year ago
Sunnimuri Hamilton Avatar

Sunnimuri Hamilton
76244 just got home from a wonderful Anniversary dinner with my husband and no internet we have 4k tv with streaming service Netflix Amazon prime Hulu etc. What are we supposed to do now One Source is no source now we pay hard earned money for no internet service what kind of sense does that make And every single time we call for bad service or no service at all they always have some excuse as to why it's not working And why can't I get through to them on their main company number constantly busy tone This is outrageous unacceptable behavior for any kind of company who is supposed to provide quality customer service and quality service No MORE EXCUSES ONE SOURCE TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AND TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR JOBS LIKE YOUR CUSTOMERS WITHOUT US YOU WOULD NOT BE ONE SOURCE INTERNET YOU WOULD BE NOTHING

1 year ago
Arica E Culpepper Avatar

Arica E Culpepper
76078 my internet is still out 6hrs now. My mom here visiting for the 4th and no dam tv or internet

1 year ago
Melo Avatar

76248, I feel that with comment. Hacking my company was laid off I w dilettantism lucky to keep my job and have to try to explain to my boss why I can't to reach internet provide or get back into work blows... Also. No fucking twitch streaming running ruining my 3 day wind vibes θ_θ

1 year ago
James Avatar

76248 + Keller : Thank you for fixing the issue BUT have this been last week or the week before it could have cost me an entire college semester as last week was finals. One Source, please do better

1 year ago
C Ambrose Avatar

C Ambrose
Finally!!!! Way too long to be down! All customers need a discount for your lousy service

1 year ago


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OneSource Communications is an American company that is a local provider of telephone, cable TV & Internet services since 1998 within the state of Texas. They offer an extensive fiber optic network and associated network equipment that enables them to provide a variety of services to business and residential customers. Their DSL internet, fixed wireless, cable, copper, and fiber internet service is made available to an estimated 69,000 people, making it the 86th largest provider of DSL broadband in the US by coverage area.

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