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KMcC 2 months ago
Internet out all morning 66801

Joe 3 months ago
No internet 66732

Kathy 4 months ago
Internet down all day in McPherson 67460

Kimberly Bruce 4 months ago
Internet not connecting 67561 Nickerson

Jo Owens 6 months ago
66710 internet down

Eric 7 months ago
Internet problems again, not very reliable. Told it would be higher download and upload, and never gets what was promised. 66032

JW 8 months ago
Internet down in Altoona (66710) since 5:24 this morning.

Julie Bird 9 months ago
We’ve been out since 10:00am this morning. What’s being done about it and how long will it take to be fixed?

Katrina Goscha 10 months ago
Internet been down in Emporia, KS 66801 for over 2 hours now. Tried resetting and restarting everything and nothing.

Jennie 10 months ago
Internet down welda ks 66091

Robyn 11 months ago
66002 No internet access. Ran troubleshooter and reset all connections.

Rick 1 year ago
Out again since last night! KwiKom cannot keep service at the level of MBPS sold (we pay for business level) at any level close to this! Right now we have 0.23 MBPS and can’t even use my iPad at this speed let alone watch TV. Every night our service drops to under 3 or 4 mbps ! Area code 66092

Jacob 1 year ago
internet download speeds stuck at 0.40 on download for my computer over ethernet and my phone over wifi. 66092

Michelle 1 year ago
Anyone else having problems connecting this morning? 66071

Robert eacret 1 year ago
Can you guys ever keep your internet up I have constant outages everyday. Why am I paying for internet that is down as much as it is up. De Kalb MO 64440

Clint 1 year ago
No internet 67114

Katie 1 year ago
Out at 4am with clear weather. 66067

Tami 1 year ago
Out in Garnett, ks

Haywood Jeblowme 1 year ago
Down in Burlingame 11/16

Krista 1 year ago
Outage for day #2. 66413 - Burlingame


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Reported outages on 26.05.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at KwiKom Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Kansas City
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There were a total of 1 outages at KwiKom Communications. The most frequently affected cities were:

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