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Vicki Scott 1 month ago
System down for 2 hours. Left message.

Heather 2 months ago
86323 out for about an hour. Happening so often ????

Diana 2 months ago
Mole High out again in Paulden 86334

sam 2 months ago
86323 Chino. Down again since 7pm ish ughhh.

Trish 2 months ago

Sam 2 months ago
86323 Chino- 9:27 just found out it was restored

Rick Higgins 2 months ago
Back online at 8:45. Mile High update: “ This message is to confirm that we have experienced a network outage that has impacted your internet services. At this time, our technicians have been able to rectify the issues and restore our network services. If your service has not automatically restored, please complete a 3 minute reboot of your P.O.E. Once power is restored to the P.O.E it may take up to 5 minutes for your service to reconnect to the site and restore your internet connection. If your service does not restore, please contact our office at 928-493-4420 and press 1 for a Support representative to assist with further troubleshooting.”

Rick Higgins 2 months ago
Update from Mile High “This message is to provide you an update informing you that we are still experiencing our outage, and we are working as diligently as possible to restore your service. We are hopeful that it will not be much longer. Due to the volume of calls caused by this outage, our Support staff is struggling to get to each incoming call, but we are working to ensure that each person is responded to.”

Richard 2 months ago
86314. No internet, no TV connection. 6:30. For 2 hours now.

Rick Higgins 2 months ago
86315 Prescott Valley I received a response from their support email address: “ This message is to let you know that we are aware of a network site issue that is affecting your services. We presently have technicians onsite working to remedy the issue. We will send you another email to let you know when services are restored.”

Susan 2 months ago
Dewey 86327 Mile Internet out since 4 and office is closed. Makes it hard to work from home.

Sam 2 months ago
86323 chino valley No net-

Trish 2 months ago
Chino valley 86323 internet is out, has been out since 4 pm. Called customer line.. No answer... Would be nice if there was an update posted.. Somewhere

Rick Higgins 2 months ago
86315 Prescott Valley AZ. Internet down since 4:00PM (1 hour and counting …).

Robin 2 months ago
86323, Chino Valley Internet outage at 4:00pm. Milehigh website says they are closed. Can't get through on phone as a recording comes on saying the "calling party" is temporarily not taking calls? I don't know what is happening but it's extremely frustrating.

Mary 3 months ago
86315 - having another big outage today, been down over 30 minutes. Would be nice if their website had outage info and expected time of resolution!

Marcos Della 4 months ago
86315 - Prescott Valley More outages this week, this time for >30 minutes. Its happened often enough that we called today. Was "first in line" and waited for 15 minutes then got the "we'll call you back, leave voicemail" message. Why didn't we get that right away rather than sit them to leave a voicemail that I don't expect to actually get a call back. Whatever reliability this company used to have, its getting worse and worse this past year. I don't know if there is a management change, turn over of technical people, or what.... But its getting to the point that Starlink is starting to look for reliable/viable regardless of the cost.

Anne 6 months ago
Internet has been out since 0630 today. Seems like this is happening more and more in Dewey. I'm getting really tired of it. When I signed up, they promised "reliable" service. And you can't talk to anyone. They just send pacifying emails.

Mariah 7 months ago
Internet is out again in Dewey. Seems like it's happening every other day now.

LaNae Roe 7 months ago
Anyone else having internet outage in Chino Valley


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