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Common problems are:

Internet 90%
TV 5%
Phone 4%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

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About En-Touch Systems

En-Touch Systems is native to Texas and has on offer internet service for its in-state residents. Their fiber-optic internet system is available to an estimated 495,000 people, which makes them the 26th largest provider of fiber broadband in the US simply by coverage area alone. Aside from fiber broadband, En-Touch Systems also offers cable internet service available to approximately 495,000 people, so they're the 27th largest provider of cable broadband in the US too.

Live reports

Twitter DelaMeredith

@DelaMeredith @enTouchHouston @entouch I have had no phone, internet or wifi since last Saturday night!! No one will answer, resp…

20.02.2021 23:08:58
Twitter NarenRe29071645

@NarenRe29071645 @enTouchHouston We have been with Entouch for 12 years plus now and never had any bad experience. Safety first and…

16.02.2021 05:14:28
Twitter binq

@binq @NarenRe29071645 @enTouchHouston @entouch If I had to guess it could be as late as Friday.

15.02.2021 21:04:35
Twitter tvwallmountsit1

@tvwallmountsit1 @enTouchHouston @doggy_ren @NarenRe29071645 @entouch What about in Sienna? Any update? We are out since morning.

15.02.2021 19:01:14
Twitter enTouchHouston

@enTouchHouston @doggy_ren @NarenRe29071645 @entouch We do not have an ETR at this time.

15.02.2021 18:35:52
Twitter doggy_ren

@doggy_ren @enTouchHouston @NarenRe29071645 @entouch Thanks for that, any eta please?

15.02.2021 18:05:44
Twitter enTouchHouston

@enTouchHouston @NarenRe29071645 @entouch We are working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues.

15.02.2021 17:29:31
Twitter NarenRe29071645

@NarenRe29071645 @enTouchHouston Don’t mean to be insensitive to anyone’s safety but would appreciate an honest answer from @Entouch…

15.02.2021 16:31:55