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Rusty lewis 2 months ago
Internet in and out for a week non right now in bayboro

Jake cantley 7 months ago
I was just on my Facebook and next thing I know my internet went down so I’m on data from my phone Conway 29526

Tyler Black 11 months ago
5mbps download? The internet has been terrible! This is a common occurrence with this company! Conway 29527

Don 1 year ago
DOWN AGIAN!!! This morning 29579. WHAT'S UP HTC ? Asking for a valued customer.

Jimmy 1 year ago
29582 NMB this seems to be a trend for HTC .i thought my router was going bad but now i see the issue is HTC, please HTC fix this as some of us work from home and need our network to be stable.

abigail 1 year ago

Collins 1 year ago
Internet up myrtle beach 29588 1 min ago

Jason 1 year ago
29566 little river is once again down in less than a week. Can HTC get their act together?

anonymoosd 1 year ago
29526 conway still down

Steve 1 year ago
29585 — Litchfield Beach — second internet outage in a week, both occurring overnight and persisting at least 7-8 hours. Current outage has been ongoing since 1:00 am (it is 8:00am at time of this message.

Kim 1 year ago
29585 down for the past 7 hours pawleys island. You cannot even get anyone on the phone . Ridiculous

Sissy 1 year ago
Ridiculous! Been out since about midnight! No communication from HTC. 29579

tired 1 year ago
down in myrtle beach - 2nd time in a week! ecommerce companies can not run like this. they need to be more transparent about what the issue is. tech support simply said, we don't know the problem and we don't know when it will be fixed. Looking at alternatives today, no choice

Tab 1 year ago
Forestbrook Rd (Socastee) 2nd time this week with an internet outage. How is this possible? I work from home and this looks bad on me.

Annmarie 1 year ago
29569 internet down, again. Really getting irritated by the frequent outages.

Jackie 1 year ago
Longs SC Internet out 29568

Jackie 1 year ago

Collins 1 year ago
29588 myrtle beach here, is this a scheduled outage or upgrade?

Jay 1 year ago
HTC internet down for the second time within a week. Getting ridiculous, may start looking for a new provider. Conway, SC

abigail 1 year ago
htc single worst isp ever still down myrtle beach


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About Horry Telephone Cooperative

Horry Telephone Cooperative also known by the acronym HTC, is a telecommunications cooperative based in Horry County, South Carolina. HTC was founded in 1952 to meet the needs of rural areas in Horry County where it was cost prohibitive for national telephone companies to provide telecommunications services. HTC offers both dial-up Internet service and HTC Netracer, broadband Internet service. HTC began offering local dial-up Internet in 1995.
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Outage history

Reported outages on 06.12.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Horry Telephone Cooperative. The most frequently affected cities were: Charlotte, Waleska
Reported outages on 03.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Horry Telephone Cooperative. The most frequently affected cities were: Belmont
Reported outages on 01.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Horry Telephone Cooperative. The most frequently affected cities were: Charlotte

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