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Internet 96%
TV 3%
Blackout 1%

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About Home Telecom

Home Telecom is an American independent telecommunications company located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, which employs close to 200 people and serves over 20,000 access lines. With this coverage, they are able to service 1,100 square miles of South Carolina's Lowcountry. Home Telecom offers internet service to an estimated 41,000 people, that makes it the 84th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Its DSL service is available to approximately 36,000 customers.

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Twitter YoTibs57

@YoTibs57 @HomeTelecom I read last year HomeTelecom got a Fed Grant to run fiber to Awendaw and McClellanville. I live on Ste…

28.05.2020 13:31:42
Twitter JrzShoreLady

@JrzShoreLady @HomeTelecom - How can I tell what kind of internet service I have (fiber, modem, or dsl)?

16.05.2020 00:58:53
Twitter Chucktown_Tiger

@Chucktown_Tiger @HomeTelecom @riotgames @RiotSupport I can play any other game on my fiber connection with 30 or so Ping. Ever sinc…

14.05.2020 01:51:01
Twitter SCLegalGirl

@SCLegalGirl @HomeTelecom 12.37pm Mariners Way, Moncks Corner...any internet issues? Been out since noon. No response when we called Tech Support.

10.05.2020 16:37:11
Twitter JKWriteWay

@JKWriteWay @HomeTelecom Need to add this network to your package. It's in 88 million homes already!

02.05.2020 20:56:40
Twitter wckdjstr24

@wckdjstr24 I'm not going to be able to rekindle the stream tonight friends. I'm currently waiting on @HomeTelecom to figure ou…

02.05.2020 01:39:37
Twitter BihlearBoy88

@BihlearBoy88 So I’m tired of @ATT providing fiber to my 90% of my city but not to me, so I need a new provider in Goose Creek. B…

30.04.2020 16:35:17
Twitter CharlestonYank

@CharlestonYank @HomeTelecom Fix the BGP

19.04.2020 18:21:14
Twitter cunninghamb103

@cunninghamb103 Two months 6 days #complaint #directv #att #CustomerExperience So glad I have @HomeTelecom now but still... it’…

14.04.2020 01:34:31