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Michele Daniels 1 year ago
LTD tower has not been functioning well since the storm in March. I have contacted technical support numerous times and keep getting the same answer, "we are escalating your ticket." The tower remains down and no one has attempted to fix the issue.

Michele Daniels 1 year ago
Internet is completely down. 68629 Clarkson Nebraska

Sierra 1 year ago
Internet is fully down at 56091 Waldorf MN

Maggie G 1 year ago
57201 Watertown SD Can't watch anything Poor 1 Mbps Is there a problem Tried everything.

Charlie 1 year ago
I literally have no clue why I am paying for this absolute garbage It never works Im tired of it time to switch

Jordan S. 1 year ago
This company is becoming a nightmare. Internet works fine, when it works at all. Just like clock work, I lose Internet many evenings and nights. You know, about the time most normal people want to turn the TV on... call their "tech support line" and I sit on hold for freaking ever. Almost always after 30-45 min of waiting and listening to the garbage "on hold" music I give up. Once every blue moon I get someone to answer the damn phone. Really sick of this company. Do yourself a favor and go with anyone else. 56003 - North Mankato

m 2 years ago
six months of calling them for internet cutting out slow speeds and high ping. Hearing there shitty music while waiting for a person to pickup. Everytime i talk to them they say they will get someone to work on that.6 months and 60 phones calls later still nothing. would drop them if it wasnt the literal only rural provider. not worth the headache.

Carrie southern MN 2 years ago
I've had this service for several years but the last two years had progressively gotten worse and worse. Now it takes forever to get a customer service response if at all and things only improve for a day or two before they are back to not working. For the last severance months the speeds have been slow and sluggish and the signals drops randomly several times an hour, especially in the evenings like clock work. Glad the end of my annual period is close to it's end. I won't be renewing.

Julie Kretzschmar 2 years ago
Trying to work from home with LTD is a nightmare. Out more than working. Out again this morning.

Brad Minneota 2 years ago
This is one of the biggest scams I've ever had the misfortune to subscribe to. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE and the ACTUAL amount of internet service is less than 20% of the time. $1200.00 a year screw yourself the headache and frustration and go with a reputable service provider... Minneota pissed off "customer"

DAN 2 years ago
customer service is a joke. They pretend not to hear you on the other end when you call after waiting 45 minutes on hold for representative. They call back and hang up instantly. this happens at least once a week after signing up. The service they provide is also terrible. You get what you pay for and then they dial it back to about half of what your paying for, you call them and then they somehow are able to turn speed back up without having to restart the modem. Find any other company you can. Run from these guys. Do not get suckered like i did

Alejandro Reyes 2 years ago
56181 Welcome This wifi company is a joke. I should of read reviews before installing. My straight talk hotspot works better than this 120$ junk they got hanging outside. I could have a better wifi connection with a stick an a rock then this useless internet services. Rate 1/10 on ltd broadband. Switching to frontier for GOOD.

Scott B 2 years ago
50616 has had terrible service the last few days. Today when there is anything it is between 1.5 to 3 Mbps. I can’t do anything

Scott E 2 years ago
LTD still seems impaired since Aug 27th. Only getting about 1Mb/sec of service in SE MN area. Support claims the problem is "upstream" but can not provide any time frame for resolution. wondering if other LTD customers have seen improvements since Aug 27th.

Kimberly 2 years ago
This service used to be very good. I am having trouble believing that this is still due to a storm from over a month ago. The tech service is worthless- they have no idea why my service is down and said it could be minutes or weeks before it is fixed. This is really unfortunate that they are not being honest with their customers. I am leaving as soon as I find a new company. 55923

Craig R Tesmer 2 years ago
5 Days with no internet at all. Tech support has no clue when service will be restored. This is becoming a very sad joke.

Craig R Tesmer 2 years ago
5 Days with no internet at all. Tech support has no clue when service will be restored. This is becoming a very sad joke.

Jeffrey L Sestina 2 years ago
Ltd broadbands excuses are a joke...been out over a month ..i dont believe this is a technical issue i think its a negotiation of towers ..any issue would have bee fixed by now....customers that stay should be rewarded of service and 3 months credited afraid im waiting for them to say ..well you out of luck company folds..or something eta no nothing ..just ehh .when u finally get a human on phone

Roman 2 years ago
Still no internet it’s been down over a month. What’s the holdup? 56312 Belgrade

Scott E 2 years ago
LTD still impaired since Aug 27th and no communication


About LTD Broadband

LTD Broadband is a provider of internet services, offering broadband solutions to its clientele. Although they aim to ensure consistent and fast internet access, users may sometimes face disruptions that might affect their online activities.

Potential Network and Internet-related Disruptions with LTD Broadband:

1. Service Outages: Unplanned technical complications can lead to temporary service outages.
2. Reduced Internet Speeds: During periods of high demand or due to certain technical constraints, users might experience slower than promised internet speeds.
3. Intermittent Connectivity: Users might face issues where their internet connection is unstable and drops occasionally.

Troubleshooting Tips for LTD Broadband Customers:

1. Verify Service Status: Initially, it's a good practice to check LTD Broadband's official website or their customer service channels to see if there are any known outages.
2. Reboot Your Modem/Router: Often, simply turning off and restarting the modem or router can resolve connectivity problems.
3. Update Equipment: Ensuring that modem or router firmware is up-to-date can improve connection reliability.
4. Direct Connection: If feasible, connect your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable to enhance stability.
5. Reach Out to LTD Broadband Support: If issues continue, it's recommended to contact LTD Broadband's support team for assistance.

LTD Broadband strives to offer high-quality internet services to its customers. By staying informed and taking appropriate measures, users can address and overcome most connectivity issues they might encounter.

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Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Minneapolis
Reported outages on 19.02.2024:
There were a total of 4 outages at LTD Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Minneapolis

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