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Leia Avatar

Been out of service since memorial day weekend. Try calling customer service. Says it is closed call back during working hours.

2 weeks ago
Lee Avatar

Service is unreliable & down for 12 hours. This happens frequently. Customer service does not help after multiple calls. I’m so worried of what to do right now. 94533

4 weeks ago
Cheryl Avatar

Internet has been out for 4 days now! This is at a critical stage for us! We would appreciate some explanation & ETA! If unable to give this tell me if we need to find a new provider. 77375

1 month ago
DaveB Avatar

What’s the point is signing-up for text alerts if they never use it?

1 month ago
greg griswold Avatar

greg griswold
been told their system's crashed since last week Friday. . . after now waiting 6 days, and after having been informed for the past 3 days that after escalating my issue of no phone service, each time being informed that they have fixed the issues, I am once again continuing to remain without having had any phone service since last week Friday. . . well over 20 calls now, pulled sim card, powered off for 1 hour more than 8 times, yet nothing works. . . been hung up on more than 20 times, impossible to be transferred to supervisor. . . and they call themselves a telecommunications company????

1 month ago
Kaf Avatar

Internet has been down for two days. Tv has pauses in the programming. What is going on!

4 months ago
Mary Avatar

Missouri City 77459- no internet day 2!!! Called and they stated no estimate time for repair

5 months ago
Tammy haynes Avatar

Tammy haynes
Every morning the Internet is down. It eventually writes itself but this morning it is not. This is a Missouri City

5 months ago
Leyla Avatar

Still no internet, second day, ridicules

7 months ago
Frustrated in LMF Avatar

Frustrated in LMF
ENTOUCH internet down for 2nd time in one week! 77406

7 months ago
Leyla Avatar

77084. Again the internet is down, since this morning, time to say good bye to entouch

7 months ago
Tintu Chandy Avatar

Tintu Chandy
internet down from yesterday morning and is still not working in missouri city 77459

8 months ago
Sussy Avatar

Fuck you entouch

9 months ago
Rakster Avatar

Internet is down at Aliana

9 months ago
Ryan Avatar

Internet down in Missouri city. Entouch is garbage!

9 months ago
Dee Avatar

Internet down at Coleridge street sugarland

9 months ago
IA Avatar

Internet out again in Cinco SW II

9 months ago
Yong Avatar

The Entouch the garbage Cinco Ranch SW II down once again Katy area. It's the norm to be down once weekly now.

9 months ago
Dianne Clower Avatar

Dianne Clower
77494 Cinco Ranch internet is out again

9 months ago
YONG Avatar

Entouch garbage down again in Cinco Ranch SW II area

10 months ago


About En-Touch Systems

En-Touch Systems is native to Texas and has on offer internet service for its in-state residents. Their fiber-optic internet system is available to an estimated 495,000 people, which makes them the 26th largest provider of fiber broadband in the US simply by coverage area alone. Aside from fiber broadband, En-Touch Systems also offers cable internet service available to approximately 495,000 people, so they're the 27th largest provider of cable broadband in the US too.

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Reported outages on 25.06.2022:
There were a total of 1 outages at En-Touch Systems. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 24.06.2022:
There were a total of 3 outages at En-Touch Systems. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta
Reported outages on 23.06.2022:
There were a total of 1 outages at En-Touch Systems. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta