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Internet 87%
TV 9%
Website 1%
Phone 1%
Blackout 1%

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About Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications is one of the smaller telecommunications operators in the U.S. Founded in the year 1940, Fidelity is a family-owned company, run by the Davis family siblings. Their father, late John Davis, built the company up to its potential with his unwavering entrepreneurship spirit. Over the last decade, Fidelity has been steadily acquiring smaller cable and phone operators to increase their userbase substantially.

Fidelity Communications’ largest acquisition took place in early 2012 when they integrated 14 different network systems from Cobridge Communications into their existing system. In early 2019, Fidelity began creating ‘1 Gig’ cities with their higher bandwidth network to facilitate completely connected homes. Some of the cities that are part of this ‘1 Gig’ revolution are Missouri, Rolla, Lebanon, Nevada, and Louisiana.

Fidelity Communications currently offers internet, phone, and cable services to both residential and business users.

Regional availability

Fidelity Communications operators its phone and internet services in 5 U.S. states, with the largest number of subscribers from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. As per coverage area, Fidelity is 28th on the list of cable providers in the U.S., with about 384,000 subscribers. Fidelity additionally provides fiber internet, copper network, and DSL service to customers. The copper service is provided mainly to business users in about 11 zip codes. DSL service is utilized by about 30000 users, while approximately 21000 users are on their fiber service.

Errors / network problems

Fidelity hosts an FAQ section, a Support Center, and a Corporate Blog on their website, where you can identify most commonly faced problems with the service and find help in resolving them. The Corporate Blog especially is a very good source of information and tips on keeping your network connected.

The company operates a 24-7 Helpdesk Support that you can contact for additional assistance with any outage or network issues. Call them at 1-800-392-8070 to get help with service issues and also for any maintenance support you may require.

Troubleshoot yourself

A common problem you may see while using your FiDO box from Fidelity is a 5102-error code. If you receive this error, check all the cable connections to ensure they are fixed properly. If they are, try unplugging the Media Gateway along with all connected players. Reconnect them after 60 seconds and the error should be fixed.

If your internet connection is down or you face slow speeds on your network, check the Fidelity website to identify if there is a local outage. If not, try disconnecting power to all devices connected to the network. For slow speeds, run a speed test using the Fidelity website to check if the speed is less than 75% of what you should be receiving. If the speeds are on par, you may require a higher speed plan to handle the number of devices you’re using. If the speeds are lower than 75%, contact Fidelity to identify the cause.

Some standard practices to avoid several common issues are to shut down your computer every day after use and restart your router or modem at least once in a day.

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