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Linda Dunn Avatar

Linda Dunn
My internet goes out almost every night the last several nights. It went out at 10:30 PM and it is now midnight. I reset the router (your equipment). Nothing.

11 hours ago
Sharon Nichols Avatar

Sharon Nichols
They also put their phones on hold until after closing with no indication they’re closed. I called at 4:30 and finally just hung up. I went to the website only to find they are now closed for the day. That’s an awful long time to be on hold with no response and no indication in the voice system that they’re closed for the day.

2 days ago
Rae Avatar

I am tired of this! You have to call for them to even look into any outages, they never just post when they're happening like they should, and when you do call they act like they have no idea that it is even going on! Bill goes up yearly and quality goes down. Get your sh** together!

4 days ago
Jr Avatar

Down at 63080 Sullivan

5 days ago

Marshall Texas, 75672..... I'm so tired of not having internet. I work from home and I swear every other day my internet quits working and when I call half the time no one answers and when they do answer they aren't very helpful. I've been without internet since last night and still have no internet this morning, I'm am looking into finding a new service. This shit is ridiculous!

1 week ago
Angry Bill Payer Avatar

Angry Bill Payer
No problem to report huh? All that red on your OUTAGE MAP doesn't represent a fucking stable connection! It means that there are PROBLEMS and they have been REPORTED. You ass holes don't get paid all that money by your clients every month so you can fuck off and play around! Fix your fucking shit or change your name to Suddenlink Telecommunications because you're just as bad as the WORST rated internet company in the fucking country now!

1 week ago
Dawne Avatar

Salem MO 65560 Fidelity down and out for nearly an hour now.

1 week ago
Nita Avatar

Internet and cable is down.. For about 30 min now.. 65560 Salem No.

1 week ago
Zach Avatar

Salem mo internet down, a little ridiculous with the amount of outages.

1 week ago
Laura Davis Avatar

Laura Davis
Out in Carthage, Tx since last night. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does it would be nice to get some info from the company for cause and reasonable estimate when it might be fixed.

2 weeks ago
Terri Avatar

El Dorado Springs 64744. Internet out again. I think the old dial up connection was better than this crap.

2 weeks ago
Sick of it Avatar

Sick of it
Three days in a row the internet in Lawton is out. Fidelity is garbage

2 weeks ago
Trash Avatar


2 weeks ago
R Avatar

Just because the internet is working does t mean it’s working good. Trash. Trash trash. Everyday it has problems.

2 weeks ago
Ben Avatar

I pay almost 80 dollars a month for Fidelity to provide to me internet access, nothing else. And they cannot even that. Then when you call no answers the "24-7" how desk. Are you serious?. I am in Lawton, Oklahoma Fidelity and despite being a loyal customer for many years...I promise when I say to you that you are not the only game on town and people do have a choice on internet provider. For the price that you charge and the unacceptable service e that you provide it is not worth this aggravation.

3 weeks ago
Diane Avatar

Zero internet and no one answering the 247 help desk. Lawton, OK 73505

3 weeks ago
Bear Avatar

It’s out again 73505 lawton

3 weeks ago
Ashley  Avatar

Absolutely ridiculous. Maintenance was supposed to be between 12-6. Uhm, it's 9am. I have two kids in virtual school... With no internet. Thanks a lot, Fidelity, for the crappy start to the year.

4 weeks ago
Jay Avatar

This is getting old. Internet out again. How come I still have to pay the same amount when I don't get all of the service that it says I get in my bill. Lawton, ok

1 month ago
Not satisfied Avatar

Not satisfied
Once again. Internet out Lawton 73505

1 month ago


About Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications is one of the smaller telecommunications operators in the U.S. Founded in the year 1940, Fidelity is a family-owned company, run by the Davis family siblings. Their father, late John Davis, built the company up to its potential with his unwavering entrepreneurship spirit. Over the last decade, Fidelity has been steadily acquiring smaller cable and phone operators to increase their userbase substantially.

Fidelity Communications’ largest acquisition took place in early 2012 when they integrated 14 different network systems from Cobridge Communications into their existing system. In early 2019, Fidelity began creating ‘1 Gig’ cities with their higher bandwidth network to facilitate completely connected homes. Some of the cities that are part of this ‘1 Gig’ revolution are Missouri, Rolla, Lebanon, Nevada, and Louisiana.

Fidelity Communications currently offers internet, phone, and cable services to both residential and business users.

Regional availability

Fidelity Communications operators its phone and internet services in 5 U.S. states, with the largest number of subscribers from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. As per coverage area, Fidelity is 28th on the list of cable providers in the U.S., with about 384,000 subscribers. Fidelity additionally provides fiber internet, copper network, and DSL service to customers. The copper service is provided mainly to business users in about 11 zip codes. DSL service is utilized by about 30000 users, while approximately 21000 users are on their fiber service.

Errors / network problems

Fidelity hosts an FAQ section, a Support Center, and a Corporate Blog on their website, where you can identify most commonly faced problems with the service and find help in resolving them. The Corporate Blog especially is a very good source of information and tips on keeping your network connected.

The company operates a 24-7 Helpdesk Support that you can contact for additional assistance with any outage or network issues. Call them at 1-800-392-8070 to get help with service issues and also for any maintenance support you may require.

Troubleshoot yourself

A common problem you may see while using your FiDO box from Fidelity is a 5102-error code. If you receive this error, check all the cable connections to ensure they are fixed properly. If they are, try unplugging the Media Gateway along with all connected players. Reconnect them after 60 seconds and the error should be fixed.

If your internet connection is down or you face slow speeds on your network, check the Fidelity website to identify if there is a local outage. If not, try disconnecting power to all devices connected to the network. For slow speeds, run a speed test using the Fidelity website to check if the speed is less than 75% of what you should be receiving. If the speeds are on par, you may require a higher speed plan to handle the number of devices you’re using. If the speeds are lower than 75%, contact Fidelity to identify the cause.

Some standard practices to avoid several common issues are to shut down your computer every day after use and restart your router or modem at least once in a day.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 22.09.2021:
There were a total of 4 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta, Dallas
Reported outages on 21.09.2021:
There were a total of 6 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Chicago
Reported outages on 20.09.2021:
There were a total of 13 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Chicago
Reported outages on 19.09.2021:
There were a total of 4 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas
Reported outages on 18.09.2021:
There were a total of 41 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta
Reported outages on 17.09.2021:
There were a total of 7 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 16.09.2021:
There were a total of 15 outages at Fidelity Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas