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AYungk 6 months ago
55352 jordan, MN horrible consistency on connection i always lose connection daily and if i don't disconnect it's a massive speed drop. I'm a heavy internet user and this is a major problem.

Kris 10 months ago
4 days of the same template response: we know there is an issue, we are working on it, no ETR. If issues persistent for more than 2 hours contact us again.

Neil Mahr 11 months ago
52155 Terrible customer service I was 1st in line on phone for 38 minutes and got no answer why down switching service as soon as contact is up

Josephine 1 year ago
LTD slows or fails at least twice a month. Customer service is ineffective. No one knows anything about why there are constant problems. I can’t wait to cancel with them. 56058. St Peter, MN

Donald Sterup 1 year ago
osceola nebraska 68651

Keithdoetkott 1 year ago
I have nothing but issues Prince from costumer has been a joke when I get time I’m going to report them to better business and lawyer

Pat Iverson 1 year ago
55060 Owatonna Mn It is 11:26 pm still no internet. I know they are working on problem,but would appreciate updates on progress on repair and general idea of when service might be restored.

Deb P 1 year ago
Rochester 55901. Our Internet went down about 9:30 on 10/17. Still out today, so unable to get any work done. Calling the Tower Support # (we host a tower on our silo but that's not where our signal comes from- which tech support found surprising another time) only to be instantly greeted by Muzak and "thank you for your patience" every 15 minutes. Regular Support # is off the hook. It is completely shameful that we live 6 miles from Rochester city limits and have such crap internet service!

Tanya 1 year ago
56073 - no service since 9pm last night, 10/17. No communication on the problem. Support line just says "wide spread outages" and call back in an hour if you continue to have issues. It's been 23 hours...

Andrew K 1 year ago
56048 Janesville—we have been without internet now since early am. No good reason for internet to be out this long. Tired of this. Anyone know of better internet provider?

John 1 year ago
Monday Oct 17th, 2022 lost service at 930pm for about 15 minutes and when it came back on, the service was extremely slowed. This morning woke up to the same issue and has been continuously on and off all day. Working from home, wife has schooling and testing, kids out for school so that's not drawing any bandwidth, we can only have 1 thing hooked to the internet at a time. Currently using the Hotspot of my phone to do computer work and have used all the data from the provider for the phone service. Will rhere be compensation for the phone bill? We use heavy data in this house hold due to types of drafting and design/and her school masters programs. When will service be back to full and when can we expect compensation? Truman, mn, 56088

Nicole 1 year ago
Another day of nearly constant outage. Another disrupted work day that includes important Zoom mtgs. St. Peter, MN

B Lawson 1 year ago
Janesville MN. Down again since at least 10/18/22 early AM. I may have to buy a new hotspot and dump this.

Holly 1 year ago
We have been down since 9pm Monday night and still no estimated time of repairs. We used to have a ton of issues until I turned in an FTC report on them. Then they finally upgraded the tower I was on to handle the traffic it was getting. Lately it has been getting worse again. Henderson 56044

Brian J McIntyre 1 year ago
I have absolutely had it with LTD Broadband. They cannot seem to provide the services they advertise. Internet is constantly interrupted or completely down. It wasn't this way at first, but it has gone downhill very quickly in the past few months. I have had it with them, personally. If you cannot provide a smooth internet without the constant interruptions, then you lose me as a customer. I was a great customer too, so it is really their loss. May be if someone from LTD had given me a heads up that there would be some interruptions, perhaps we could have worked something out. But, with absolutely no communication and no way to contact them, since our phone is provided by LTD too, I obviously cannot call them to find out what their problem is. I cannot call anyone! I am just done with these people. 56334 Glenwood, Minnesota.

Lee 1 year ago
No internet since 9:30pm Monday night. This service SUCKS! To bad it's the only provider besides satellite.... 56187 Worthington MN

Michele 1 year ago
This is a long running issue with LTD since March. I was able to work just one week until the broadband went down again! I use this strictly for work and nothing else!

Denise 1 year ago
Day 3 of no internet speed!!!!!!!! No need to make a call to customer service because they are NEVER told anything of the situation, estimated time frame to resolve, which I know can vary. This company under promises AND under delivers when there are system issues.

Denise 1 year ago
55031 Hampton. Have no speed for 2 days now! Says there is an issue, but can't give me an update.

Gabby 1 year ago
Outage since yesterday in Racine MN 55967, I work from home and all they told me this morning was that I should call back in an hour to see if it had been resolved and that they were experiencing a wide source outage. I'm cancelling service before the month is up.


About LTD Broadband

LTD Broadband is a provider of internet services, offering broadband solutions to its clientele. Although they aim to ensure consistent and fast internet access, users may sometimes face disruptions that might affect their online activities.

Potential Network and Internet-related Disruptions with LTD Broadband:

1. Service Outages: Unplanned technical complications can lead to temporary service outages.
2. Reduced Internet Speeds: During periods of high demand or due to certain technical constraints, users might experience slower than promised internet speeds.
3. Intermittent Connectivity: Users might face issues where their internet connection is unstable and drops occasionally.

Troubleshooting Tips for LTD Broadband Customers:

1. Verify Service Status: Initially, it's a good practice to check LTD Broadband's official website or their customer service channels to see if there are any known outages.
2. Reboot Your Modem/Router: Often, simply turning off and restarting the modem or router can resolve connectivity problems.
3. Update Equipment: Ensuring that modem or router firmware is up-to-date can improve connection reliability.
4. Direct Connection: If feasible, connect your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable to enhance stability.
5. Reach Out to LTD Broadband Support: If issues continue, it's recommended to contact LTD Broadband's support team for assistance.

LTD Broadband strives to offer high-quality internet services to its customers. By staying informed and taking appropriate measures, users can address and overcome most connectivity issues they might encounter.

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