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Read 5 months ago
9/8 Wi-Fi out I can connect but not able to load things as it should, restarted everything that works to fix but still no fix

Carsen 6 months ago
28734 internet in and out and service is completely down for the 3rd time in 4 days

Cara 1 year ago
Internet out again in 28779. Some of the worst service I've ever had.

Jon 1 year ago
My internet keeps going in and out due to this shitty company. 28734 Franklin, NC

Virginia 1 year ago
Never had a problem with morris broadband cable until optimum took over now every since day channels are going in and out or will be available shortly and they're out for hours. I'm paying for crappy service now. Not a happy person at all. 28791 hendersonville

Chance 1 year ago
No wifi 28731 flatrock

pent 1 year ago
another outsge about 2 hrs ago in glensprings dr :(

Shirley pennell 1 year ago
Outage at 377 Glensprings Drive, Fletcher, nc

Barbara Hawksley 2 years ago
Hendersonville 28791-1700 No phone service all day today and still out this evening

Susan Clark 2 years ago
I live in Flat Rock 28731 and the channel guide has been out on one tv for 3 days. Any suggestions to reset it? I have 3 tv's and the other 2 are fine.

Moe 2 years ago
Out in Western Hendersonville now.

Ashley R 2 years ago
28759, Mills River is down on internet

John 2 years ago
Internet out the past two mornings, tried to call the help line and it is out of service. Had better luck before Optimum took over. Looks like time to consider other options.

Bob 2 years ago
Had Morris internet installed on Thursday, 10/6 and it went out on Friday evening 10/8!!!! Called service on Saturday a.m.10/9 and Hassan was rep.. He went thru basic troubleshooting, reset modem etc. and then scheduled a visit for someone to come fix it. Earliest they can schedule someone is Tuesday, 10/12! Tell me how this is reliable Morris/Optimum... May have to cancel Morris/Optimum as this is not starting out on a positive footing.

Polly Feitzinger 2 years ago
Hendersonville, NC 28792 I called customer service on September 24 to report that my landline telephone service was not working . Got someone (Most likely India) who had me unplug various cables and after 20 minutes of this I asked for someone to come out to fix my telephone. First appointment was Tuesday, September 30th. The local service rep came out and he had some problems figuring it out and called the top tech guy who told him someone in the company had disconnected my phone service and I was not the only person that this has happened to. So I had a telephone working for 6 days. Today the phone went out. I called customer service and got Mike (Same guy in India?) and told him my phone again was out. He said Everyone's phone was out...Verizon , all phone services. He told me there was nothing he could do to help. I went online and cannot find any verification of this. What is going on? I am paying for phone service that I am not getting. Extremely frustrating. I recently moved to Hendersonville. Preciously had phone service with At & T and then Spectrum and never had any problems. What am I to do?

Ayden Hamlin 2 years ago
internet goes out for up to 5 hours at a time up to twice a day daily, works alright when it is on but it’s out most of the day hendersonville 28791

Ayden Hamlin 2 years ago
internet goes out for up to 5 hours at a time up to twice a day daily, works alright when it is on but it’s out most of the day hendersonville 28791

Kim 2 years ago
We haven’t had Internet all day and can’t get in touch with the company flat rock North Carolina 28731

Tom 2 years ago
No internet for over 12 hours. laurel park

Connie 2 years ago
Internet has been out for about 2 hours here in Nebo


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Morris Broadband is an American telecommincations firm that privides internet service to its customer solely within the state of North Carolina. Their cable internet service is made available to an estimated 133,000 customers, which makes it the 44th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Besides offering cable broadband, Morris Broadband also offers fiber internet service to approximately 124,000 locals and those numbers are growing.
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