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John Avatar

John 1 year ago
What do you know, my internet is out again! Oh look, it’s Morris Broadband. No wonder. Jefferson 28640

Jeremy Avatar

Jeremy 1 year ago
I’ve had no service for 2 days straight. Same as last weekend. Morris Broadband is terrible. I recommend getting skyline, I’m canceling for chance I get.

Margaret Boehning Avatar

Margaret Boehning 1 year ago
Everything is out no wifi, no cable. 5 robert e lee drive flat rock nc 28731

Debbie Avatar

Debbie 1 year ago
Otto, NC service has been completely out for two days. Why don’t they have a way to get updates so we know someone is working on it?

Brooke Avatar

Brooke 1 year ago
I live in the Whispering Hills area in Hendersonville 28792 and our internet is the most unstable I have ever had. With frequent outages, it's impossible to get any work done when the internet is part of your livelihood. It doesn't help we aren't getting the speeds we pay for. It would be real nice if the company would do something to fix this but they don't care.

Heather Avatar

Heather 1 year ago
We live near fletcher/edge of hendersonville and our net goes in and out constantly. For people who dj online and stream this doent work very well. When I call or report to them they tend to have a "oh well" attitude about it. Sort of dis heartening

Frank  Avatar

Frank 1 year ago
28792 (Hendersonville) Woke up late to realize our network was not connecting to the internet - living on the north end of Hendersonville closer to Fletcher (near Brookside Camp Rd).

Nicol Avatar

Nicol 1 year ago
Internet and phone our out for several hours.

Luke  Avatar

Luke 1 year ago
Internet has been off for the past 2 days. Have not been able to work and I’m losing money as we speak. 28803

Tom Peeling Avatar

Tom Peeling 1 year ago
Internet out all afternoon and evening. Franklin, NC 28734

Michelle Avatar

Michelle 1 year ago
Internet and cable TV has been out all day near Fletcher NC, 28792

Andrew Chow Avatar

Andrew Chow 1 year ago
Internet is out. Modem has been rebooted but still no service.

Tawney Avatar

Tawney 1 year ago
Fletcher: Power blip and modem will not come back. Over an hour. Morris says it's a utilities failure. Power came back immediately, no cable, no internet.

Rita Mahan Avatar

Rita Mahan 1 year ago
Total outage in Hendersonville 28739 waited on phone 1 hour and could not reach a person. Third outage in a week

Kevin Avatar

Kevin 1 year ago
internet is down in fletcher around Livingston farms

Stuart Hinson Avatar

Stuart Hinson 1 year ago
Internet intermittently down in Fletcher, NC 28732

Ian Avatar

Ian 2 years ago
Internet been down most of the weekend. Comes back intermittently, but is extremely difficult to use. Nebo 28761

Jackie  Avatar

Jackie 2 years ago
Tv out Landline out Nebo 28761

Ash Avatar

Ash 2 years ago
Internet is down. Kinda need it up for work. What is the problem. 28761 nebo

Judy Avatar

Judy 2 years ago
Marion NC 28752. TV and internet service is out


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Morris Broadband is an American telecommincations firm that privides internet service to its customer solely within the state of North Carolina. Their cable internet service is made available to an estimated 133,000 customers, which makes it the 44th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Besides offering cable broadband, Morris Broadband also offers fiber internet service to approximately 124,000 locals and those numbers are growing.

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