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Rick Avatar

Here we go again no service in Wellsville

1 month ago
Krista Avatar

66413 - internet down.

2 months ago
Kristi Fletcher Avatar

Kristi Fletcher
66071 - Paola - no internet but it says I can’t report it at this time

3 months ago
Sue Avatar

Internet down. Have never had an issue with a storm until tonight.

3 months ago
Ruthanna Avatar

66092, second time in three months and I work from home that our internet is down.

4 months ago
Renee  Avatar

Internet won’t connect. Restarted modem several times.

4 months ago
Gerald Lewis Avatar

Gerald Lewis
66032-Garnett: internet shows it’s on but won’t connect to any devices. Tried restarting but nothing happened

4 months ago
Jessica Nolan Avatar

Jessica Nolan
66871, Waverly, internet will not connect any devices even when it shows up and connected on multiple devices. I’ve unplugged and replugged the internet and devices with no success.

4 months ago
Doug Avatar

Extremely slow, many dropped connections, can't even check my e-mail. Erie, KS

4 months ago
Murrman Avatar

Internet has been garbage for about a month. Repeatedly goes down. Overbrook 66524

4 months ago
kylie whitcomb Avatar

kylie whitcomb
66755 internet has been bad lately, about 2 weeks now. so tired of this crap! haven’t been able to call people, or get on things easy.

4 months ago
Karen Brummet Avatar

Karen Brummet
Been down for days with no word on when it may be back up. So over this crap. 68376 Humboldt, NE

5 months ago
Jessica Nolan Avatar

Jessica Nolan
Internet down, 4/2/22-Saturday night, call in for support they aren’t open on weekends. It’s been out for a few hours. I’m so over this crap. I work from home so let’s hope it’s fixed by Monday…. 66871

5 months ago
Danelle Hammond Avatar

Danelle Hammond
Internet speed extremely slow since outage during storm

5 months ago
Bill Avatar

Out all afternoon still out as of midnight Princeton 66078

5 months ago
Maria Avatar

Our download speed is 1.92 Mbps and it keeps dropping. 67147

5 months ago
Kendra  Avatar

Power cycled. Lights still flashing on router 66092 wellsville

5 months ago
Eddie Avatar

No internet connection. Rebooted router/modem. No luck. Anyone else having issues?? 66067 + Ottawa KS

7 months ago
Rk Avatar

67037 - Derby/Rosehill. Out again. Reboot of system sometimes helps, but not tonight. This is getting to be almost a daily thing.

7 months ago
Chrissy Avatar

Pleasanton 66075 This is getting old, I work from home and it is ALWAYS going down

8 months ago


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