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Common problems are:

Internet 84%
TV 12%
Blackout 3%
Phone 1%

Affected cities:

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About Morris Broadband

Morris Broadband is an American telecommincations firm that privides internet service to its customer solely within the state of North Carolina. Their cable internet service is made available to an estimated 133,000 customers, which makes it the 44th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Besides offering cable broadband, Morris Broadband also offers fiber internet service to approximately 124,000 locals and those numbers are growing.

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@gogogadget_gb Shut Phillip Morris down if you dare. You're gunna have a lot of angry meth heads that want a cigarette. Just saying

31.03.2020 12:41:45
Twitter justinbajko

@justinbajko @Andrew___Morris no one ever DMs me with hacking requests wtf :(((

30.03.2020 21:42:49
Twitter SeeWillTweet

@SeeWillTweet @ryanfagan Whenever I see a Jack Morris card, I can only think about the story with the reporter ... :(

30.03.2020 14:42:37
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@morrislibraryct Tune in for the Story Time Online on Facebook Live @morris.library.ct with the Morris Public Library on Tuesday, Ma…

30.03.2020 13:17:02
Twitter morris_abbie

@morris_abbie missing a friend is the WORST heartbreak :(( crying

30.03.2020 12:45:11
Twitter philp83

@philp83 @Morris_Oxford Ive just had enough. :(

30.03.2020 09:18:15
Twitter vincentc143

@vincentc143 @polarsprite christy morris I'm just a pissed off American sick of the deranged idiot ruining the country. My gram…

30.03.2020 07:02:41
Twitter changds

@changds @rahkeem_morris I’m guessing #Inbox7458 isn’t a thing :-(

30.03.2020 03:21:43
Twitter DraglistX

@DraglistX Drag Racer Update: Billy Morris, Problem Child, Camaro AA/FC

29.03.2020 21:25:25
Twitter ryannn_rossss

@ryannn_rossss @leahurie im p sure that was actually shane morris :(

28.03.2020 22:32:30
Twitter _Ellie_morris_

@_Ellie_morris_ RT @jjjalenB: I miss going out to eat that was my thing :(

28.03.2020 17:16:30
Twitter calumstruly

@calumstruly @Ibby_Morris play with me damn :((((

28.03.2020 11:27:36
Twitter Janet_Morris_

@Janet_Morris_ RT @carolduncan: Now hearing stories of closed businesses being looted. :(

28.03.2020 04:22:44
Twitter passion_morris

@passion_morris RT @jessrawr45: I want to do hoodrat activities already :(

28.03.2020 00:54:40
Twitter ally_kelly05

@ally_kelly05 @DavidDobrik My roommates and I are struggling college students :( two of us lost our jobs due to coronavirus and o…

27.03.2020 21:31:48
Twitter HeatonNigel

@HeatonNigel @Morris_Oxford @leethommo No way :(

26.03.2020 07:55:12
Twitter Meteodeep

@Meteodeep @Aoife_Morris_ Ah no Aoife, didn't even hear the till now :( such a pity for all participants... Don't worry though…

25.03.2020 16:34:54
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@morrislibraryct Today, Wednesday, March 25, at 1 pm on Facebook Live - join us @morris.library.ct!

25.03.2020 11:38:05
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@SummerWindRadio #NowPlaying Various Artists - Jim Morris - Down There on Summer Wind Radio #troprock #parrothead #troprockmusic

25.03.2020 09:04:38
Twitter torichwan

@torichwan @Morris_D_Monk It's been a long time since I saw you :( AITAI :(

25.03.2020 06:37:47
Twitter morris_abbie

@morris_abbie i’m so so so fed up of crying and feeling like the most worthless, hated person :((( IGU

24.03.2020 21:16:31
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@KaybeeWorldwide @ChelseaFC @morris @FootballYannick what do you think of this song😂

24.03.2020 10:47:10
Twitter KaybeeWorldwide

@KaybeeWorldwide @ChelseaFC "There's something the bridge wants you to know" "The best in the world is our Lautaro" "Our number 9" "…

24.03.2020 10:46:06
Twitter isaac__morris_

@isaac__morris_ @Dety0 please help me :( ive spent so much money on my pc, and end games, it runs 80 fps! im calling upon the god himself

24.03.2020 09:33:34
Twitter carmellian1217

@carmellian1217 @Morris_D_Monk our government is a confused, disorganized institution :(

24.03.2020 09:33:17
Twitter kilIsurfcity

@kilIsurfcity i bought a book and it was some william morris book that i was really, and i mean really excited to read. so i went…

24.03.2020 08:58:02
Twitter ydklijnsma

@ydklijnsma @Andrew___Morris Pyjama goals, I'm just sitting here in my plain blue ones. You win :(

23.03.2020 23:58:19
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@morris_kayl RT @lilymaij2: i should have hugged my grandparents tighter the last time i saw them :(

23.03.2020 23:08:04
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@theRoss_Morris RT @raybinpadilla: I miss my dorm and all the free food at the pod :(

23.03.2020 20:08:55
Twitter oliviarose7800

@oliviarose7800 I miss Morris Library so bad tf :(((((

23.03.2020 19:27:59