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Ana R 1 year ago
No internet since last night. Hail storm caused the problem?

Lacey 1 year ago
86334 no internet all morning!

Mary 1 year ago
Lonesome Valley 86315 No internet

Tim 1 year ago
No internet. Saddleview

Alysia 1 year ago
86315 coyote springs out

Jim 1 year ago
Again, no internet. 86323 Chino

Andrew k 1 year ago
No connection Paulden 86334

Josh L 1 year ago
No connection - Prescott valley 86315

David Vonderbecke 1 year ago
No Connectivity in Chino Valley Arizona 86323

Kristine 1 year ago
Day 2 with no connectivity

Leslie 1 year ago
Internet outage 86323 approximately 7:00/7:30p 3/18/2022

L. Friesen 1 year ago
Multiple outages at the most inopportune times and for ridiculously long periods. Very irritating. Paulden, 86334

Robert D Mousseau 1 year ago
Constantly, intermittent outages. Really tired of hearing the wife & daughter complaining. Second rate service. Would only recommend as last resort. Dewey, Az

Robert D Mousseau 1 year ago
Dewey, Az

Jim O 1 year ago
Internet down over 17 hours….. NO response from Mile High 86315 Prescott Valley

Pat. DOW 1 year ago
Zip 86334. No internet for two days so far. Is this because of the promised shutdown to launch the new better one?? I live in Paulden AZ.

Laura Burton 1 year ago
My internet is down since yesterday afternoon in Dewey, Az! 86327

kimberly pierson 1 year ago
Our internet is down yet again out rolling hills paulden why

Robert D Mousseau 2 years ago
Still no Amazon prime videos. Been more than a week. 86327 Dewey, AZ

Jeffrey Hollister 2 years ago
Internet went down, tried resetting, nothing seems to work. 86315


About Mile High Networks

Mile High Networks is a high-speed internet service provider based in Prescott, Arizona. Mile High's website seems very user-friendly. To know more information one can request a call back from Mile High Network. The user gets unlimited data and 24/7 local support. There is no prerequisite to sign any term contract at all.
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Reported outages on 24.09.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at Mile High Networks. The most frequently affected cities were: Peoria

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