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Maria Avatar

Our download speed is 1.92 Mbps and it keeps dropping. 67147

7 months ago
Kendra  Avatar

Power cycled. Lights still flashing on router 66092 wellsville

8 months ago
Eddie Avatar

No internet connection. Rebooted router/modem. No luck. Anyone else having issues?? 66067 + Ottawa KS

9 months ago
Rk Avatar

67037 - Derby/Rosehill. Out again. Reboot of system sometimes helps, but not tonight. This is getting to be almost a daily thing.

10 months ago
Chrissy Avatar

Pleasanton 66075 This is getting old, I work from home and it is ALWAYS going down

10 months ago
Nathan Skahan Avatar

Nathan Skahan
You have got to be kidding me....down AGAIN in Iola.

10 months ago
Chrissy Avatar

Pleasanton 66075 W are down again, anyone else

10 months ago
Seth Avatar

Wichita 67235. Internet was restored and then went down again after 20 minutes.

10 months ago
Penny Robison-Berlie Avatar

Penny Robison-Berlie
66064 Went down twice today. Last outage was 12/27/21! WTF is going on here? Kwikom USED to be reliable.

10 months ago
Debbie Conely  Avatar

Debbie Conely
Internet down in Edgerton. WTH is going on!? This is happening more often. Switched from Century Link because internet went down daily. Working from home need the service we pay for! Being charged PTO for the time I'm down!!!!!

10 months ago
Deanna K Hoffman Avatar

Deanna K Hoffman
Internet down in osawatomie kansas

10 months ago
Brian Avatar

Internet down 66067

10 months ago
Larry Landgren Avatar

Larry Landgren
Emporia,KS 66801 No internet No phone # goes through. Need a number

10 months ago
Larry Landgren Avatar

Larry Landgren

10 months ago
Kyle Avatar

Internet is down here in Ottawa again. What a joke!

10 months ago
Alison Avatar

66720 no service and cannot get call to go through

10 months ago
Pat MeCrotch Avatar

Pat MeCrotch
Down most of the morning! Even their website is offline. What is going on over there. 66413

10 months ago
Rick Avatar

Going up and down call for technical support which can not be completed.

10 months ago
James Finley Avatar

James Finley
Out again wtf. 66032

10 months ago
Chrissy Avatar

66075 Pleasanton - what is going on with the internet. I need this for work. I am seriously looking for other services.

10 months ago


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Reported outages on 25.11.2022:
There were a total of 1 outages at KwiKom Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn
Reported outages on 24.11.2022:
There were a total of 6 outages at KwiKom Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn, Chicago