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Internet 97%
TV 2%
Blackout 1%

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About Home Telecom

Home Telecom is an American independent telecommunications company located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, which employs close to 200 people and serves over 20,000 access lines. With this coverage, they are able to service 1,100 square miles of South Carolina's Lowcountry. Home Telecom offers internet service to an estimated 41,000 people, that makes it the 84th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Its DSL service is available to approximately 36,000 customers.

Live reports

Twitter jay_decheer

@jay_decheer @HomeTelecom Is there still a service outage in the Cane bay/State Road area?

08.10.2019 19:17:04
Twitter ajinfante

@ajinfante @HomeTelecom what's going on with the super slow internet now on daniel island??

02.10.2019 22:53:18
Twitter TCizzle26

@TCizzle26 @HomeTelecom update it’s a state circuit that’s out just got off the phone with a rep stated they don’t yet have a…

02.10.2019 22:21:58
Twitter themindyk

@themindyk @HomeTelecom what's up with the internet being down? Your website and phone numbers are out too!

02.10.2019 22:19:22
Twitter ThaKoolUncle

@ThaKoolUncle RT @BaronL82: @hometelecom seems to be down and no phone lines are available to report the outage. Daniel Island recording says it is after…

02.10.2019 22:07:39
Twitter FaithEikos

@FaithEikos @BaronL82 @HomeTelecom I called as well at 5:20 & got the “we’re closed” message even tho the recording said until…

02.10.2019 22:04:44
Twitter JessicaLevkoff

@JessicaLevkoff @HomeTelecom any updates on the outage?

02.10.2019 21:44:10
Twitter BaronL82

@BaronL82 @hometelecom seems to be down and no phone lines are available to report the outage. Daniel Island recording says i…

02.10.2019 21:37:47
Twitter MaryRabush

@MaryRabush @HomeTelecom is everyone’s internet not working? I have tried to call but busy signals. Please let us know what is going on

02.10.2019 21:36:52
Twitter ThaKoolUncle

@ThaKoolUncle RT @CallmeE13: @HomeTelecom so any update on the outages? If I have to pay for your overpriced internet I'd like to know why it's down and…

02.10.2019 21:26:54
Twitter zabron05

@zabron05 @HomeTelecom what's the status of this service outage? Unable to reach your website or customer service.

02.10.2019 21:26:18
Twitter NewEnglandRick

@NewEnglandRick @HomeTelecom is there a current outage for your internet service in 29486?

02.10.2019 21:15:54
Twitter carolinewpowers

@carolinewpowers @HomeTelecom I’ve tried calling and just get a fast busy signal. Our internet is down. Are you guys having issues?…

02.10.2019 21:15:19