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Roman Avatar

Still no internet it’s been down over a month. What’s the holdup? 56312 Belgrade

5 hours ago
Scott E Avatar

Scott E
LTD still impaired since Aug 27th and no communication

5 days ago
Luke Atmyas Avatar

Luke Atmyas
2nd time my internet has been down in the 3 DAYS since service was installed...(and I can literally look out my window and see the antenna on my niebors grain bin!) How would you guess I am feeling right now? If you guessed mad, stupid and hopeless, congratulations, you're correct! MAD that I can't finish the updates on the new computer I'm building or my new Smart watch, STUPID, because I didn't listen to all the negative reviews and just went for it, and HOPELESS because this is the last internet provider available in my area that I haven't tried. Guess I'm screwed.

1 week ago
Jason Duffey Avatar

Jason Duffey
56031 Fairmont, Internet had been down a full 7 days with no eta of a possible fix, just that they have to do many huge changes to their service, yet Im still paying the full $90 a month for the services that are not working??.. and they're customer service sucks.. Nobody ever gets back to you in a timely manner this is rediculas, but it's they only option I have living in the country

1 week ago
Brian Avatar

50630, live near fredericksburg. Same as everyone else. The service has been terrible the past month! 3 outages, 1st one was over 24 hrs. Last several time it has lasted 4 plus hours. All they say is widespread outages. Its about time for a refund.

1 week ago
Katy Garcia Avatar

Katy Garcia
Internet has been down since Saturday, it's now Thursday. Still no service. I have homework that needs to be done, I'm forced to use my mobile network. My son just returned to school and will be needing the internet for homework as well. This is ridiculous. Internet was down the weekend before as well.

2 weeks ago
Kerik Avatar

Hands down the worst internet service provider I have ever experienced and I've had some bad ones. I have gone days without service. My business is internet based. It's killing me and I have no options in Clarkfield MN 56218

2 weeks ago
Ariel Avatar

Internet has been crap for over a week, saying it won't be fixed till Wednesday. Get the same exact message saying due to unforeseen circumstances it's down. Keep getting the run around. Definitely wouldn't recommend have had issues since I've signed up almost 2 years ago. Only company that comes out my way which sucks. Belgrade MN 56312

2 weeks ago
Desmond Sande Avatar

Desmond Sande
Internet has been in and out for over a week now. Try to call and while your on hold the message is so annoying. Ordered new provider and will be canceling once up and running. Welch, MN 55089

2 weeks ago
Jason Avatar

I want to know when u people are gonna get this garbage internet service fixed to where I'm not losing service every day sometimes multiple times a day? I am going to start looking into other providers because I am not at all impressed with the service u have been providing! 55965 Fillmore County

2 weeks ago
Sara Iehl Avatar

Sara Iehl
Waterloo, IA 50703 Widespread outages being reported has been on a loop for 2 days now, was only working for about 2 hours today. I've called and am on hold, with the same loop and music with no answers. Where do we find information we need about when service will be working? Starting to consider another internet provider.

2 weeks ago
Allison Welsh Avatar

Allison Welsh
This company makes you wait 45 minutes at least before you get a human to talk to, then they claim everything is working and 2 hours later it's down again. I want my money back. 50660 New Hartford

3 weeks ago
whitney I dixon Avatar

whitney I dixon
Thornton Iowa 50479. I have been wothout connection for a week now. Called said they were working on it and thanks for being patient..whatever are they going yo reimburse for everything i pay for.

3 weeks ago
Randy Wilson Avatar

Randy Wilson
50643 Hudson Iowa have lost service several times in the last week in the late evening now no connection late afternoon, dish not showing any bars

3 weeks ago
Liz Marie Avatar

Liz Marie
About to cancel our service with this company. It seems like our internet is down almost everyday. When we call, they don't give us any answers why it's down so much. Absolutely awful service.

3 weeks ago
Sam Avatar

My internet has been out since Thursday near Denver Iowa. When I call I keep getting the answer they hope to have it up by the end of the day but won't give me details on why they're such a massive outage.

3 weeks ago
Ryan Buer Avatar

Ryan Buer
55917 Blooming Prairie. Internet keeps going out. Call when it’s out and keep getting told it’s my in-house network. When tech comes out he said my network is nicer than most businesses and the problem is on LDT side. Only been going on for 9 months. Also, website says $90 a month, I am getting charge $95 and no one can tell me why when I call. Most horrible service I have ever had. Can’t wait until another option comes.

3 weeks ago
Bri smith  Avatar

Bri smith
55946 Kenyon. The internet rarely ever works which makes being a student miserable! This service isn’t worth the bill. I’m lucky if I can get WiFi for a couple hours.

3 weeks ago
Robert Jay Ingles Avatar

Robert Jay Ingles
Internet is always lagging!!!!! Can't stream my tv for nothing lately!!!!!! It's getting extremely old and is making me very anger to put it nicely!!!!!!

1 month ago


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LTD Broadband is a blazing fast fiber and fixed wireless broadband service provider in the USA. The onboarding process is hassle-free and LTD Broadband serves regions like Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Since 2011, LTD Broadband has been providing fast and unlimited data along with technical support.

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Reported outages on 22.09.2021:
There were a total of 3 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
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There were a total of 12 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 20.09.2021:
There were a total of 4 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 19.09.2021:
There were a total of 6 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 18.09.2021:
There were a total of 9 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 17.09.2021:
There were a total of 13 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 16.09.2021:
There were a total of 8 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta