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Leyla 2 years ago
77084. Again the internet is down, since this morning, time to say good bye to entouch

Tintu Chandy 2 years ago
internet down from yesterday morning and is still not working in missouri city 77459

Sussy 2 years ago
Fuck you entouch

Rakster 2 years ago
Internet is down at Aliana

Ryan 2 years ago
Internet down in Missouri city. Entouch is garbage!

Dee 2 years ago
Internet down at Coleridge street sugarland

IA 2 years ago
Internet out again in Cinco SW II

Yong 2 years ago
The Entouch the garbage Cinco Ranch SW II down once again Katy area. It's the norm to be down once weekly now.

Dianne Clower 2 years ago
77494 Cinco Ranch internet is out again

YONG 2 years ago
Entouch garbage down again in Cinco Ranch SW II area

eno 2 years ago
Katy, TX77494, seven meadows internet down since Aug 18 noon, now it's 20:38

Yong 2 years ago
Internet down in Cinco Ranch II Southwest - 77494 Katy, Texas

Kk 2 years ago
Down since a little after midnight 77406 - Entouch says no issues in the area but the whole house says otherwise

Mark A Gomez 2 years ago
Service out on cellphone since noon

Lori Grissom 2 years ago
My wifi has been down since I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Spring, Tx 77386

Jr 2 years ago
Cypress 77429 Besides the MONOPOLY Entouch has where I live the internet is unstable comes and goes at randomly also I get tired of being told it’s due to “peak hours” please peak hours at 2am come on.

Josh 2 years ago
Internet down aliana 77407 richmond

KCG 2 years ago
Internet is down in Cinco Southwest 77494

Kash 2 years ago
No Internet… WTF Richmond TX 77407

James Wesley Rose 2 years ago
Woodlands 77386. The internet is out once again been 2 hours now. I was tricked into getting this crap of a service when I purchased my house. I will be switching when I get out of this contract in 3 months.


About En-Touch Systems

En-Touch Systems is native to Texas and has on offer internet service for its in-state residents. Their fiber-optic internet system is available to an estimated 495,000 people, which makes them the 26th largest provider of fiber broadband in the US simply by coverage area alone. Aside from fiber broadband, En-Touch Systems also offers cable internet service available to approximately 495,000 people, so they're the 27th largest provider of cable broadband in the US too.
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Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at En-Touch Systems. The most frequently affected cities were: Houston, Katy, San Antonio
Reported outages on 21.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at En-Touch Systems. The most frequently affected cities were: Houston

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