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Common problems are:

Internet 86%
TV 10%
Phone 2%
Blackout 2%

Affected cities:

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About Morris Broadband

Morris Broadband is an American telecommincations firm that privides internet service to its customer solely within the state of North Carolina. Their cable internet service is made available to an estimated 133,000 customers, which makes it the 44th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Besides offering cable broadband, Morris Broadband also offers fiber internet service to approximately 124,000 locals and those numbers are growing.

Live reports

Twitter ducati_brewer

@ducati_brewer @RachelBrougham Same in Morris park... :(

27.11.2020 00:15:06
Twitter honeybeepunz

@honeybeepunz @kmurph423 @prettyodyssey @umcait @alicia_b_13 @Erin_BoBerin @POS1V1BES @isa_gingy @Ibby_Morris @okjamieson…

26.11.2020 21:07:04
Twitter MCFCPearce_

@MCFCPearce_ @KochSZN @KDBseason Same they keep kicking me :( it’s Morris

25.11.2020 23:56:16
Twitter mictrd400

@mictrd400 @RJConway92 Clueless from Mel Morris down

25.11.2020 20:34:19
Twitter Ibby_Morris

@Ibby_Morris @wildflowersabi i just remembered i work all day every day so it's low key pointless to keep trying :(

25.11.2020 16:26:19
Twitter Gmiller1435

@Gmiller1435 @LukeEllisPUP Depth is going to kill us chasing a game and not much on the bench that can win it for us. Thompson i…

25.11.2020 02:26:02
Twitter mi_ln850

@mi_ln850 @Millie_Morris @anni_scovill @warrenleightTV Ohhhhhhhhhhh ugh they killed of Andy Karl AND made Raul leave >:(

24.11.2020 19:28:29
Twitter marjpdmnt

@marjpdmnt morris :((

24.11.2020 14:45:32
Twitter toocoolforwords

@toocoolforwords Get Monte Morris down here, by hook or by crook.

23.11.2020 18:23:42
Twitter DFSSoapBox

@DFSSoapBox @KCARC_ @tfelt3 @FlyByKnite not even close. He sucks and will likely be the most hated guy on the team in the next…

23.11.2020 09:56:51
Twitter gracee_morris

@gracee_morris @sierraxwatts Yea it’s really upsetting for me since it’s so difficult to try and deal with :(( but thank you for the support!

23.11.2020 05:59:45
Twitter G_Bombastic

@G_Bombastic Dang, no Chandler Morris tonight it seems :(

22.11.2020 02:25:42
Twitter EhrlichNP

@EhrlichNP RT @rashmihalker: #AHSAZ Town Hall w @NoheadachesNoah @newmanache @petergoadsby @schwedtt @kathleen_digre @mrobbinsmd @StewartTepper @Rebec…

22.11.2020 02:24:43
Twitter NinaRiggins

@NinaRiggins RT @rashmihalker: #AHSAZ Town Hall w @NoheadachesNoah @newmanache @petergoadsby @schwedtt @kathleen_digre @mrobbinsmd @StewartTepper @Rebec…

21.11.2020 22:53:46
Twitter rashmihalker

@rashmihalker #AHSAZ Town Hall w @NoheadachesNoah @newmanache @petergoadsby @schwedtt @kathleen_digre @mrobbinsmd @StewartTepper…

21.11.2020 22:10:57
Twitter kiwinerd

@kiwinerd @XTOTL @SiouxsieW I wanted to pass along your superb COVID-19 communications to fellow Canadian organizers, but fou…

21.11.2020 20:42:23
Twitter Terranc24954077

@Terranc24954077 Follow me onna book @Morris chestnut‼️😂

21.11.2020 19:39:37
Twitter BonceHarry

@BonceHarry Will this takeover happen ?? Don't bank on it ! He will be trying to hammer Morris down after agreeing a price ..…

21.11.2020 19:14:06
Twitter ohmyeunsang

@ohmyeunsang @NetflixFR ou @PrimeVideoFR mettez I love you Philip Morris svp :(

21.11.2020 18:40:04
Twitter myles_morris

@myles_morris RT @BodegaaCat: He’s the only person I’ve actually seen get cancelled. He’s on triller making vids :(

21.11.2020 13:15:25
Twitter stephanieboland

@stephanieboland @owlsanctuarist Yes, yesterday :( Just been reading this again

21.11.2020 07:40:12
Twitter perfectzuri

@perfectzuri RT @DragonflyJonez: @Loganchance And you locked him in for 4 yrs. Your squad agreed to pay 35 year old Marcus Morris the same thing they pa…

21.11.2020 07:34:17
Twitter arthysteriaa

@arthysteriaa Oh, no, Jan Morris. 2020 takes away another gem. :( :( I know she was old and had led a vibrant life, but it's sad…

21.11.2020 06:33:47
Twitter RocketofReason

@RocketofReason @BimaThug @espn_macmahon Next time Mavs play Clips they'll have Luka's Morris problem solved.

21.11.2020 06:32:16
Twitter DragonflyJonez

@DragonflyJonez @Loganchance And you locked him in for 4 yrs. Your squad agreed to pay 35 year old Marcus Morris the same thing the…

21.11.2020 04:28:35
Twitter seenone__

@seenone__ @the_mike_morris i also miss the toronto huskies jerseys :( i just really love alternate jerseys a lot when they’re well done

21.11.2020 04:21:54
Twitter Kchile22

@Kchile22 Man they couldn't get Morris down from 4 years at that number? who's giving him that.

21.11.2020 04:18:49
Twitter seeangomez

@seeangomez top priority marcus morris payag ka don :(

21.11.2020 04:10:18
Twitter hazeIbloom

@hazeIbloom @Ibby_Morris IBBY :(

21.11.2020 02:41:05
Twitter TechCommGeekMom

@TechCommGeekMom I swear I can remember reading Morris' works in college as a British History major, but looking at the list of her…

20.11.2020 19:41:00